Visitor (Short-Story Completed)

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The short story of a Doctor who encounters a strange woman who always comes to see a patient on a Thursday morning every week

Horror / Mystery
Tarynne Bourret
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I see her often, she’s always by herself, when I see her no matter where it is, in the halls or even outside, she’s always alone. She never says a word to anyone, nothing at all, a beautiful woman with the deepest blue eyes.

And no matter what the weather she will always wear the same thing, night or day, rain or shine, the same cloths. A white lace blouse with small little puffed sleeves, a skirt with four buttons that went across the stomach and abdomen, with the rest of the skirt flaring out just and inch below the hip bone and stopped a few inches above her knees, her legs were clad in dark brown stockings and if you were close enough you’d be able to see the small hearts designed in the fabric. Her shoes looked almost old fashioned, like the kind of shoes a little girl would wear to her first big fancy outing, only the woman’s had heels.

She always wore white gloves, like that of a queen with a little bow that rested at the wrist and a pink beret that looked closer to peach with a large dark brown heart near the end with the words Love scrawled in the center of the heart, as it rested on the side of her head of short auburn brown hair that looked slightly longer to the left side with small curls that always remained there as if she was born with them. Her purse was the same brown color as the part of the hat, in the shape of a heart with a pink bow tied to one strap and a pink ribbon that was tied underneath the collar of her blouse near her thin throat.

Yet the one thing that people would remember about her would always be the same thing, it wasn’t her looks or how she dressed, it’s what she carried with her every single day.

It was a black toy rabbit with a dark purple bow around its neck.

I had seen it too, many times, she would always be carrying it, when she arrived and again when she left.

I couldn’t help but think it was strange; she would always come at the same time, the same day every week. Thursday eleven thirty eight AM. Always that same time, always that day, and she always went to the same room.

Which normally you think this being a hospital it wouldn’t be strange; to see someone coming on the same day to visit a family member or a friend, but it was always the same time. Normally it would have been around eleven thirty, yet it would always be two minutes away from eleven forty.

That was the one thing I could not understand no matter what I thought of, even though I worked as a clinical doctor, checking in on patients and those who are in need, though with this visitor it peaked my curiosity.

I thought to myself: One of these days I should try to talk to her.

There was no real specific reason as to why, I was only curious as to what she would have to say that was all and nothing more.

Thursday came and I had just finished with a patient when I went into the elevator and went down to the first floor, the doors opened and I became frozen in place.

Standing right in front of me, was the woman with the beret and toy rabbit, standing right outside the elevator doors, instinctively I moved over to the buttons so that the doors would stay open, without a word the woman walked in.

“Which floor?” I asked.

The woman didn’t reply, she merely leaned forwards and pressed the button that would lead up to the seventh floor before straightening herself once more. This was the first time I had ever met her face to face, so to speak. I had known what she looked like from afar and from what other male doctors and nurses would tell me, but I couldn’t help but feel awestruck.

Her skin was so pale, like that of ivory with a slight pinkish hue, and her lashes where long and black, fanning across her cheeks when she blinked. But then my eyes drifted down to the infamous toy rabbit that she carried in her thin arms. It nearly seemed to be squished against her predominant bust.

I couldn’t help but wonder how someone of only five foot three have a surprisingly large chest size, I just couldn’t, but then I was a man after all, I didn’t know everything about women, even if I tried I knew I never could.

The doors then opened on the seventh floor and the woman stepped out into the hall.

“Um…!” I called out to her. “Have a good day!” I said knowing fully well she would have just kept on going, but instead she stopped.

She turned to face me and said. “You too.” before the doors closed separating us.

I couldn’t help but feel the surprisingly amount of relief coming off my thought, it was just two words, but she had spoken. During the elevator ride I thought that maybe the woman was a mute and could not speak a single word, and yet she just did. And for some unexplainable reason I hoped that I would see her again soon.

“So I heard you talked to the Rabbit Woman.” One of my fellow coworkers, Jeff from the intensive care ward said to me as he leaned up against the doorjamb of my office.

“Rabbit Woman…?” I said looking at him with a questionable expression.

“Yeah, you know the woman who’s always walking around with that rabbit and wearing that stupid looking hat.”

