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4 Months Later...

No one really knew what happened that fateful day of October fifth, only that nothing was the same. After waking up with blurry eyes and smoke filled lungs Amanda was alone and locked beneath with nothing but the darkness to comfort her.

Panic was quick to rise and the tension of before was nothing compared to the horrid inside Amanda. With every creak and groan of the decaying barn, another scream of utter terror rang from Amanda.

Hailey was nowhere in sight and it had seemed she'd disappeared along with Isiah who had been there only moments ago to greet them both. But that was the least of it. When she'd awakened not only was she dressed in blood that wasn't hers, but a rusted blade in her left palm. With no light to guide her around the cellar, she walked blindly until she came to walls on all ends.

It was when she tripped over a body that the whole situation went from bad to worse. The scent around it made her nausea come quickly, gardenia and lavender. The perfume that Hailey had put on only hours ago. And here she was, laid strewn across the dead body of her best friend.

It would only take a few more minutes before she found Isiah.


"Amanda, it's time for your medication." Came the soft voice of the nurse that had been caring for her for the past month. After being found two weeks into the nightmare by the nearby neighbors who heard her scream. She'd immediately been institutionalized and seen by multiple therapists against her claims of being fine.

Though it didn't really help that they found her rocking in the corner and mumbling incoherent gibberish.

"Please Amanda, I know watching you're friend die wasn't-"

"SHE DID NOT DIE!" Amanda busted out screaming, while cutting of the nur'se sentence. Her once fetal position was replaced with a murderous glare and on edge crouch.

The nurse knew within seconds that what she said was the wrong thing. Her soft expression fell into one of fear and worry. She frantically searched for a way to calm Amanda down and keep the other nurses from coming. But she knew that to keep her from attacking she'd need help.

So calmly walking over to Amanda, the nurse gently put her hands on both her shoulders and eased her back into the bed before giving her the fifth sedative of the day. They knew it wasn't good to keep her drugged at all times but their was little they could do with the girl.

Amanda didn't know what was happening to her, everything made her sick. Anything she ate just revolted against her, and she was loosing weight drastically while her once radiant tanned skin was becoming a sickly yellow, with bags under her eyes from lack of sleep. No matter how hard she tried the nightmares and thoughts kept her up. After a week of this, she was starting to fear what was held underneath her eyelids.

She constantly shook and looked liked she'd aged forty years in a matter of weeks. Her blonde hair was becoming oily and stringy, and the light that shown in her eyes was dulled. She refused to bathe against the nurse's wishes and only sat in the bed were Amanda's only entertainment was staring at the clock and watching the time tick by. Were each hour held the same thing.

Just like when she was in the cellar, but this time there was the aggravating feeling of being watched.

The stares.

The constant stares made her sick, all the accusing eyes that followed her every move till she was driven to insanity. Wanting to claw their eyes out with her bare hands in order to keep them from knowing.

Amanda was slowly slipping away, and in a matter of time she'd be gone completely.

Even the nurse's knew she was a hopeless cause, just keep her on the medication and hoped for a miracle was how they coped with it. They had other patients that showed signs of life and decided there was nothing left they could do for Miss Amanda Grace.


It was February third when Alice first visited.

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