Ansley (A Stalking Love)

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I had no abhorrence for what was happening to I, what I had was deep sense of terror that wouldn’t leave me.

It was strange how my paranoia was turning in my reality, flowing through my every vein in the body. Even the sound of my own steps seemed to be of a stranger now and my shadow shadow seemed to have an ulterior motive.

I couldn’t seem to be moving on from the fact that someone broke in my house in my presence to my bedroom. If he’d taken something. I could’ve considered it a robbery and moved on. But it wasn’t, I knew for sure.

My shoulders slumped as I sighed, my chest wrenching. I was watching Janice from outside the door. Her condition wasn’t any better than the last time I saw her.

Who would do this to her? Could he be the one stalking me? He was watching me. He had pictures of me taken in the apartment I shared with Janice. It could be he was watching me. He knew when I left the apartment, but what reasons he had to try killing Janice.

Somewhere, my suspicions were leading me to Josh being the one behind the attack. He had temper issues. He had a reason, a grudge against Janice. And coincidentally, he was there near my apartment that night.

When I was adding this all up, this wasn’t seeming like a coincidence. It was looking like whole a meticulously fabricated plan.


I was called out from my thoughts. My dad was beside me, a soft look was etched on his face.

“Darkest nights are the longest. But no matter the length, they do have a shine of morning at their end.” He said.

I sighed ruefully. “I wonder how long this night’s gonna be.”

“It’ll all be over soon, dear.” He consoled.

I bit my lips, my eyes fixing to my feet as I was fighting hard to not let the storms of my life shed a single tear from my eyes.

I inhaled a breath, meeting my dad’s eyes. “I’m not gonna come home this weekend. I’ll be visiting grandma.”

I needed some change. I would like to stay at my grandma for this weekend. She and I had always been close. Talking to her always had soothed my worries out.

He rose a brow.

I frowned. “What?”

“Nothing, It’s just that your visits to your grandma are occasional. You sought her in the past when something troubled you. Is there anything now?” He explained.

“It has quite been a long time, I’ve not seen her.” I told.

He gave me an incredulous look. “Do you need any medication for enhancing your memory, dear. You just met her three weeks ago.”

“That’s twenty one days, long enough to miss grandma again.” I defended.

He sighed in a relent. “No argues with you.”

I gave him a small twitch of my lips. “Gotta go now.”

“Drive safely to the grandma’s.”

I nodded, turning to my heel and left from there. I groped the pocket of my jacket as I reached to my used Buick Verano. It had a silver color which was now faded due to its already used condition from previous owner.

I didn’t feel any touch of metal inside my pocket. I groped both the insides of my jacket vigorously.

Where’s my car keys?

My teeth gritted, a groan of frustration escaping me. I must’ve dropped it somewhere.

I turned and trailed my way back to where I had come from until I was back outside the Janice’s room. I looked around the hall, my eyes scrutinizing the floor for the shiny metal.

I didn’t seem to be finding it anywhere on the floor, and it was aggravating the hell out of me. I didn’t go anywhere besides here. If I dropped it then it should somewhere here.

I heard a creak of the door behind me. I looked over my shoulder. The door was creaking shut as I saw a glimpse of a man walking inside the room.

I whirled and watched through the window on the door. A man in the hospital’s blue uniform was walking to Janice. He was frequently looking over his shoulder. His body was alert. And there was a mask on his mouth, covering up to his nose. He seemed to be a male nurse.

But a nurse checked on her, when I was watching her before. It was quite soon for the another visit.

My eyes narrowed as I observed his

He steps were hasty and his wary poise was coming off as off.

I pushed the door open and barged inside the room. His back was on me, he was bent over the life support Janice was on. He was doing something with it.

“I didn’t know nurses are allowed to touch the patient’s life support.” I spoke defiantly. I didn’t know whether they were allowed or not. But my intuitions were screaming at me with apprehension right now.

His body stiffened as he slowly turned to me. He was startled. It was visible in his eyes.

“What were you doing?” I asked, a demanding note in my voice.

He took a step in my direction. “I was doing just my job. To check on the patients.” Another step was taken in my direction.

My eyes narrowed in slit, digging at him in incredulity.

When I was visiting Janice several minutes ago. There was already a visit happened by a nurse, checking on her. And it had been hardly twenty minutes, and again a nurse was here claiming to check on her.

I took a step back, his eyes sharpening at me.

“I was checking the life support.” he said. And it sounded like a lamest excuse ever.

“Show me your I.D or I call someone.” I demanded.

“Sure,” he slid his hand inside his pocket, standing a hand distance away from me.

Abruptly, his free hand shot out to me, grabbing me by my nape and pulling me to him. Before I could’ve registered the happening for my throat to induced the scream. He assailed the needle of a syringe at my neck, and roughly shoved me aside.

I hit the cold floor, my surrounding spinning around me. I tried to make a noise, but a quiet whimper came through me.

My senses were fading as I struggled to keep my eyes open. I heard the thumping footsteps and creaking of door. And it was the last I could hear before my barely awakened self drifted off to an unconsciousness.

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