Ansley (A Stalking Love)

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My head rested in my palms, an acute pain drumming in my skull, and looking around was making it worse.

The color of blue drapes separating my bed area with another patients weren’t soothing me at all.

This headache was killing me. “Can I have another Aspirin?”

“The one you have now will kick in working soon.” dad said, moving his fingers through my hair for any indication of bump.

“Ms. Cowden?”

I looked up. My eyes narrowed at unfamiliar faces before me.

A lean women stood before me, her raven hairs cut up to her shoulders. She was seeming to be in her early thirties. Her outfit was peach blazer and black leather jeans. And I couldn’t miss the gun holster tucked on her belt. A formal smile on her pretty round face.

“I’m detective, Sheryl Newton,” her eyes motioned to man beside him. A tall one with a stoic face and blonde hairs. He seemed to be at the end of his thirties. He could’ve come off as attractive if he smiled a bit. But his brown eyes were accessing me as if trying to dissect my thoughts. “He’s detective Jason Baldwin.”

“They guys would like to talk about what happened...” dad trailed.

I looked at that smiling women.

“We are from homicide unit. Local police has passed the investigation to us.” She explained.

I nodded.

“So according to you, someone attacked you. Can you elaborate what happened?” Detective Baldwin asked, not a flicker of emotion on his face.

“I was at parking near my car when I realized I dropped my car keys. I trailed my way back to Janice’s room to search for my key. Then I noticed that guy in nurse’s uniform doing something with her life support. When I asked him to show his ID, he pricked me with a syringe and I passed out.” I told, my voice came out hoarse.

“Can you describe him? the women asked, an intriguing frown on her brow.

“Except for he was nearly six foot and bulky build, I can’t tell you anything. There was a mask on his face.” I told, trying to go through my memory for any distinctive characteristics of his. But I came out with none.

She nodded. “Well, thanks for your time. For future questioning we might see you again.”

They both made there way out from there without looking through the matter any further. I stared at their backs in despondence.

I expected them to discuss through every detail. But they didn’t. They just asked basics and let go of the matter.

I wondered with detectives with this leisure would find Janice’s attacker or it would be a close case soon?

I was feeling tired as I locked the door behind me and made my way to the kitchen. I opened the fridge and grabbed the half filled carton of milk and in large morsels, I gulped it all down. It felt heaven against my parched throat.

I tossed the carton aside and sagged to the chair and pressed my fingers against the side of my neck and gently massaged it.

It had been a lot today. My body was enervated. And I didn’t seem to have strength to visit grandma’s. Even tomorrow I had promised Derek for coffee. So I would visit her some other time.

A chill crept through my body, I was feeling the temperature of my body downing as a sense of someone’s scrutiny prick at my back.

I looked around with wary eyes. But everything seemed to be still yet something wasn’t.

Was it just a surge of my paranoia or something wasn’t really right? I inhaled a deep breath. I would go with paranoia.

Janice’s being targeted again and I was attacked by her targeter must really be getting at the back of my head. And what was going through my life was worsening it.

I shook my head. I didn’t need these thoughts to set me on another self pitying brood through my life. For once, I wanted to forget everything that was going around. I wanted a sense of serenity for a while even if that meant I was running away from the reality.

I stood up from my seat and walked through the archway that separated kitchen from the sitting area.

I could a watch movie. It would surely drift my mind off.

I walked to the couch, and my feet halted. My body going stiff. My throat went dry with a lump forming in it as my eyes fixed at the coffee table in trepidation.


I could feel bile rising in my throat.

A heart-shaped cake with ivory frosting was tainted by the blood red frosting on the top of the heart and knife dug in the center of it was set on the table. It was garnished in way that the red frosting was made to drip in trails over white at the side of the cake, making it look like a bleeding heart.

My breathing escalated as I with knots clenching my stomach picked the note that stuck at the shaft of the knife.

"Happy monthly anniversary of your birth, Ansley.”

I’m beholden to the day of your first cry. But at the same time, if you weren’t born then there was no reason for my heart to bleed. I’m so contradicted with the ifs of you not being and with reality of you being. But I was thankful for latter. I couldn’t imagine a day that would’ve no you. You are a light to my darkness. But you are the one that showed me to the darkest of my all. So stop this. Stop before no light could reach my darkness. I can assure you that I’m not the one to be provoked. Heed my words, baby."

The note slipped through my hand.


My feet wobbled as I sank to the floor, a stifled sob escaping me while my body shook uncontrollably with deep sense of dread that stole over me.

I wasn’t just frightened. I was terrified.

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