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Chapter 22: Hammond your brutally handsome

It took the rest of the day for Hammond and Bell to do the paperwork required for the arraignment of Ed Reynolds, on a charge of first-degree murder. Once the work was done all the detectives involved decided to celebrate at a local pub. While the officers were rehashing the day’s events, Hammond’s thoughts strayed to a particular young lady named Rhonda. Now that the case was solved, Tony was free to start a relationship with the lovely Miss Redman.

The next evening Tony pulled up in front of Rhonda Redman’s home. He knocked on the front door and waited. The door opened to reveal a woman dressed in blue jeans (that had seen better days) hair that was a mess. She was wearing a shirt covered with splotches of paint, the same color that appeared on the pretty woman’s nose and chin.

Rhonda took one look at Tony, turned and ran back into the house. Tony was now in hot pursuit behind her.

“ So, this is the real you!” Said Tony laughing.

“No, no, why didn’t you call? Cried, Rhonda

Tony caught up to Rhonda and took her in his arms.

“I wanted to surprise you, Rhonda, we arrested the murderer of Hillary Bush. Now we can take up where we left off. I already know you’re a beautiful woman. Now I know you’re also handy! Tony said as he leaned forward and kissed Rhonda.

The two painted well into the night.

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