I looked back to my computer. “I don’t think you should be calling someone else’s choice in cloths stupid, Mr. Leather Pants.”

“Hey leather pants are cool!”

“Sure they are Jeff,”

“You’re just saying that because you’ve never tried them.”

I glanced at him over my shoulder. “Do I look like I have a midlife crisis to you?”

He snorted in response. “Funny, so what did the woman say?”

“Why do you want to know?”

“Because!” he came into my office, so he could be in eye contact from me. “Everyone else who’s tried to get her to talk has never gotten a response from her, and I mean never. What did you say to her?”

“I just said to have a good day, and she responded in kind, nothing special.”

He shook his head slowly. “You got a response, that’s something. Besides everyone thinks she’s loopy.”

I looked at him with a frown. “What makes you say that? Just because a woman doesn’t talk much doesn’t make her crazy.”

He shook his head again. “No not that, it’s what she does in the room that she’s visiting. Room 705, I’ve been told she just stands there by the foot of the bed, just staring at the old man in the room, neither of them say a word to each other even when she leaves. It’s creepy I tell you.”

When Jeff left my office I couldn’t help but ponder by what he said, why would the woman be doing that and not utter a single word?

The next Thursday I felt almost exhausted, nearly mentally drained, I had to pull not only an all-nighter but I also had the pleasure of being yelled at by a woman who claimed that her son was being injured for a conspiracy in the hospital to take organs from those who came in. The boy only had a sprained wrist from mimicking some trick he saw off of the internet not some conspiracy in stealing human organs for the president of United States.

I slumped down into one of the plastic chairs in the waiting room, resting my elbows on my knees and hung my head low before letting out a tired breath.

I needed coffee but couldn’t find the strength to move.

“You look tired today.”

My head snaps up and there I see the woman, standing right in front of me with that same blank expression. Did she just talk to me?

She simply stared at me for a long moment in silence then turned and headed over to the nearby coffee machine, the click, click, click of her heels across the ceramic tiled floor as she walked. She pressed a few buttons and waited as hot coffee poured into the Styrofoam cup; she then turned and walked back over to me with her arm outstretched.

I looked at her with a questioning gaze before slowly taking the cup from her offered delicate hand.

“Thank you.” I said to her as she sat down next to me, with the rabbit in her lap. “Are you not going to visit the person you came to see?”

She shook her head slightly, her eyes fixated on her shoes, or at least I believed that’s what she was looking at.

“Why not, did you have a fight?”

Again she shook her head. “He’s not there. So there is no point.”

“Ah, so he’s getting examined then.”

This time she nodded.

“Do you mind if I ask what you name is?” She didn’t respond so I added. “Well, you don’t have to tell me, I’m not your doctor so…”

“It’s Marie.” She said her gaze half hooded as she looked at me. “Marie Rose.”

I nodded in response. “That’s a nice name, mine’s…”

“Doctor Richard Gram.” She said then added a few moments after. “It’s on your nametag.”

“Oh…” was the only thing I could respond with right away. “Well it’s nice to meet you Marie.”

Her head bowed slightly as she looked at me. “Same to you, Doctor Richard,”

Suddenly she went still, like that of stone, before I could ask if she was alright she stood up and headed to the elevator.

“Where are you going?” I asked.

“To his room…” she got into the elevator and said as they closed. “Goodbye Doctor Richard.”

As I stood there by the elevator doors with the cup of coffee in my hand I couldn’t help but wonder why she had reacted.

I took a sip of the coffee and cringed. It’s bitter… I thought, but found myself drinking it until it was completely gone.

Next week on the same day it was late in the afternoon, the sun had just begun to set and I had just finished up my rounds, soon finding myself on the seventh floor, almost being completely drawn to room 705, like a moth to a flame.

I stopped by the door and looked in through the small glass window; it was a private room that belonged to a wealthy man by the name of Henry Sights. He was old and frail, getting close to the end of his life, and yet Marie would always come to him on the same day.

And just like Jeff said, there she was, standing by the end of the bed staring down at the man with wide eyes. If I didn’t know any better I could have sworn she was a statue the way she remained frozen.

She didn’t even appear to be breathing.

