Fire Man

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A young woman trying to discover the history of her origins. She tries to control her powers to the best of her ability but finds herself in a losing battle. A mysterious young woman with powers that she can't control trying to find out about her past. Did not come out well when I down loaded I know that I am getting 1 star for grammar.

Horror / Scifi
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Chapter 1

My name is Cleo St. James, I was born on November, 13, 1988. I don’t know who my parents are because of the fact that I was found in atrash can barely alive. One might think that my parents were cruel for doing such a thing but as I got older I understood why they did it.

When I was growing up I realized rather fast that I wasn’t like the other kids that I grew up with in the various orphanages and foster care systems that I went through. Every time that I would get angry, stressed, or agitated, fires would just appear out of no where. I was lucky they didnt hurt anyone that is what I told myself.

However there is that famous saying about luck, that it has to run out sooner or later, and mine did on July, 4, 1995. It was the first time ever that the Fire Man appeared in my dreams. He was a man made entirely of fire that seemed to be drawing me in. The man kept repeating the same phrase over and over again “burn with me.”

It felt like a waking dream that I couldn’t escape. There were so many emotions going through my head, fear, disgust, but the most important one was curiosity. As much as I feared this man I felt compelled to him, and a part of me wanted to go to him, but my fear crippled me, and I found myself trying to get away.

I didn’t know it at the time that all of those emotions would results in a massive fire in which six people would die. Finally I woke up after I heard the screaming of the victims of the fire that I had started. The fire was massive it engulved everything around me, I watched as the fire ravaged the people in the orphanage.

I watched as there skin melted off of them, I could smell their flesh cooking and there was nothing that I could do about it. As I was watching this the fire did nothing to me, I was in it just as much as the rest of them were, and yet my skin wasn’t falling off or cooking. The only thing that it did was burn the pajamas that I was wearing right off of me.

I knew that I had to leave them, because as much as I wanted to help them I couldn’t. The place was just blazing from the flames. I could walk through fire but none of the rest of them could. The ceiling was starting to cave in as I was leaving, and I knew that this next thing I would feel e most regret and sorrow about.

Someone finally noticed me, and I felt a blanket being rapped around as I was being carried away. Out of the nine people that made it out alive I was the only one without burns and scarring. I was the miracle child or at least that’s what the media called me. I felt anything but a miracle however I did go along with it.

I was always afraid of what people would do to me if they ever knew the truth about me, and what I can do. How could I not be afraid of people when even at a young age I could see the cruelties that they laid out for one another, genocides, rapes, murders?! Man is the cruelest monster of them all in my opinion.

After this happen there were some people who wanted to adopt me, some even took me to their houses to live with them for awhile, but always brought me back to some sort of state run foster system. I think one of the biggest problems for all those families was that after the fire I would always find aways to sleep in a bathtub full of water. At first they all thought that it was natural that I did that considering what I had been through, but after awhile they would ask me to please stop, some even tried to get me therapy.

Therapy could never work in my case because you be honest with them about yourself, and there was no way I could ever be honest with anyone about who I really was. The same thing would happen over and over again, some nice little family would see my story on the tv and go awe and then decide to take in the poor pathetic child to prove to themselves what good people they were. I never fit into their image of normal or perfect, I was always the odd one out.

Eventually I ended back up at an orphanage where no one really cared if I slept in a bathtub or not. My biggest fear was always the Fire Man whether or not he was going to show up in my dreams or not. I didn’t want to cause another massive fire, I didn’t want to hurt anyone, I didn’t want anyone to die. He was always in the back of my mind, he was just going to show up again and that some body is going to die because of me.

I had to prepared for the worst, in my mind if I sleep in a tub full of water it was protecting the outside world while my mind wandered while I was a sleep. If I felt the water maybe it would prevent me from starting any fires, it’s all I could do was hope. Truth be told I actually think it works since the time of the fire I haven’t started any fires since.

School was especially difficult for me, none of the other kids ever really like me, I had few friends here and there but I was never really popular.

There wasn’t any parent who would ever let my stay the night, or let there kids be alone with me for that long. Kids were always the absolute cruelest things that I had to deal with while going to school. Children want other children to conform to what they are, and if you don’t, then you automatically have a target on your back.

They would giggle, point, make stupid commits about, some even got physical, as much as I wanted to hurt them at times I just couldn’t do it.

