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Jillian Fox is a 26 year old, single and finds a roommate online to rent a house with, when she meets Gerald Gillum she finds him attractive but she isn't looking for a relationship with anyone, the f "I'm at work Daryl." "I know, I just wanted to check on you! Harry said you're covered in bruises!" My brother says through the phone. I sigh, "I got into it with a junkie in the ER that attacked me last night and I fell at home, I'm fine, the new house just needs some getting used to I'll be fine, I have a roommate I'm not alone," I say into my phone as I walk into the ER. "Okay sis! Call if you need me! Don't be a stranger!" He says, "I love you!" "I love you too and I will Dar!" I say smiling. "Bye sis," he says. "Bye bro," I say as I hang up and put my phone into my pocket and pull my pager out, turning it on. I go grab my tablet for my patients, I clock in at the desk, then login into my tablet and access my patient files for the night, I head for Trauma Bay 1 to check vitals on a patient waiting for Ortho, "Hello I'm Jill your nurse, I'm just here to check your vitals before Ortho gets here to check out that leg," I say sweetly smiling at the girl in front Of me. "It hurts so much!" She cries out, I check out her leg and it's bruised badly. "I understand, Ortho is on their way," I say trying to reassure her as I begin to check her vitals then type them into my tablet. As I go to leave she grabs my arm, causing me to make a face since it was on the bad bruise that was covered with my long sleeve, I push it away as I ask, "What's wrong Alex?" "I'm scared! My parents are going to kill me!" She cries out, then begins to cry. I sit on the chair near her bed, "I'm sure they will only care that you're alive, can you tell me how this happened?" "I was goofing off with my friends doing flips and I screwed one up and ended up on the ground, landing wrong on my leg, and hence why it's probably broken, it hurts so badly," She cries more. I hit the page button and wait for the nurse that checked her in to come in, "Yes?" Milly asks.

Horror / Other
Kalene Estey
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Meeting Gerald

Jillian's POV:

I spent hours looking through the emails from people needing roommates, the one that stood out the most was Gerald Gillum's, it stated he had millions of dollars and wanted to lay low that was why he had hit me up about the house, I had posted pictures and had an extra set of keys made already, I wrote him and said,

Dear Gerald,
I have made a decision and I choose you to be my roommate, we can meet whenever you would like so you can get your keys, here's my cell # Incase I don't reply to your emails, 323-435-8891 .

-Jillian Fox

I looked at the moving truck as they packed up the last of my stuff from my old apartment, I smiled this was a fresh start and I was excited to have a roommate, my phone chimes but I'm preoccupied talking with the movers and giving them the new address, I get into my car and start it as I wait for the movers to get into their truck and move it out of my way, I put my iPod on and hit my car playlist, instantly Dead by Madison Beer started I sang along and drove out of my old driveway once the movers were out of the way and driving towards the new house, I follow them as they drive towards Devils Ave, I didn't like the name but the house was amazing.

Gerald's POV:

I responded to an ad for a roommate by this girl named Jillian Fox, I needed a break from the rapping world, Halsey cheated on me yet again with MGK and I needed an out where I wouldn't have to see her everywhere with him, so when she responded back I was happy she had chosen me for a roommate, the house was beautiful and it was a good sized place, 3 floors, finished basement and an attic, a huge backyard with an in-ground pool, a 2 car garage and a long driveway. I could make this my permanent home, even after I go back to making music. I pulled out my cell and texted Jillian,

Hey! Would you like to meet for coffee at Sandy's Cafe? That way I can grab the keys?? -Gerald Gillum

I finished packing up my home, taping up the last box I had in my room, I looked around, the mansion felt so weird all packed up, I was keeping it but not living in it, Incase me and Jillian needed space I could come here, and let her have the house to herself. I whistled for the movers to come in and grab boxes to pack in their truck, a few moments later they enter the room and grab some stuff and go place it in the truck, it takes us about a half hour to pack up everything, bed, dressers, boxes and bins. I grabbed the keys for my mustang, deciding that was the car I was going to use for while, I walked into my garage and got into my car as the movers lock up and get into their truck I open the garage door with the button on my visor, as it opens I wait until I see the movers pull out, then I drive forward out of my garage and hit the button to close the door again, I wait for it to fully close then type in the address for the cafe and head there as my phone chimes,

Hey, I'll meet you there in 15 minutes I'm on my way!