Yet it was her eyes that transfixed me in place, those dark blue eyes of her held so much malice and rage. Even though her expression remained impassive, her eyes were where all of her emotions could be seen clearly.

And yet the old man whom she was staring at didn’t even look remotely frightened, in fact, he was smiling. Smiling at the woman who looked like she was ready to kill him for reasons unknown.

Bothered by what I had just seen I moved away from the door and quickly headed off that accursed floor and outside into a garden area where I could just sit there and breathe while trying to get rid of the unsettling feeling that rested upon my shoulders.

“You were out in the hall by the room I was in, why?”

I jumped from my seat on the bench and spun around to see Marie standing there watching me. “I… you… what?” was the only thing I could manage in a response.

So she repeated her question. “You were watching me in the window of the door, why?”

“I… well, I am a doctor, I was making rounds and I happened to pass by room 705.”

“You thought it was strange?”

I could only nod.

Without a word Marie walked over to the stone bench that I was originally sitting on and sat down, rabbit in her lap once more. Her eyes gazed over at me, as if giving a silent invitation to sit and I did as such.

“What happened in that room is no concern of yours Doctor Richard, it is between myself and Henry no one else.”

“But you don’t talk,” I say. “You just keep staring at him.”

“The voice is not the only way to communicate.” She said. “People who are deaf use sign language to speak, and those who are blind use braille so they may read. How is me not speaking something that should be concerned about?”

“It’s just… odd that’s all.”

“Many people who work here call me strange; it is no bother to me.”

There wasn’t anything I could think of to come up as a response.

I found that during the coming Thursdays of the week’s Marie would come and talk to me, though it would always be about the small things I never questioned her as to why she would visit that old man and never utter a single word to him.

I began to grow fond on her, almost in a romantic way, but I could almost see that she would never feel the same way I did. It hurt, but I was an adult, I would have been fine just being a friend to her. That was until I said something I could never take back. We were outside sitting on the bench talking to each other when it happened.

“You look like a doll,” I murmur, and then I froze, realizing what I had just said felt too close to a declaration of love and yet she did not seem fazed, her expression remained the same as it always had.

“Is that all I seem to you?” she asked bluntly. “That I look just like a doll?”

“Well… no.” I stammer. “It’s just that you’re so pretty and…”

“I am not a doll,” she said. “And yet at the same time I am, I know that no matter what I do I will never be able to get away from that man for as long as he lives I will be trapped by him. I am a puppet being forever pulled by his strings until he brakes.”

I looked at her, and was about to ask what she meant by those words when I saw the odd markings along the skin of her throat.

They were rope burns.

Wrapped once, twice, three times, four, and five, the marks were that of a small rope, like that of a gift bag rope you could easily buy at the dollar store.

“What happened to your neck?” I said unable to hide my shock from my voice. “Did someone try to strangle you?”

Her hand rose up and touched her neck almost gingerly. “Oh, this is quit old Richard, this is nothing you should worry about it’s been there a long time.”

“But it looks so recent!” I grasped her hand in mine and began to practically pull her towards the hospital. “You need to get it looked at.”

“I am fine.” She said.

“How can you be fine with something like that?” I demanded. “While we’re at it we should get you an X-ray just to be sure no bones are damaged.”

“I said I am fine!” she yanked her arm out of my grasp and for the first time since I met her she had not only raised her voice but also showed an expression I could only place as worry. “There is no need, for you do to that.” she said regaining her calm and impassive composure once more while holding the toy rabbit tightly to her chest. “As I have said these wounds are old, it is nothing more than a scare. Please leave it at that Richard.” She left shortly after and when the next Thursday came she did not show.

I remained in my office until Friday, trying ti figure out why Marie would hide it, those marks were not there before, I was sure of it. I knew it wasn’t a bruise, if it was there would have been consistent coloring, different pigmentation in the skin as it healed, but the ones on her neck were all red like that of blood.

Something was wrong, and I knew the only answer lay with the old rich man in room 705. Fast as I could move I headed up there, and just like always the man was there, he looked almost stunned when he saw me there.

“Oh, who are you?”

I didn’t go for formalities; I closed the door before walking over to the man and demanded. “What did you do to Marie?”

