Ansley (A Stalking Love)

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Third person’s POV-:

Love is the most innocent feeling. But at the same time it’s the most dangerous one, too.

Some people never get this if you truly love it set it free. Maybe that’s the reason the world is full of psychopathic self acclaimed romeos.

And maybe that was the reason it was happening right now.

A petite girl stood. Her back pressed against the banister of the roof of the skyscraper she was standing at, her red hairs flowing in the wind. Her eyes as green as the moss were widened in fear. She was pretty, but right now, her state was disheveled and countless tears were running down her face. She was terrified, terrified of the guy before her.

He raked his trembling hand through his golden hair, his eyes were bloodshot. He would have looked attractive if he wasn’t seeming like the most disturbing element right now.

“Why, Reese?” his words were oddly calm to his not so calm appearance. “I love you. Then why you can’t take me back?”

Reese whimpered as she bit her lip, her back pressed more into the banister. She wanted to get vanished. Anywhere but here. “Mike... Please let me go.”

“That ain’t answer to my question,” his head tipped to the side, his words eerily soft, sliding a chill down her back. “Answer my question, baby.”

Reese’s breaths escalated. He was frightening her self out. Her eyes slid to the door twenty feet behind him. She had run a track during high school. If she weren’t quivering, she could make it without getting caught. . Her knees were wobbly. Only thing holding her straight was her arms stretched out, wrapped on the banister.

“ANSWER ME!” he bellowed.

She jumped, her heart coming to her throat. Her quivering got harder while more tears drenched her face.

He strode to her, his feet making long strides, getting dangerously close to her. His large palms caught her tear stained face in between them, bringing her face closer to his. A smile replacing his angered face from before. “Fine, don’t answer me. Don’t answer me baby. Don’t answer me. But even if you won’t take me back, I refuse to give up on us being together.”

Reese let in a trembling breath, her voice broke as she spoke, “Together?”

“Yeah,” he leant in brushing his lips against her. She was too much in dread to even get revolted by this sickening gesture of his insanity. She just wanted to get out of it unharmed without pissing him off.

His hand slid around her waist, pulling her to him with a jerk, her arms were now no longer secured around the banister. They were on his hard chest, trying to push him away. But it was all proving to be in vain.
“I love you, Reese. I love you.” a tear escaped his eye.

Abruptly, he turned her around, her front now pressed on the banister. Her eyes were now taking the dangerous height of seven hundred feet she was at. Her head spinning.

“Mike!” she squeaked. Her heart sinking.

“Shh... Calm down, baby. It’s for us.” Mike’s arm tightened around her waist. He rose her by just his one arm. Her feet several inches above the cemented roof. Her upper torso leaning on the banister.

“Mike, please no!” she screamed terrified.

Area below her stomach was pressed on the hard metal of the banister now while her upper part was in the air. Mike just had to remove his hand, and she would be falling to her death.

“You can’t do this. You said you love me. Please... Please...” she begged through her tears desperately.

She was young. She wanted to live. She wanted to have dreams. And this all made her more desperate for her life. “Mike, baby, we can work this out.” she tried to coax her like a child. Her heart pounding with every second of him not uttering anything.

The wait was over, for a second she thought, she could make it out alive tonight when he spoke, “You know I hate it when you lie Reese.”

Her breathing hitched with panic. “I’m not lying, Mike. You have to believe me. Please.”

His hand started loosening around her. “I’ll come after you. I love you, baby.”

A hard sob escaped her mouth as all her effort went down in drain. There was nothing that was getting through him. “No, please. I don’t want to die. Don’t do this!”

She didn’t embrace the idea of this tragic death. But she knew she was going to die. So she squeezed her eyes shut as she sniffed in some tears. Her body quivered hard.

But then both their head whirled to side as they heard the bang.

Door to the roof was flung open. And through it swam in the view of two people. One woman and one man, wearing black vest on which police in bold was imprinted. Behind them followed a team of officer.

“LAPD!” the woman shouted. A confidence in her stance as she aimed the gun at Mike. “Don’t do it, Mike. Get on your knees. Hands on your head and surrender.”

Mike’s eyes were alarmed. His hand grew tightened around Reese’s waist.

He wasn’t afraid of dying through their gun. What he was afraid was dying without her love.

He knew that they wouldn’t shoot. Because if they did. His hand would unwind around her and she would fall. They couldn’t risk it.

“Back away! Let us die in peace. She wants that too!” Mike yelled, his face flushed red with anger.

Reese’s eyes were trained at the women in a dire help she needed. Reese knew her. She was police lieutenant Aubrey Ellison. She was looking into the case of Reese’s complaint of someone repeatedly breaking in her house and harassing her she had reported.

The woman’s brown eyes shifted to the detective of her unit beside her. And getting her glance, he knew he had to now go with whatever she was going to do.

