Ansley (A Stalking Love)

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The car halted before my apartment building. Derek looked at me from the steering

“I really enjoyed it. I’ll be looking forward to the next weekend.” I whispered.

His eyes danced over me, a jolly glint beaming in those emerald irises. “Well, I’ll be eagerly waiting for it, too.”

I looked at him, smiling at his childish mien.

“And May you have sweetest dreams tonight, Ansley.”

“Night, Derek,” I mumbled, softly smiling at him, clicking the door open.

His maroon Buick LaCrosse drove off from there as I walked into my apartment building. A smile from before following on my lips. It was a great night. It would have been perfect if there was no text I had received from that sick.

My smile faded as I remembered that text. Again a threat. Some spineless had no guts. So he was grabbing my attention like this.

Well, I had now a proof to throw at those officer’s faces tomorrow.

I climbed on a flight of stairs, making my way to my apartment. Unlocking the door, I stepped inside it. A small warming relief in the confinement of my home seeped through me. I tossed my handbag aside on the couch and grabbing a hairpin, I clutched my hairs in a loose bun.

As I went into the kitchen for a drink, a cool wind swept past me, breaking chills on my skin. I rubbed my arms to find a window by the counter open.

I frowned, walking up to it. I left the apartment in a hurry. But still, it was careless of me to leave it open like this. I pulled the window close, putting a latch on it.

As the window closed, a reflection reflected on the pane of the window. My heart jumped. I swung back, my mouth opening for a shriek. But a hand slapped on my mouth, pressing it to shut.

A guy stood, towering over me. He wore a grayish black sweatshirt whose hood was pulled over his head, its shadow hiding his features to his nose, making me unable to make his face.

He had his body flushed against mine as I squirmed in panic, mumbled squeaks escaping me. My eyes were widened with dread. My back digging against the counter.

I could see an excited smile forming on his lips as he leaned over me, his cheek grazing mine, his lips close to my ear. “It’s nice to see you, Ansley.”

I trembled as suppressed whimpers left my shut mouth. My heart racing, my blood pounding in my veins.

“You never heed my words, baby.”

His weight on my body was refraining me from pushing him off me no matter how vigorously I squirmed or pushed him.

“You should know who you belong to,” he whispered darkly, his voice held a deadly calmness.

My body felt loose. My breathing turning hard. I could feel myself hyperventilating. His face pulled away from my ear, moving closer to my face. My hands moved to the side, feeling for anything on the counter. But it was just an empty surface of granite. Nothing felt on it.

My whimpers turned harder as I felt his breath on my face. My heart walloping with terror. I could find myself numbed by the tremors evoked from my core.


“You’re mine, Ansley,” his voice was low in a whisper almost felt like a whiz of a wind.

His face lowered to the crook of my neck. His lips planting on my skin, trailing to my jaw in feathery kisses.

My stomach churned, feeling sickened at this proximity. A panic brew inside me. And frenzied by my swivet, my knee moved hitting him hard in his stomach.

His clutch on me loosened as he hissed in pain. I used the moment to push him off of me.

I saw a glass jar that I didn’t seem to get my hands on before was resided by the counter near the window. I grabbed it. I could see his lips pressed into a grim line. A dark ferociousness emanating from him. Suddenly, he lunged at me. In a hysteric stupor, I belted it hard on his head, it broke into sharp pieces while he dropped to the floor by an unexpected impact of the hit.

He growled as he clutched his head while I tried sprinting past him for the main door. But as I was about to cross the archway. I felt a grip on my ankle. And in next instant, I was tugged hard. My front slammed on the floor.

I shrieked.

His form hovered over my back, pressing his hard chest against me.

“HELP!” I yelled desperately for anyone to hear me. “HELP ME!”

“No one’s here, Ansley but me. Only I can hear your pleads.” He seethed, his fingers digging into my arms, pinning me against the hardwood of the floor. “What you’re gonna do tonight now?”

I was almost tempted to beg him to leave me. But a rebel in me refused it. I squirmed. I fought hard. But his masculinity had an advantage for him. Without even much force, I was tackled by him easily.

“What do you want from me?” I cried.

His breath grazed my ear. “I want you.”

His words sickened me with nausea. I could feel my stomach churning. I wanted to yell to leave me alone. But I knew his twisted mind would only revel in excitement from my shrieks.

“I’ll do as you say. Just don’t hurt me.” My words trembled.

“Only if you were that tamed,” I could hear a hint of mockery in his voice.

“I won’t go against you, I promise.” I prayed more than anything for him to believe me.

I felt his grip loosened on me, but in a next second, I was flopped by him, so now that back was glued to the floor.