He didn’t answer, when it came to Marie is was normal but when this man did it, it made me angry. “What did you do to her!?” I demanded grabbing on to his hospital gown. “Tell me right now!”

“Marie?” he repeated almost in a daze. “Oh Marie, where is she?”

“She’s not here,” I said letting go of his gown and moving away from him. “Do you know why she comes here to see you?”

“She’s mad at me.” he said simply. “She’s been like that with me for a long, long time. But she always stays with me, even though I know she hates me.”

“Why does she hate you?”

“Because I killed her of course.” When he said those words to me everything inside my body turned to ice. “It’s why I’ve been apologizing to her when she comes to me, but I know she’ll never forgive me for what I’ve done to her.”

“What did you say?”

“I said I killed her.” he said again while still holding that smile of his.

Every fiber in my being itched to snuff the life out of this frail old man, how could he even say such things with a smile?

“Doctor Richard?” one of the clinical nurses came in looking rather puzzled. “What are you doing here? Do you need to check something with Mr. Sights?”

“Nothing really,” I forced myself to smile. “Good bye Mr. Sights.”

“Goodbye Doctor, if you see Marie, tell her I say hello.”

I wanted to yell, I wanted to scream, every fiber in my being wanted to smash that man’s head through the window, how could he say he killed Marie when she’s here clear as day?

But in how she acted during that last week, along with a number of other things, could it be true? Was Marie Rose really dead?

When Thursday day came that next week I was given alarming news, the man Henry Sights had died suddenly, from acute heart failure. It wouldn’t have been so shocking to find for his age since he was eighty four, except for the fact of when he died.

Henry Sights died on Thursday eleven thirty eight AM.

It was the exact same time when Marie would arrive in the hospital to see the old man, every single time on Thursday of every week. What’s more Henry had no relatives, and no one of Marie’s description came to pick up the body ether.

And everyone that I talked to her about it says that they never saw Marie, and her name was no longer in the sign in records ether. Where her name would have been was nothing more than a blank empty space. I even asked Jeff about it and he looked at me in confusion and said. “What are you talking about Richard? I’ve never seen a woman like what you’re describing, if I did I would remember someone wearing a beret like that, maybe you’re working too hard?”

I was overwhelmed with complete shock, not a single person knew who Marie Rose was.

It was like she didn’t exist.

I just couldn’t believe it, not at all, and when I finally snapped out of my dazed fog it was already time for me to head home.

It was late, almost midnight, as I wandered off to the elevator that would lead me to the ground floor so I could carpool with one of the other workers to my home and sleep the day away. If needed to I would call in sick, I felt like I needed too, my mind was too clouded.

As the doors closed I let out a deep and tried breath.

“Almost every time I see you, you look so very tired.” A cold chill ran down my spine as I turned to see Marie Rose standing next to me in the elevator. “A doctor should really think about his own health too from time to time as well Doctor Richard.”

“Marie?” my voice filled with stunned shock as I looked at her.

“Yes?” She replied in a simple tone of voice.

“Why are you here?”

“What do you mean? I’m always here on Thursday.”

“Yes, but, you don’t really have a reason to come here. Henry’s dead.”

“I know,” she said. “I killed him.”

Time felt like it had stopped in that small space between us. “What do you mean you killed him?”

“Well, I wouldn’t really say that I killed him, I believe the more appropriate way of saying is that I simply watched him die. Each and every time I came here I would watch him die. I felt it fitting considering what he had done to me.”

I hesitated in asking, dreading the answer that was to follow. “What did he do to you?”

She looked at me, right in my eyes and said. “He killed me.”

Words formed in my mind bout were unable to leave my mouth as I stared at her in complete and total shock, all I could do was stare at her, my mind was unable to see how she could be dead.

“Is it that hard to believe what I say is true?” she asked.

“But… but it’s impossible, I mean, look at you! There’s no way I could ever see you as anything else but a living, breathing person! There’s absolutely no way!”

She just stared at me, her blue eyes blinking a few times like that of butterfly wings. “Then I guess I have no choice but to prove it to you then.” she then pointed to the mirror from the elevator doors. “Take a look for yourself.”

