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Fears of the dark, they stem from the memory of the wicked things people do..... Extremist of attitude in many a bigotry against many a people, One man quickly learns that judgement for past atrocities may not be as far from his space of comforted security as it may seem.....

Robert Alan Ryder
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Darkness surrounds us. Its space- black in substance; this dark an obsidian black, the blackest the nights have ever seen…..

Screams of women, of children, of fathers and of mothers, of grandfathers and of grandmothers; echo in the surrounding darkness…..

Alertness of being recollects of past reality. Reality rising, contesting of timed dreaming. Nightmares quickly replacing hopes and wishes, secret desires and premonitions. These all lost on condemning of recent decisions…..

Dresmond Lucus Krude, he is known to be a foul and belligerent man. Never did he like the fact that so many people would turn out to be so unnecessarily different by his understanding of standards.

Of multiple supremacist groups, this evil- minded man would join. Of their marches, this being of hate personified would participate. Of raised violent confrontation, would this spiteful adversary of human- kind continually instigate…..

Time, it kneels or bows to no one….. We forge our fate in the many decisions we make…..

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