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Amanda was becoming nothing more than a dead corpse, her soul was almost completely withered and her eyes were hollow. Any sign of life that she held was officially gone.

It was just after Christmas and the snow was still fresh and falling. Everything was as if nothing happened, everything was kept hidden. The accident at the barn was never told to those who weren't there to witness it, and it was torched to the grown the next day by the local fire department.

Amanda was locked away inside her own mind, begging to be free as something-someone-else was controlling her. She was a prisoner both inside and out.

It was dark one night when the nurse came to visit. Always coming in pairs of three because these days they didn't know what to expect. If she'd lash out on them, or simply ignore them all at once.

Sara had been a nurse for twelve years at the Institution for the criminally insane, yet she'd never seen anything like this. Subconsciously she reached up to touch the jagged streaks across her cheek that were still healing.

She walked carefully as she entered Amanda's room. It was completely bare, stripped of any possible thing she could use to harm herself, or use as a weapon. She was laying in a fetal position on the edge of the bed when Sara and a few other nurses entered to change the bed pan and give her a new medication they were trying out.


Hailey was a pretty girl.

She always had her strawberry blonde hair pulled up in crown made out of braids and constantly had on her favorite pair of false eyelashes. With roller skates on both feet and and a bag of licorice, Hailey could pretty much do anything and everything. From going exploring around the craziest of places, to just taking a skate around town.

Hailey was never content, complaining about how long it was taking for graduation so she could get out of this place. It was too small for Hailey's liking. Which made sense, she was always one for attention, and any place that had a spotlight and a place she could call her own would do just that.

There was never a time you would see her without a smile on her face. Even when she had to wear a ridiculous mouth guard for almost two months when she knocked loose her top row of teeth in a dirt bike accident. She claimed it as her 'unofficial battle wound'.

It was summer when her and Amanda first met. A week after school let out at one of the only places to go in a rundown town like this.

At the local lake.

It was the hot spot were all the kids went to hang out, from middle graders to fresh out of high school graduates. Hailey came by with after giving in to the constant nagging of her little sister Ginger, but when catching up with a few of the guys she spotted Amanda sitting alone looking awkward while reading a book.

Of course, being the bubbly personality she was she had to go over and say hi. After talking for a good half hour, full of chuckles and shared looks, they were instant best friends.

Another reason Amanda hated to sleep. In glimpses they came back to her, the screams and slashes.

She'd killed the only person who ever knew her for the real person she was.

Not this monster.

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