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Chapter 20: Record this!

Hammond didn’t trust Ed Reynolds. He was the primary suspect in a murder investigation. He felt it necessary to keep the plainclothes detail watching his every move.

It didn’t take long for the plainclothes officers to call the office. Reynolds was packing his car with luggage, a lot of luggage. Hammond ordered the officers to watch him but to notify him when Reynolds was about to leave. Hopefully, the results from the recording would be back before Reynolds tried to leave town.

Detective Bell in the meantime had been looking into the financial status of Ed Reynolds.

“You’re not going to believe this Tony. I’ve been checking dear Mr. Reynolds’s finances out. It would seem that Ed has a bit of a problem. He loves to gamble. He’s been dropping big dollars at the casino. He had to remortgage his house and took out several loans to cover his loses.”

“Well, what do you know about that. You would think that a successful lawyer like him would be debt free.” Hammond said.

“Well he normally would be, but he’s lost a lot of his clientele. He’s been spending so much time at the casino that his practice has gone downhill, no wonder he needed the mayor’s job to try to break even.” Bell replied.

The tech guys called with the news the detectives had been waiting for. They had deciphered the recording and had clear audio of the original voice. The evidence would be delivered back to Hammond within the hour.

Hammond inserted another jump drive prepared by the tech guys into the computer at his desk. As soon as the recording started the detectives recognized Ed Reynolds voice, he had falsified the report, as suspected by the detectives.

Hammond contacted the plainclothes officers and instructed them to arrest Ed Reynolds on a charge of mischief. A further charge of murder could be laid after questioning


Hammond and Bell discussed how they would approach the questioning of Ed Reynolds. It was obvious now that Reynolds had just implicated himself in the murder of Hillary Bush.

Bell reminded his partner of the dire straights that Reynolds had put himself in with his excessive gambling. He not only wanted the well paying job as mayor but had to have the higher income and perks that it provided.

It became abundantly clear what Reynolds motives would have been for the murder. Beneath the seemingly mild-mannered and friendly façade of the lawyer, there was another personality. A secretive man with built-up resentment toward his opponent; Hillary. A woman, he apparently not only resented but also hated.

Hammond felt confident that the truth would reveal itself under questioning. Reynolds was not an experienced criminal. His act of brutality was probably the first time in his life that he harmed another human being. It was Hammond’s experience that people like Reynolds just wanted to come clean and get this terrible time in there life off their chest.

It was decided by the detectives to go easy on the questioning of Reynolds. They would let him hang himself as it were. Reynolds was probably still unaware that Bosco had murdered Steven Stewart. If Reynolds tried to blame Stewart for the phone calls that he had recorded, the detectives would just let him talk.

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