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Chapter 4: Invisible invasion

The war was not over. The USA and China had agreed

on one thing. They had both agreed to refrain from any further use of nuclear weapons. As it was, the damage they had caused to the world’s atmosphere may have drastic repercussions.

Already the experts were saying that the world would be going into a dark time. The debris put into the atmosphere as a result of all the nuclear explosions will send the world into a period of drastically lower temperatures.

According to the news, the fighting will now take place in land battles. The USA had invaded Taiwan, and that was where most of the struggle was taking place. At this point, no one could tell where fighting could break out next.

Canada was of no interest to China, so I think we are relatively safe. Josh and I had to make plans. If the world plunged into another mini ice age, we would not survive in the farmhouse. According to experts, it would take one or two years for the temperatures to fall to dangerous levels, but they did not know for sure. They were also unsure how long the temperatures would stay low.

When the four of us were in the fields harvesting the crops, we always had the two-way communications with us as well as an am/FM radio. We kept in touch every half hour for safety sake. On several occasions, I thought Josh was trying to get me on the two-way radio. When I replied, Josh said he had not wanted to reach me.

That was very interesting. That night we talked about it. I told Josh I had heard more than one person on the radio. Their transmission was very garbled, and I couldn’t understand what they were saying. I thought it was Josh, but he was in a spot that interfered with his transmission.

Josh and I spent the evening outside with the radios, trying to pick up all the radio transmissions we could. It wasn’t long before we picked up some men talking.

They were talking in a language we could not understand. I could be wrong, but it sounded oriental. In the quiet of the night, we could hear the roar of engines coming from afar. We decided to go on a recognizance mission of our own. Maybe we could see what was going on.

Before long we could see lights in the distant night sky. We also heard oriental conversations openly on the radio. It was evident that the Chinese were moving south through our area to attack the USA. Josh and I decided to drive into town and alert the R.C.M.P. The Americans had to be warned.

During the drive back home, we had the radio on. We could hear more chatter on it. This time we were on the other side of our farm. It would seem they were on both sides of our farm. Once we got home, we drove around the farm looking for Chinese troops. We saw no one. They must be moving so fast that they bypassed our land.

The four of us discussed the problems we would be facing in the next two years. We had to come up with a plan for survival.

“I think we have three problems.” Said, Josh

“After thinking about it, I think our main problems are as follows:

1.Protection from the bitter cold that will be descending on us

2.Food and water protected from the cold

3.Security from possible attacks from Chinese troops

“I think,” Josh went on to say,” that a bunker would solve two of our three problems.”

“I think you’re on to something Josh,” I said

The four of us continued the discussion until we all agreed on a final plan. It was ambitious but doable. Before we left the USA, the girls had gone to the bank and converted a lot of our money into Canadian currency. The plan we came up with would be costly. Thank god we had the money to pay for it.

The plan was, first we would need a deep hole dug in the field opposite the house. This excavation would go down approximately twenty-five to thirty feet and run about fifty to sixty feet long. Then we would have to hire a company specializing in basements to pour the concrete walls and ceilings, creating a bunker. Air vents installed as well as geothermal heating and air conditioning system. It meant that all the heat for the shelter would come from deep underground. A new well and septic would have to be installed. An extensive, built-in cold cellar installed and a combination of solar panels and a generator connected. A bank of Lithium-Ion batteries could run all the lights as well as fans and small appliances.

The only thing left to do was to buy up as many canned food items as possible, especially meats. We can’t forget the baby! Many jars of baby food would be a must. Nothing from China would be bought for fear of the poison.

The next day we started lining up some companies capable of the work we needed to be done. Construction could begin in the spring or sooner. Josh and I had already chopped enough firewood to heat the house this winter.

We had to pay a substantial premium to get a construction company to commit themselves to do the job. The only way they would do it was to start right away. They were concerned that the availability of building materials drying up. It was now or never. Josh and I thought about it and agreed. They would start work in two days. The girls would have to learn how to can preserves. We had a lot of work cut out for ourselves.

Josh and I went to stake out the area where we wanted the bunker built. It was going to be massive, but we didn’t want to be bumping into each other down there. Besides money was no object. We both had faith in the USA to defeat the troublesome Chinese. Both our homeland and our money would be safe.

While Josh and I were in the field, we decided to go for a walk.

“Let’s see if the Chinese have been on your property,” I said

We walked the circumference of the farm. There were no tracks or other signs that heavy army vehicles had been on our land. To the east and west of our farm, there were signs of troop movement. It looked like thousands of troops had gone through the area. Strangely enough, they avoided Josh’s farm.

“I wonder if there is anything on the radio about this invasion?” Joshed asked.

“I hope our alert went through ok.” I said.

As soon as we got home, we turned on the radio. The announcer was reporting on Chinese troop movements in the area, heading south. They went on to say that they were unsure if the USA were aware of the pending invasion.

I was sure that the USA was well aware of this sneak attack, this second Pearl Harbour. Josh got a map out, and after calculating the distance, we determined that the Chinese would cross the border by tomorrow. It wouldn’t be long after that, that the fighting would start.

The next morning there was a roar of machinery outside. The men were here to construct the bunker, great! The sooner these guys did the construction, the sooner our families would be safe.

So far Canada was continuing its day-to-day business almost unhampered by the events between the USA and China. Canadian commerce was slowing, but you could still buy construction material. Retailers, however, were taking advantage of the situation and had started to raise prices dramatically.

Josh and I had gone into Gracefield, a drive of maybe seventy-five miles. We were able to buy up all the supplies we were going to need to finish the interior of the bunker including doors, framing lumber, plumbing, and all the wiring. The earliest we could get it delivered was by the end of the week.


Gone were the days of total sunshine. There always seemed to be a haze in the sky. Not enough to block the sun but I suppose like London on an average smog day. The radio kept insisting there was no radioactive fallout in the air, yet, but it was coming.

The media was reporting that Chinese troops were advancing on the USA border after having landed in northern Quebec. USA forces were well aware of their existence and were waiting for them two hundred miles south of the Canadian border. Canadian troops were falling in behind the Chinese and would cut off any route of escape if they tried to retreat. This cooperative plan between Canada and the USA had been in the works well before the war was threatened. Canada was after all the USA’s closest friend and ally.

The war in Taiwan had not gone well for the USA, this was a land battle, and the states couldn’t keep up with the unlimited human resources of the Chinese. Great Britain, France, and Germany were protecting Europe having halted the advance of the Chinese. It was clear the Chinese were after world domination.

All the countries in the free world had banded together. The Arab states had also united, they not only hated the USA, but they also hated China. The world was divided into three distinct factions. All the countries that existed before this “Third World War” were gone. Smaller nations were pledging their allegiance to the main players, creating three large nations.

Canada, of course, had joined with the USA. The ten provinces would now become states. All the countries along the Iberian coast united with England and France. South Asia including India and Pakistan had joined with Australia

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