Aldrich Place

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Not long after Grace and her friends help her move into her family's estate, they learn there's something truly disturbing lurking in the estate, something Grace's family would like to keep covered up.

Ruth Paradis
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Chapter 1

A car pulled up, the rain creating a haze upon the roof of the car, to a small home in Tennessee. The old Aldrich place. “This is the home that was left to me in the will,” gulped Grace. There was an atonal reedy drone in the air, like the wind blowing across a hole in a dead man’s chest.

Grace was an urbexer, and a lover of all things creep-tastic and spooky, she even took side jobs as a paranormal investigator! But something about the Aldrich place made her skin crawl. “This is the place that great-great grandma Edith left me.”

“The fuck did you do to great-great grandma Edith to have her this pissed off at you?” asked Laina. “This place makes the Amityville looking cozy and inviting.”

All Grace could do was shrug. “I’ve never actually met great-great-grandma Edith,” she admitted. “I mean, I knew she existed, she’s right there on my family tree. My grandma’s mom’s mom.”

“She never met you, but left you a house?” asked Amber. “Fucking lucky.”

“Oh, wasn’t she the lady who led you to find out you were a Ashkenazi Jew?” asked Laina. “That’s pretty cool. Maybe your grandma said something that you were looking into the history of the people or something?”

Grace shrugged, and opened the back door. “All I know, is she gave me a house and I am totally decorating a room in Black Sabbath stuff!”

“A shrine to the best metal band ever!” crowed Amber.

Laina watched the two girls go inside of the house. “I guess I’ll get our stuff!?” she cried out. Neither girl answered her or came out to help and she laughed. Laina got out and went to the back of the car. She opened the trunk and got their bags out. She made her way up the small porch steps and stepped inside. She breathed a light gasp; it seemed so small from the outside but it was a sprawling manor.

Grace greeted her at the door. “Dude!”

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