Her eyes were back, sharpened at Mike. She could see he was having a psychotic breakdown. And she needed to get through him fast.

“Mike,” she spoke softly yet a firmness was audible in her voice. “You don’t want to do this to her.” his eyes were trying to calculate each her move as he listened intently to what she had to offer. “You love her. And you don’t harm the one you love. We can here help you. So pull her back with you. And we’ll work through this together. Are you with me, Mike? Everything is gonna be alright after you got the required help.”

Mike shook his head frantically, a crazed looked obstinate in his eyes. “I’m no fool here. I know you’ll separate me from her.” his head jerked to Reese for a glance which was then back to the woman in displeasure. “Ain’t you seeing baby. They want us apart.”

She exhaled a breath. She gave him a chance.

Her finger pressured on the trigger of the gun clasped in her hand, a bullet escaped it, shooting him in the arm. His hand wrenched away from Reese by the impact of the sharp pain from bullet shot at him. He groaned.

Reese gasped as her body moved under the effect of gravity. But before she could’ve fallen the detective hands had replaced Mike’s, and he pulled her back off the banister.

He understood what he had to do the moment he was glanced over by Aubrey. It had been years he had worked with her. And he knew just like always he had to go with the flow of whatever Aubrey had planned. And it would always go right like right now, while she had Mike’s attention he used the moment to get closer to him. So he could catch before the girl could’ve fallen.

The team of officers charged towards Mike, hauling him up and leading him away while he struggled, yelled for Reese.

Aubrey had the gun slid back inside the holster on her belt as he moved to Reese who was trembling, clinging to the detective who saved her.

Aubrey had seen worst being in this field for last thirteen years. She was no strangers to ugly endings. And whenever she could save someone, a smile graced her beautiful face, ennobling it more. Just like now.

There was a soft smile on her beautiful face as she looked at the trembling young girl. Her heart spasmed. “It’s over now.”

Reese looked through her tears at the beautiful women before as she sniffed, “He won’t get away with this, right?”

“He won’t.” She assured. “He’ll be pressed with many charges. And firstly, he will get the help he needs.”

“I never thought he would be behind all this.” she whispered in distressed as she now pulled back from the detective.

“We looked into him. He had stopped taking his anti-psychotics a year ago. And breakup with you escalated his psychotic behavior.” Aubrey told.

“I didn’t know that,” more tears escaped her eyes. “I met at my friend’s party. It was all so good initially. It was hard breaking up after a year with him. But he became obsessive.”

Aubrey placed her hand on Reese’s shoulder giving it a gentle squeeze. “And you did right. You have a right to refuse anything that you are not comfortable with.”

Reese looked at her. Her tears now stopped. She could see the kindness reflecting in the words said to her. She could tell that it wasn’t just this women’s body that was beautiful but her heart too.

“Reese!” two voices in unison yelled. They looked to side. A worried couple running towards the girl.

“Mom, dad!” tears that had stopped were now again making their way back in the girl’s eyes as the parents reaching to her wrapped her in their arms.

Aubrey looked silently at the parents who had their daughter in their arms. There was a smile on her face, but her smile it was happy yet so sad.

It had been a real long day for Lt. Aubrey Ellison and the moment she stepped into her home, she felt an utter relief washing over her.

She slid out of her sea green jacket and hung it inside her closet. And put her gun inside the drawer of the nightstand. Habits she had learnt to adapt to.

Her life ran on discipline. Even she felt tired sometimes. But mostly living alone for half of your life you never felt to slack for even a day. Because in the end it was just you to clean up your mess. So early than later. That was her rule.

She went inside the bathroom and splattered some cold water on her face. Standing before the mirror, she stilled.

It wasn’t often she admired herself. To her, looks never meant anything. But she was a women too. Once in while she felt a little better when she looked herself through the mirror whenever she felt... sad? Or... alone?

She grabbed her long caramel hairs in a messy bun and walked back inside her room.

A ring resounded. She slid out her phone from her pocket in the jeans and without looking at the number, she pressed it on her ear. “Aubrey Ellison speaking.”

She half expected it to be from work. But it wasn’t. She frowned when she heard an old voice. “Aubrey, it’s Meryl.” She stopped. It had been long time she had talked to her in nearly eighteen years. She still remembered her. Though probably Aubrey’s memory had minus eighteen years from Meryl’s current self. What she had last seen her as was a middle height attractive women with brown short hairs curled over the nape of her neck and almond eyes. A trait she had once fallen in love with.

“Hey, Meryl. It has been while since I last heard from you.” she tried to sound less awkward about it.

“Yeah,” she heard the old lady take in a sniff.

An immediate worry hit her. “Is everything alright?”

“Lucas and Alan...w-we lost them to an accident.” her voice broke.

Her heart sank.

Lucas... Alan... Nothing was making sense to her. It couldn’t be...Both the

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