-Jillian Fox

Awesome! See you soon!


I head towards the cafe and arrive 10 minutes later, Jillian pulls up beside me without realizing it, so I get out and say,

"Hi Jillian! I'm Gerald Gillum," I walk towards her as she turns around with a smile on her face.

She walks towards me meeting me in the middle as she extends her hand I take it and shake it as she says,

"Hi Gerald," she reaches into her scrub top pocket and pulls out a set of keys and hands them to me, I take them as she says, "Those are yours, I have to go to work I'll be home around 10:30 tonight, fridge is stocked I made a quick store run after I unpacked the house and the movers left, the grocery store is like 5 minutes away pretty convenient." She laughs a bit, she is beautiful and her laugh is just amazing, wait Gerald slow down you just met her and broke up with Halsey last night.

"That's awesome, I'll leave my first half of the months rent on your dresser and I'll see you when you get home tonight, have a nice night at work," I say as she doesn't break her eye contact with me, she's definitely polite and she seems like a nice person so far.

"Thank you, see you tonight," she says as she turns and walks to her car and opens her car door and gets into it and leaves.

I wait for her to be out of sight before I get back into my mustang and type in the gps 66 Devils Ave, my new house address. I pull out of the parking lot and follow the gps to my new home. I arrive about an 15 minutes later, pulling into the driveway before the movers. I drive up and stop at the garage doors and shut my car off and get out. I pull out the new keys and walk to the front door and unlock it opening the door all the way so the movers and I can bring stuff in without pushing it open, I walk over to the movers truck as they get out and walk to the back and open it up, revealing the stuff I was moving into the new place, we began to unpack the truck and bring the stuff into the house, I looked around as we did, it was furnished beautifully, a black leather sectional couch, an oak wooden coffee table, the dining room table was a beautiful Mahogany wood, the chairs matched, the fridge was huge, double doors and freezer underneath, she did a great job with this stuff. After admiring stuff as we unpacked I made sure we grabbed everything and it was placed in my room, which was across from hers, I payed the movers and they left. I locked up behind them and went up to Jills room and placed a stack of cash on her dresser, then I walked out of her room and closed her door and walked into my room and began to unpack my room and get it set up, that took me about an hour. I went downstairs and made myself some dinner and made a plate for Jillian and put it in the fridge for her when she got home, I walked into the living room and sat down with a bottle of my favorite Bourbon and a glass of ice, I turned on the tv and hit the Netflix button and it connected automatically to hers, I made myself a profile and went upstairs and place a little more money on the stack I already put their, I wasn't going to let her pay for everything herself, all the bills I'll help out with, I'm not some asshole anymore, I'm changing myself to be a better guy finally. I went back downstairs and put on Big Mouth and watched that as I drank until I heard the front door unlock and open about 5 hours later, I looked up from the tv and watched Jillian turn her head and smile at me, she looked exhausted and I could see a bruise that wasn't there when I saw her last, I quickly got up and walked over to her, gently grabbing her face and looking at the bruise better,

"Who did this?" I asked her looking serious.

"Some junkie that came into the ER attacked me a few hours ago, I'm fine he's been dealt with," she placed her hand on mine, I looked at her hand and noticed her knuckles were bruised and a little cut up.

"Did you fight him back?" I ask as I grab her hand examining it, she nods as she says,

"Yes, I hit him a few times he was on top of me and I was in a trauma room alone with him, no one knew what went down until I yelled for security, I've dealt with this stuff before it's not new, it's a hospital it happens we get violent patients sometimes," she smiles at me, "I'm tougher than I look Gerald and you smell like bourbon."

I begin to laugh, "maybe because I've been drinking bourbon, want some?"

She smiles more, "let me shower first and get the smell of hospital off me and I'll gladly take some."

"Oh I almost forgot, I made you some dinner too, it's in the fridge!" I say as she begins to walk towards the stairs, she turns and looks at me, shocked and says.

"You didn't have to do that Gerald."

"I wanted too, you worked late figured you wouldn't wanna cook, I can heat it up while you shower," I say smiling at her.

"Thank you that would be lovely," she says as she turns back to the stairs and begins to walk up them.

"You're welcome!" I call out as I walk towards the fridge and open it grabbing her plate and unwrapping it placing it in the microwave and starting it.

Jill's POV:

I walked up the stairs as heard him call out,

"You're welcome!"