“You’ve been really bad.” A twisted smile stretched on his lips while his weight pressed me down, immobilizing me to move a muscle.

A whimper left my lips. “Please, don’t.”

His lips drew closer to my exposed throat, his breath sending shivers down my body. A panic erupting in me.

“You’re mine.” he breathed.

I wanted to cry in denial. But a rational part of me knew better than that. To not piss him off.

“I’ll be yours,” I tried to say it without any stutter. To talk him out of his insanity.

For an instant, his body was frozen in its state- leaning on me. But then he spoke his sickness. “You already are.”

I wanted to hurl out the contents of my stomach at his delusional words. But I tried to hold back that for now.

His hands roamed over my curves while planting kisses on my exposed cleavage through my top. He was heavy for my strength to push him off. But that fact didn’t stop me from doing so. I pushed at his shoulders as he sucked at my chest, biting my flesh, causing me to hiss in pain.

“No,” I whimpered, struggling under him. His hands moved under my top. It was stone cold against my warm skin. He hungrily groped every inch of my flesh, pressing into me harder while helpless tears ran down my eyes. “Don’t!”

But all the squirming and pushing was just making him a ferocious beast. Like my struggles were a turn on for him. His bites were turning harder, trailing to my throat. He pushed my head to the side, holding it down by crushing his palm against my cheek so that he could have easy access to my exposed flesh on the neck where he bit harder and longer as if branding me.

I bit my lip to refrain the painful hisses to leave my mouth. And through my tears, I saw a glass shard a hand distance away. Must have been of that jar I broke on him.

Removing my hand from his shoulder, I struggled to stretch it to the side, all bones in my fingers stretching along as I was just an inch shorter to reach it. But I direly tried. My forefinger almost touched it, enough to slide it to me. I wrapped my hand around it, the rough edges pricked the inside of my palm. But let my grip through it the blood that squeezed out of my hand.

I thrusted the shard in his direction, cutting at his shoulder. He groaned, his grip on my face loosened while he jumped up, his legs caged on either side of me. His lips were slightly parted in a groan. I didn’t want to give him a chance to recover from my first blow so I dig the shard at his other shoulder. He growled in pain falling on his butt below my feet.

I slid away from him, hastily, scrambling up from the floor. My breathing was hard, tears were continuing down my eyes. Every inch of my body trembled in panic as I without looking over my shoulder ran for the door.

There was a keypad deadbolt lock installed on the door. That didn’t seem to have a dangerous man to stop from breaking into my house. My fingers shook as I in a haste tried to click right passcode. When I hit the last five in the keypad, I didn’t waste a single second. I twirled the knob and pulled the door open with all force.

I just had to run that was all on my mind. I could hear the footsteps reaching for me forcing me to push my legs harder and faster as I ran through the hall with several doors.

Through my sprint, I banged my fist on the door all the while crying. “HELP! Please help me!”

But nobody seemed to answer me. I knew my floor wasn’t occupied by much residents. But there were two or three that shared the same floor as me. So I desperately yell for help all the while running.

I went for the stairs, hurriedly descending them. Each step down was escalating my heartbeat. I didn’t want to get caught. So I flurried. I ran faster. On the second last step, my foot bent and I fell hard on the carpeted floor, skipping the end step of the stair.

I moaned out in pain as I pushed up my upper torso with my palms.

The running steps clacked, sound seeming to grow my way. I panicked. My heart jumping back in dread. My body quivered. I slid back on floor while the worst scenarios educed more tears to drench my face.

A shadow casted on the wall above stairs while shrieks left my mouth. I was supposed to scoot up on my feet and run. But nerves in my body were deranged with fear not working with my brain. I was just in some pathetic try was sliding on the floor towards the exit.

I squealed when the person from behind the wall emerged. My eyes bobbing out in benumbing fright and confusion.

“Ansley?” he jolted towards me, his shoulders heaving up down from the heavy breaths. He had a frantic mien, running towards me.

There was no hood on him. There was no concealed face. And looking in those mocha eyes had a shudder passing through me. I was being chased by some sick then how?

How is it Josh here?

He skidded to me on the floor, crouching in the process. “What happened to you?”

I was still numbed by my fright and confusion. But when his hand came for me, I was broke in a hysteric fit. “Don’t touch me!” I flinched, looking at him through fearful sight.

Josh looked at me, those mocha eyes squinted in perplexity at crazed look on me. Crazy the dread had driven me. And for his odd presence here at the same time when I was running away from that sick stalker was just feeding the suspicions Ray had told me the day I moved in here. The day more of my suspicions were sprouted about him. And today, looking at him, I couldn’t help, thinking them over and over again.

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