I looked at her with confusion as I turned towards the large mirrors that were designed in the elevator doors. And then I froze my voice unable to come out as I could feel my heart pounding in my ears, my breathing shaky as I stared into those mirrors.

There in the mirrors I saw myself, but Marie… oh god Marie. I looked back at her and then back to the mirrors I continued to do so unable to comprehend what I was seeing within those mirrors in front of me.

Marie’s reflection looked like that of a walking corpse, her skin ashen and grey, her cheeks sunken and eyes hollow, the deep blue color of her eyes now clouded and milky white, her clothing sullied and torn, the white blouse browned from aging time. A glove missing from the right hand, her stockings ripped like someone had been tugging too hard on the fabric. Her auburn hair now matted, brittle and greying from lack of life and sun. The pink ribbon from her blouse hung off one shoulder as her purse held nicks and scratches, while her hat held a dark stain in which I could only assume was dried blood. And the toy rabbit that she always carried around with her was missing an eye, and was sullied with blood.

But what’s more was that there was a rope resting loosely around her neck as if she had just been strangled.

“How…” I finally managed with a shaky tone as I looked back and forth between Marie and the corpse in the mirror. “How can you be…. what are you?”

She held her hands up resting slightly above her chest. “This is me.” then she tilted her head towards the corpse in the mirror. “And that is me as well, I am one in the same, we only look different.”

I looked back to the mirror remaining frozen in place unable to speak once more.

For the first time I heard Marie laugh as I continued to stare at the mirror, the corpse smiling at me almost in a twisted fashion. “It’s alright if you’re scared, anyone would be in your situation Richard.”

Again I said nothing, my mind trying to fathom what I was seeing right before me.

“See?” said the corpse as it rested its boney hands along my arm its decaying body leaning into mine as it continued to smile. “I have been dead for a very, very long time. Sixty years in fact, if you still don’t believe me, go to Henry Sights old home and dig up the basement, you’ll understand what I mean by then.”

I looked down at my shoulder and saw Marie, there in the flesh, but her eyes were hollow and there was no light in them it was as if she were dead. I looked back to the reflection in the mirror and felt my body growing faint. “This is a dream right?”

The creature moved its stiffened broken neck, the bones cracking against each other. “Not here there isn’t, whether you believe it or not Richard, things like this exist, we of the dead will always exist, for now and ever.”

Then the doors opened, I felt Marie’s hands leave my arm and I looked down, to her, only she was no longer there, it was as if she had vanished into thin air, and leaving nothing behind.

Not even the rabbit.

Three weeks had passed and I had finally been able to start thinking clearly after the strange and confusing incident that had been shared with Marie, I had heard the Henry Sights funeral would commence, it had taken a long time to prepare for there had been odd and strange complications no one would truly explain, though when it came for the removal of items in his home somehow or another I had been invited to go. I could only vaguely think of why, it was because I had mentioned Marie to the old man, and that was all.

I recalled Marie’s words about going to his home, so I did, and when I got there I was asked to help move some of the many large items, one of which that being a bookshelf with an item that had fallen from the top and landed on my head.

Reaching down I picked it up and my blood ran cold.

It was the toy rabbit with a missing eye.

Instantly I stood up and began to look frantically around, moving items about trying to find what I was searching for, and then I found it.

It was as door that had been blocked off by brick.

The lawyer who had been with me explained that it had been there before Henry Sights bought the place, that it was something no one had ever touched.

I knew that was a lie, before the man could do or say anything else I grabbed a nearby shovel and hit the old bricks as hard as I possibly could, with five solid hits the bricks cracked and I began to pull them away one by one. Revealing a hidden room that was forgotten in time, items that you would have seen in a museum or an old film only with a pool of blood that had been there for what seemed to be forever. The room had belonged to a woman, a woman who was still here lying on the bed, a woman who had been dead for more than sixty years with a rope still around her now shrivelled and broken neck.

That woman was Marie Rose.

Instantly the lawyer called the police saying that they had found a body, and what he said, died of natural causes, the man was avoiding the rope and intended to remove it, but I stopped him. “You only care about the goddamn house, this woman was murdered by your client, if you have any decency left as a human being, you’ll tell them the truth or I will.”

