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Questions, questions.....Why was Nellie bitten by so many species of arachnid without falling deathly ill from their venoms.... Something more sinister lurked in the darkened storm shelter..... Wyoming, the small town where she was born. Nellie is drawn back here to seek out evidence of old man Harry's darkened past..... Something is amiss..... People are being infected by some kind of viral infection, delivered by the bites of spiders..... Nellie alone can determine the cause..... But there is more to the evil that now haunts her and to herself than she ever expected.....

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Large of size these eggs….. Low of light, this dank dark hatchery….. Of Chaos’ comfort, this unnatural mother does brood her young….. This arachnid, not just a spider; but the queen of her brood…..

Naid’yl- Nom’di, watched from the darkness in silence. Long has this entity skulked in the shadows to watch the workings of this race claiming right to humanity’s state.

Born of the blood of Cain and of the graces of the goddess Athena, the origins of this entity, of this demon, of this shadow of man’s existence; it has been forged of thunder and wrought of evil.

The demon, it now trolled for something more to challenge its eternal existence. Of mind’s possession, it had instigated many the atrocity.

Of spiders and of the fear they spread, this entity now found interests….. But this arachnid queen and her brood, by his blood; the spiders have been tainted. Their bodily systems of nurturing by life’s needy fulfillment marked for eternity by Cain’s curse.

Of the demon’s victims, this entity it did, by its own standards; in fact act as judge to many an individual on their wrong doing….. But evil, it is not something that can be so easily controlled.

In darkness it hibernates, in secrecy, it waits….. Of Chaos, it rises; of good it hates…..

On this demon’s thoughts, one frightened and nervous little girl….. Many a spider’s brood it had watched during the rarely witnessed processes of the arachnid spawning, and many the brave have been brought cries of fear and to seizures of their bodily functions; when found alone in the presence of so many eight legged creeping creatures in the dark. But this one child, this frightened little girl; she found no fear at all in his presence, and in the presence of the demon’s spider brood.

While sitting alone in the dark, the young frightened little girl had closed her eyes; and had drawn herself to a controlled state of preparedness the demon had never before witnessed.

This, it angered the demon. Naid’yl- Nom’di stalked slowly around the child. Of its terrifying visage, the little girl; she would not bear witness. Of his words and of his whispers in menacing of her safety, these she would not hear.

Many of this demon’s victims, they were brought to tears in his presence. The male gender specific victims, even those boasting by claim to be of so bold the nature; they were brought to high- pitched screams of surrendered femininity in voice. This at least would give the trolling demon entertaining fulfillment. This and those adults that would actually be seen as wetting themselves, when they got visual insight of his shadow- cast form. This suggesting, they are not as tough as they might seem to relate as being.

This girl, her name was Nellie….. This demon, it could not get her off from its thought. Could not get her out of his mind, no matter how hard it tried.

Many of its past brood had sunk its venomous fangs into her flesh, and yet this frightened child had found the strength and the spirit to be a survivor of the many evils against her.

“Of the gods, this girl; strange- born must she be….. This Nellie….. None may feast of the poisons of my brood, and yet live to stand another day; that they may feast on me…..”

The demon spoke aloud, to the spiders newly spawned. The arachnids, they were numbered many. Hundreds of eggs spawning thousands of spiders….. All marked in curse by the blood of Cain….. all controlled by evil’s whims…..

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