Dark Awakening

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A seemingly ordinary woman learn that she is anything but ordinary. A new and terrifying journey awaits her. She now has to decide is she stays with her own kind or defies them. This is a story about past choices, regrets, longing, and wanting to be a better person.

Horror / Scifi
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Chapter 1

All I ever wanted was a normal life and until recently I thought it was an achievable goal. I had no idea that having a normal life was something that was impossible for me to have or be able to give to someone. My actions had unknown consequences for the people that I loved for being around me was a curse in itself.

I had a husband and a daughter and a life that I loved but that all changed recently for the worse. My life change all because Michael and I decided to take our daughter Sarah to the mall. It was there that my destiny would be revealed along with three other people who are more well known than I.

We were at a toy store with Sarah when I felt this compulsion to leave and I couldn’t fight it even if I wanted to. Michael saw me try to leave the store and he asked where I was going? I knew that I needed to leave but I also knew that he couldn’t come with me where I was going.

My mind was racing with a thousands of lies that I could tell but which one would he believe. Christmas was almost among us and I could tell him that I decided to do some early Christmas shopping he was more than likely to buy that, and he did. As I was about to step out of the store I looked back one last time and had a shiver down my spine because somewhere deep down inside I knew that nothing would ever be the same again.

I glanced at my husband and daughter taking in every moment wishing it could last. Sarah was on a bouncing ball and Michael was gently patting her hair, he is such a good father and Sarah is such a sweet child. As much as I wanted to stay with them something was drawing me out.

I left the store and navigated myself through a sea of people not sure where I was going but felt drawn to go to a certain place. I found myself at the other end of the mall going towards the restrooms when I arrived at the restrooms I saw these doors and went through them and there were these narrow halls with no one around them. As I went farther and farther I found myself alone and oddly and I wasn’t worried for my safety I knew that I just had to be somewhere important.

Finally I arrived in the room where a man was already there he seemed familiar but I just couldn’t place him. The man asked me why I was here, I told him that I didn’t know and I asked him why he was here and he told me he didn’t know. And then I knew where I had known him from I had seen him on tv he was a radical cleric who promoted racial purity.

He seemed as confused as me “I can feel a connection to you, that were somehow linked.” I didn’t know what to say but I knew he was right there was a connection and it scared me. Just as I was about to say something another man came through the door and said “I’m suppose to be here right now, were all suppose to be here right now.”

He looked at us and said “were missing one”, and I looked at him with confusion, “were missing what”? and then a woman came through the door, “your missing me.” I recognized the other two they were a lot famous than the cleric.

Senator Richard Ryan a rich, handsome, asshole with an obvious hatred of poor people. Every problem that the world has he blames on poor people and he tries to get rid of any programs that help poor people. And the amazing thing is that the people he so obviously hates vote for him time and time again.

The woman I recognized as pop star Lucy West she talked about sex a lot in her music and in interviews and yet I suspect that she is not as wild as she likes to pretend that she is. She may talk about kissing a girl or having threesome and yet unlike Lady GaGa you never seen her actually doing it, or even having a wardrobe malfunction.

We stared at each other for minute or two we all knew for some strange reason that we were connecting but we didn’t know why. The cleric grabbed my hand and then the Senator’s and I grabbed Lucy’s hand and she grabbed onto the Senator’s other hand. We were in a perfect circle and we could feel something coursing through our bodies, something that was long dead in all of us but know was being awaken.

I saw a flash of light in the others eyes and then all of their eyes turned black and I suspected that my eyes were doing the very same thing. I broke the circle when I saw their eyes turn pure black and I ran to find something reflective so that I could see my eyes. I found this silver serving plate and I could see my eyes with and I was completely horrified they were pure black just like the others.

Lucy was the first of us to say anything, “we were never human.” The Senator’s eye’s teared up and screamed at her, “shut your mouth you don’t know what you’re talking about.” The cleric put his hand over the Senator’s back, “yes she does brother can’t you feel it, our true selves coming to surface. I’ll admit most of it is still fuzzy but I know that were not human we were never human.”

I wanted to vomit because I knew they were right, I felt as though this dark hideous life that I had forgotten about was coming to the surface and I was the first to say what we were, “were angels, fallen angels.” The Senator puked after I said they knew I was right and it was starting to sink in with them.

Lucy looked around and asked us if any us remembered our former lives as angels and no one could really remember clearly what our former lives were like. It was a haze there were certain things that we remembered and other things that we didn’t.

“I remember the falling, I was in this beautiful light and then I remembered being pushed and the light slowly fading away and then I was here in a crib,” my eyes teared up as I was saying it. Lucy came over to me and said, “you were in the crib of the child you killed” I looked at her confused, “I remember the same thing but a little bit more, we killed the original inhabitants of these bodies when we came into them and discarded their souls.”

I started to cry because I knew that she was right, everything she was saying was the truth we all did. Lucy seemed disgusted with my crying, “God hates us get over it, we need to figure out what to do now.” I shoved her away from me, “what do you mean do now!”

She laughed “well think about up until today we all thought that we were human and now we don’t. You know who is the only one who could have waken us up and he’s up to something and we need to figure out what it is.” Out of all of us the cleric didn’t seem to be bothered by any of this, “ were up because the end of days is obviously here and he wants us to know it.”

The Senator chimed in “were a sleeper cell that got woken up, and if were going to figure this out we have to know more about each other.” I was nothing like these people and I hated the thought that I was somehow being lumped in with them. “What is there to know your dirtbag, rich guy with an obvious hatred of poor people,” then I pointed to the cleric, “your a pig that promotes racial hatred”, and then I pointed to Lucy, “and your a bitch who talks about sex way too much and I suspect that your not as sexually active as you claim to be.”

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