Reluctantly the man did so, and the CSI’s came shortly thereafter.

It would have been three days until we had discovered what happened to her.

It had been determined that the woman was in her early twenties when she had died, and had been killed sixty years ago, first they could assume blunt force trauma to the skull from being shoved into the corner of the vanity table that was in the room and then when out cold Henry took Marie and placed her body on the bed. He was a young rich man who didn’t want anything to sully his reputation so he did the only think he could think of.

He strangled Marie Rose to death with a rope form the very room she was sealed away in. Shortly after he bought the house and remained in the home so no one would find what he had done to the woman.

Marie Rose had been reported missing by friends, since she had no family to speak of, friends who were surprisingly still alive. And who had always said that Marie was never the type of person to just up and disappear like that without a word to anyone.

The news went crazy with the story, digging into Marie and Henry’s life, finding that Marie had dated the twenty four year old for a number of months but he then began to cheat on her with other women. Marie told him that she intended to leave him, with his unborn child, that day she died she bought a toy rabbit for her child to be. Only Henry wouldn’t have it, they fought, before Henry in a fit of rage shoved her, causing Marie to fall backwards and hit her head knocking her out. Henry knew that when she woke up she would tell the police and it would be the end of him so he killed her to save himself.

An autopsy report had been conducted and with Marie’s body in almost a mummified like state it had been concluded that she was indeed three months pregnant when she died. And that the time of death, or at least what they could assume the body was that it was, around eleven in the morning an hour before her friends would report her missing to the police.

When talking with Henry’s neighbors they said they always believed that his house was haunted for they would always see a woman carrying a toy rabbit in her arms staring at him when he was outside.

No one dared to go near the house, for they feared that Henry would do something for the woman would always say to them from the window. “Stay away or he’ll kill you.”

My heart felt heavy, the only thing I could do was to ask for Marie to be buried far away from the man who killed her. The last thing that was left her was the toy rabbit that she had carried, and it now took up residence on my office desk.

“You know I never took you to being a toy man.” Jeff said to me later that week, but I didn’t respond. “I heard you went to a funeral, someone you knew?”

“Not really,” I said, “I only knew her for a very short time but, I felt like I had to go, she was a good person, a little odd but still a good person.”

“Was she hot?”

I glared at him.

He held up his hands in surrender. “Hey relax it was only a joke, no harm done. But you heard about the old man who was staying in room 705, turns out he killed someone when he was in his twenties, because a girl intended to leave him can you believe that?”

“Not that hard to believe.” I said. “Everyone has something they want to hide, but when they die it’s known to the whole world, every little secret they so desperately tried to keep hidden from the world.”

“Yeah, well, that’s never going to happen to me. Oh speaking of your strange friend, did you hear about the odd guy that keeps visiting room 509? He keeps going to see this old woman and from what I heard he just stares at her saying nothing, it’s pretty creepy. I mean the woman was admitted here three months ago but this guy, who I think is her grandson, keeps coming to visit her on every Tuesday. But he never talks to anyone. Isn’t that weird?”

I didn’t say anything to him right away. “It’s not weird for someone to keep quiet, maybe there just waiting for someone to say the right words.”

* * *

I ran to the elevator, my long blond hair falling in front of my face as I ran passed other workers and patients apologizing as I did so. “Hold the doors!” I called to the doctor that was there. He quickly grabbed the door and allowed me to enter. After catching my breath I looked at him. “Thanks Doctor Richard I owe you one.”

He smiled at me with those dark brown eyes of his. “No problem, I was like you once before when I began working at this hospital, you’ll get it eventually Ellie.”

I let out a hopeful sigh. “I hope so, I mean I’ve only been there four months so far and I still feel like this place is a maze. I keep thinking I’m going to get lost and wind up in the morgue like last time.”

Richard shook his head, sending his short dark brown, almost black hair about before he scratched his chin; he looked like he hadn’t shaven in a while. I had heard that he had lost a friend not too long ago, so that was probably why. “I like your beard by the way.” I said almost sheepishly. “It looks good on you, you should think about keeping it.”

“What? It doesn’t make me look old?”