I smiled to myself, she was handsome and such a gentleman, I wasn't expecting such a great roommate, I walked into my room and spotted the stack of cash and gasped as I picked it up counting it, it was way more than his half of the rent, I was confused but I walked to my walk-in closet and reached for my safe and opened it placing the money inside, then I grabbed a clean towel from my shelf of towels, I grabbed a NF tshirt and yoga shorts, a clean bra and underwear set and went to my bathroom in my room and started my shower placing my stuff on the corner of the sink, I undressed throwing my dirty clothes into the hamper and get into the shower, the hot water felt good on my body, I was exhausted and in some pain, I was beginning to feel the aftermath of the junkies beating, I look down at my body and see some bruises that weren't there before, I sigh as I finish up my shower and get out drying off and getting dressed.

I head back downstairs and into the kitchen as Gerald is pulling the plate out of the microwave and grabbing a fork from the silverware drawer, he turns to me and smiles as he walks towards me and hands me the plate,

"There you go."

"Thank you," I say and take it and walk to the couch sitting down, "Why was there so much money on my dresser? That's more than your half of rent."

"Bills, you're not paying them all alone," he says as he goes into the kitchen and grabs a glass of ice and a second bottle of bourbon.

"I have that covered, you rea-" he cut me off right there as he sat next to me, with a serious look on his face,

"Shush! You are not paying all bills alone! That's ridiculous!"

"Okay Fine! You win, thank you for helping Gerald," I say then take a bite of the chicken Parmesan he made, it was absolutely amazing and perfectly cooked,"Holy shit this is amazing!"

Gerald smiles at me, "Thank you and you're welcome, I'm your roommate I feel like you deserve a good dinner after working a long shift."

"Well that's nice of you, I'll warn you if I eat at the hospital sometimes we order pizza or something for everyone we all pitch in," I smile then eat my dinner.

"Sounds like a plan," Gerald says as he pours two glasses of bourbon waiting for me to finish.

I finish about 5 minutes later and he takes my plate as I try to get up, "Nope! Sit! Take this!" He hands me a glass.

"Jesus! You're acting like your my man or something!" I begin laughing as I take the glass.

"Well maybe I am!" He says sarcastically causing me to laugh harder.

He disappears then reappears with a bottle of juice, "Incase you need a chaser hunny."

I burst into more laughter, "Thanks but I think you'll need it bitch."

"Oh I see how it is, name calling you meany!" He says fake frowning as he drinks his bourbon.

I down mine without a face, causing him to drop his jaw I smile, "You we're saying I need a chaser?"

I grabbed the bottle of bourbon and took a swig straight out of the bottle, causing him to smile at me, "I was wrong, damn girl!"

I smiled as I handed him the bottle, "To new roommates!"

He took it and took a swig and smiled, "to new roommates!"

We drank until we heard a banging noise from upstairs, I looked at my phone it read midnight, I was drunk and so wasn't Gerald, I got up first and stumbled towards the stairs, he got up and followed grabbing me,

"Where are you going?!"

"To see what the fuck that was dude, there shouldn't be anyone up there I checked before I let the movers in!" I yank away from him and walk upstairs he follows until we hear a bang in the basement.

"I'll go check that out!" He says turning around and going towards the basement door.

"Okay!" I say as I continue upstairs and begin checking each room turning on lights, I see no one I check every closet then I hear a bang from the attic stairs, I turn towards the door and carefully walk towards it stumbling still since I'm drunk.

I don't hear Gerald or anything coming from downstairs, I get to the attic door and slowly open it, when it's fully open I get thrown backwards down the hall and into the bathroom hitting the sink with a thud and I scream,

"What the fuck!"

Then I see a person in front of me, I feel cold as they reach out and grab me by the throat and drag me out of the bathroom and down the hallway, up the attic stairs closing the door behind them and then they tie me to the beam on the ceiling, then beat me until I fall unconscious.

Gerald's POV:

I head down the basement stairs, I turn the light on as I go down and look around, a few minutes later I hear Jillian scream and I hear some banging, I go to head back to the stairs but stop seeing a person standing there, a man with a crazy look on his face, where the hell did he come from? He steps towards me and begins to swing punches, hitting me in the face, until I fight back, we go back and forth until he has enough and throws me into the wall on the other side of the basement, causing me to gasp as I connect with the hard surface and fall to the ground with a thud and pass out.
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