Ansley (A Stalking Love)

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Life’s supposed to be hard.

I read this once behind a cover of a book.

But who said for life to be cruel?

I breathed a heavy sigh as I stared at the sky this late in the night. It was midnight or was about to be. I had no clear idea of what it was now. I had been sitting here on this sidewalk under a street lamp for quite few hours. It was a desolated area. Perfect for my morbid mood. Only few cars drove through in last twenty minutes.

It had been three weeks since my parents funeral. My grandma was now my brother’s legal guardian. He moved in to her place last week. It wasn’t very far from my parent’s home. I was supposed to be helping him move, but I just couldn’t. I hadn’t met anyone since the day of funeral. It had only been a day that I stepped out of my apartment.

I should’ve been with my brother. But I hadn’t seen him the day since I read my name on those adoption certificates. It wasn’t like it changed anything between me and Sam. But I was pretty shook. I needed space and time to sort my feelings out.

That my parents were now gone, I had no grudge against them. But it was upsetting. I needed answers to who I was. Grandma claimed to know nothing about me except for the fact I was adopted.

I felt so lost for the answers. I wished if there was a rewind button for all this. I wanted to go back to being my parent’s daughter. But sadly that wasn’t going to be ever possible now.

I was snapped out from my mulling, flinching back as a car with blaring music and hooting guys drove past me. I watched the car with an annoyed frown. But then the car came to a screeching halt at some distance away from where I was sitting.

My body stiffened as a I watched door at back and front of the car being pushed open while a group of three guys appeared out of it. I could feel ice shards settling in my stomach as they three looked at me smirking, and immediate threat to my safety hung in air.

I jumped up on my feet and turned on my heel, walking as fast as I could while my heart thudded against my chest.

I heard their steps, clacking, speeding up behind me as I heard their barky laughs.

“Hey, sugarcup, why in so hurry?” I heard one of them whistling.

I bit my lip as fear consumed my body while my step hurried

“Hey, hey, hey...” I heard a pair of feet fastening up to me. A dark haired guy came around me from behind. His eyes raking me from head to toe. “C’mon sugar, now don’t run like that,” his hand stretched to my face, his knuckles brushing against my skin, sending a cold, repulsive feel to shudder through me.

I flinched back. “Don’t touch me!” Even though I was frightened out of my all senses, I couldn’t help my eyes burning in a glare at him.

This widened his nasty grin while his eyes stared at me shamelessly.

I heard two more sets of feet behind me, recalling me of his other two companions.

“Hey, fam. Lady says no touching,” a guy behind me barked with a laugh while a can of beer was tossed above my shoulder to the guy with dark hair standing in front of me.

I didn’t want to even look behind to be proven that I was herded by them.

I tried playing cool, attempting to slid past the guy blocking my way, but he didn’t seem to be backing down.

He stretched out his hand to my side again blocking my exit. A smug smile on his face. “No one said you could leave.”

“Let me go,” My voice was like scratch of cough, making me sound pathetic.

He laughed as if I told him a joke while his dogs for friends joined in his barky laughter behind me. “Letting you go ain’t our motive, sugar.”

I knew a very basic self defense. I could knee the guy before me in his groin. But I didn’t think I could run very far with other two on my trail.

My heart was pounding really fast as I went through the numerous ways of running past the one before me.

He moved closer to me, his body flushing against me as he brought his face closer to mine. I turned my face away while a shudder pass through me. His breath falling onto my neck, layered with rustic smell of beer on it. “We could really show you a good time.”

My eyes widened as a fresh round of fear zapped through me.

Suddenly, flashlight of car shone our way. My heart jumped in a hope. I was about to shriek but the car just drove past without a stop.

“Today don’t seem your lucky stars are shining.” he smirked.

I could feel hope sinking down my stomach as tears burnt my eyes.

But I seemed to have judged my fate pretty soon.

Screeching of tires echoed as a car which drove past was now being driven backwards, coming our way. The car stopped a feet beside us in a shadow. Door was clicked open as I saw silhouette of a guy making its way out of it.

The dark haired guy before me didn’t seem to be bothered much. He looked as if he was being disturbed. Though I could feel his friends were stiffened up.

My eyes were on the car, not even looking at the person emerged out of it. I was benumbed with fear. I just kept on staring at the car.

“Leave the girl alone, assholes.” I heard the voice coming from beside the car. It was hoarse yet a firm note in it couldn’t be missed.

The guy across me snorted in derision. “Shut the fuc-”

His words were stopped in middle as
I heard the sharp intake of breath from behind me. The other two of his companion seemed to have been struck by fear.

“Hey, Dan. Let’s go. Leave her!” I heard one of his friend hissed.

Guy seemed to be have known as Dan was silent as if the words were caught up in his throat.

My eyes flitted beside the car to person helping me. But my eyes stopped, widening at the view of the black metal. A hand was stretched out, pointing a gun. This explained their sudden change of mien. Even I was terrified.

“Hey easy, guy, we’ll go.” I heard one behind me say as I saw from the corner of my eyes as Dan was being pulled by his friend to move.

I looked at them three running back to their car. I saw that guy Dan. He was looking my way with a chilling expression whole way before they drove off from there at last.

“Hey, are you alright?” I heard the approaching feet as I turned to look at person who helped me.

My eyes when met his couldn’t help them from widening. His eyes almost mirrored mine.

Shock was obstinate.

But in my eyes. There was one more thing.


I took a step back.

“Ansley,” he said in disbelief. But as if realsing something, a furious guise appeared on his face. I heard him whisper, “Those scums!”

He looked at me intently. “They didn’t touch you, did they?”

I should have been thankful. Someone helped me. But looking at him. I couldn’t think this way. I was confused. I was scared.

He was always there when something had happened or was about to be. He was somehow around all this. As if being already there watching. And it didn’t settle well with me.

My lips quivered as I asked, “What are you doing here, Josh?”

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