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Chapter 15: Jean shows up

It took another week to uncover the rest of the bodies. The police were on the last three or four bodies. They had uncovered Jean’s friends and there was one more after that. Frank had been brought to the site of the Taggart Pit to confirm that these were the last of the bodies.

The last body was being uncovered. Frank was in a bit of a quandary. After the forth body of Jean’s friends were uncovered there shouldn’t have been any more. But there it was, the police were lifting out another body.

Frank stood there in shock and bewilderment.

“How, what the, noooooooooo!!” Frank yelled

“You guys are just screwing with me right, “ Frank said as he broke down.

What the police had uncovered was the body of Jean Taggart.

“Frank Taggart your under arrest for the murder of Jean Taggart, anything you…” The detective went on to recite the caution to Frank.

Frank was in shock he wasn’t paying attention to the detective or what he was saying. How could Jean end up in that pit Frank kept asking himself that question over and over again.

That night Frank lay in his bunk unable to sleep. He thought to himself that Jean must have somehow done this to herself, but how? When Frank did fall asleep the feeling of someone starring at him woke him. He raised his head up slowly and saw four figures at the bottom of his bed. It was Jean’s friends. In unison the figures said

“We told you and Jean not to bury us in that pit. Jean paid the price and now it’s your turn.”

The next morning the guards went into Frank’s cell to get him up. When they pulled the blankets off his face, what they found shocked the hardened guards. Frank was dead. His face was frozen in a look of absolute terror!

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