I made a sound of disbelief. “Are you kidding? With the right trimming you’d be a hit with the ladies, I’ve seen Susan watch you from time to time. You should think about asking her out some time, I’m sure she’d be thrilled.”

He was quite for a moment. “Maybe…” he said finally. “I’ll think about it for now.” The elevator doors then opened and he stepped out on the third floor. “Anyway I still have some things I need to take care of, I’ll see you later Ellie.”

I waved goodbye to my coworkers before letting out a tired breath then removed the elastic from my hair and looked in the large elevator mirror to tie it back again. Then glanced at my watch it was almost two sixteen in the afternoon. The elevator doors opened on the ground floor and I stilled.

There standing right at the elevator doors was a young man, he was dressed in a long white sleeved turtle neck and jeans with dark brown hiking boots and a winter jacket of dark blue and brown buttons. Why would a man be wearing winter clothes now? It was the middle of summer it was too hot to be wearing cloths like that. He quietly stepped into the elevator and I moved over to the buttons and asked. “Which floor?”

The man said nothing; he leaned forwards and pressed the one that would take us to the fifth floor before straightening himself. The man was rather tall, almost six foot in comparison to my small height and he had long black hair that just stopped slightly past his shoulders. His deep green eyes continued to look forwards at the mirror.

The man was handsome, no doubt about that, though his clothing choice was a little odd to say in the least.

“So uh…” I cleared my throat. “Are you visiting a family member or a friend?”

The man said nothing leaving me to feel rather awkward that I even spoke up in the first place. It was then that I noticed he was carrying something in his right hand it was a doll, it looked almost antique with its curled hair and lacy frilled dress. Something a little girl would be given or a grandmother even.

I wanted to ask but chose to keep my mouth shut.

The elevator opened its doors on the fifth floor and the man then stepped out in silence. “Um…!” I called out to him, wanting to at least give a good word before he left. “I hope whoever you give that doll to, likes it. It’s really nice, it should make them happy!”

The man stopped, turned and looked back at me, even with his blank expression he said. “Thank you.” before the doors closed leaving me inside.

I don’t know why but hearing those two words made me feel happy, it was just two small words but I felt so much relief that he had spoken to me. And yet for some unexplained reason, there was a small part of me that was hoping I would one day see him again.

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Mayaserana : I liked this story from the beginning, even though I thought "yeah, I know where this is going". BUT NO!! The plot twist was refreshing and fun, and the story got even better! The ending was really well written, different from the "and they lived happily ever after" stuff. Great work author!

Pindaro: Great premise and style - wasted endingWhile the story itself was more than entertaining I wouldn't have minded a less abrupt ending - maybe he could have kept his fake collar instead of trowing it away and he could have forced himself to join the herd, gradually giving up on any dream of rebelli...

robinson13115: I liked it. Had me feel all kinds of emotions since I’ve read their story from the beginning. I started crying cause I believed she died. So happy they are together forever.

Sami: I like the plot line of the story and the overall theme of the book. However, i felt the book was a little too short and the characters could have been a little more developed. Although, I admired the the authors effort in interpretation of love and the development of the novels plot line. I woul...

Katlego Maduma: Its great not too bad, pace is a bit too fast no time for character building. The erotica is also rushed. Please take the time to firstly articulate the characters

Divarules101😎🤑: This book was great and entertaining keep it up.

desha: I liked the characters and their struggles and the main idea of the story

Uy Amie: 😍😍😍😍😍😚😚😚😘😘😙😙😙😙😍😘😚😍😍nice story..very good..

Aishwarya Suresh: Good book different

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Antoinette Desoloc: I love it. The story is short but it didn't leave me hanging. This is amazing.

Joey Djo: Just as it says in the title of this post. Quite quaint, well written, with just enough drama to keep it interesting. Unfortunately, it might have hit the peak of the protagonist’s arc too soon, but other than that, great job.

Sandra C.: Very good storyline. Alot of detail to go with it.

jhdm4me: Good story but i feel it could have been fleshed out more. There's a vagueness to it and many details not concluded

leenakottathuvila: The story was absolutely fantastic and mind thrilling .Hard to keep down Enjoyed it thoroughly.

Anonymous: Beautiful piece, make me think about someone

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