I always had to find away to shove the fire deep down inside, none of them knew how lucky they were that they didn’t get hurt for what they did to me. It wasn’t until high school that people started to realized that they shouldn’t mess with me.

Seth Horowitz was athletic, charming, an all around American kid, I should have known that something was up when he started to show an interest in me. Seth was pursuing me for months, after awhile I thought that his interest in me was genuine but I was wrong. One afternoon after drama class we stayed late and it was just him, and I in there, or so I thought.

We were making out, he even got me to take my shirt and top off, he even commented that things were getting hot, and even asked if I was hot. I said no, then he said he thought that he must be coming down with something, and then all of sudden the curtains came up, and then there was the popular crowd standing there laughing with video camera. Then Seth started to laugh and say how he would never really be interested in a girl like me, and that I was stupid for ever thinking he would be.

I was so angry at that point that I didn’t care if I hurt him or not and I did. Even though I was angry with the rest of those little shits too, I was more angry with him than I was at the rest of them. I can remember looking at him and thinking burn in the inside, I just kept thinking that over and over again.

He was still laughing when I saw eyes starting to red and that’s when he started to feel it. Blood started to come out of ever open part of his body, he started to have seizure. Some of those little bastards came to help while others ran away of fear. I had the biggest smile on my face, and I can remember thinking this is what you deserve for messing with me.

An ambulance eventually came and took him to the hospital, the doctors were at a loss for words, they didn’t know of any medical condition that would cause a person’s insides to fry like that. Seth was a regular medical oddity, and I was very lucky that the important people who could have locked me up in area 51 weren’t asking the important questions. They didn’t want to believe in a paranormal world they wanted the world to stay the the same, it was safe to them I guess.

Seth was never the same after are little encounter, he was permanently mentally handicapped, and had to go to special school afterwards. I heard that his family ended up sending him to special home where he can be taken care of. I wish that I can say that I was sorry for what I did to Seth but I’m not. It’s funny how I can have so much empathy for the people that I killed but none for Seth.

After that experience I knew that I needed to stay away from men, because some body that I actually care about might get hurt, I knew that meant that I was going to die a virgin so be it. The only good that came from that encounter was that the rest the kids in the school knew not to mess with me anymore.

There was no way that I could afford to go to college, so I ended up getting a crappy nine to five job. I went to work then I went home, same routine day end and day out. I hadn’t had any strange dreams since that terrible night back in 95, but all of that changed one evening.

Instead of dreaming about fire this time around my dreams were about wind. I was at the beach where the sand was whitish type of ivory color, where the children were making the most beautiful sand castles I had ever seen. The ocean surrounding the sand was the most exotic type of colors I had ever seen in my life. One moment it was radiant dark blue and then the other moment it was a mixture of green and blue, the type of mixture one might see in the most expensive gems.

All of a sudden I felt this wind blowing at me and it was speaking to me. Over and over again it kept saying move, and every time that I would move it kept saying move. I didn’t get what it was trying to tell me but I didn’t feel frighten of it like I did when I dreamed of the Fire Man. It was such a calming and peaceful entity.

One of the children who was building a sand castle saw that I was having a difficult time understanding what the wind was trying to tell me, that they stopped what they were doing and came to my aid. He appeared to be a little that could be no more than six or seven years old, wearing yellow swim trunks. He tugged at my dress, “the wind is giving you a message for your waking life not for here.” I didn’t know what to believe this was a dream after all, “move can mean so many things, so can it be more specific than that.” The little boy’s attention turned towards the ocean, “do you see the water Cleo,” I nodded yes but still freaked out that he knew my name, “water is the natural enemy of fire. Water always wins against the fire, what most people don’t know is that fire has more than one enemy. Take the wind for example it can be both friend and foe towards fire, depending on the type of wind that your dealing with. The wind can help a fire spread to more than just one place to help it grow and be more destructive, or there can come a strong gusty wind to blow fire out, to crush it before it hurts anyone.

Your lucky Cleo your Fire Man and this particular wind are enemies for the longest time. The wind wants to help in your fight with the Fire Man.” I felt my mouth hit the floor, I didn’t know what to make out of any of this, before I could ask him anymore questions I woke up.

I tried doing the same things that I always did but it all seemed so wrong after that. Everything in my day to day life use to fit to me, and now my life felt like a broken puzzle. I decided on going cross country trip in my crappy car the wind wanted me to move so I’ll move and stop when it tells me too.

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