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Chapter 8: Our last goodbye

Lucy and Jethro were laid out in the house. The girls washed them and cleaned them up. Their hair was groomed and trimmed. Everything we did to them was done with respect. They had saved the lives of five people. The four people I love. We were all in mourning. In the end, they were as human as any one of us. They showed compassion for beings other than their own. Isn’t that a human trait? The four of us would debate this for years to come.

The Chinese soldiers who wanted to kill us had been piled up and burned. Lucy and Jethro were buried in proper graves. Josh and I made rather beautiful headstones for them. Every year on the anniversary of their death we say a few words over their graves in appreciation.

One day Josh and I decided to try and find the caves where Jethro and Lucy had been living. Josh thought they were near the top edge of his property. After searching for hours, we saw what we thought were the caves that the two beasts had been staying. We crawled inside cautiously. Inside the cave, we found some old tarps, tin cans, and a lot of animals bones. We guessed that the tarps were for warmth and the animal bones were what Lucy must have been eating. It looked like the cave had been lived in for years. There were even hand drawn pictures on the cave walls. They must have used charcoal to draw them. There was evidence there of fires. Surprisingly, they knew how to start a fire. The pictures on the walls included wildlife, and there was a house, maybe it was our house. It seemed to have little people standing outside the house. All these things would indicate that Lucy and Jethro were smarter than we thought. I guess we will never really know how intelligent they actually were.

Eventually, the skies cleared, and the earth warmed. The land had recovered. Josh and I worked hard on the farm. It became a vibrant and self-sustaining enterprise. Two other children joined little Donny in the next couple of years, one his brother and the other his blood brother. Life from then on was excellent.

Both families decided to remain in Canada. Canada had become part of the United States of North America. We were all one big family now. The former provinces of Canada became states. The Premier of each province was appointed as the governor. Most of the laws of both counties were assimilated into a new Criminal Code of Conduct. There was one sticking point that the Canadians refused to accept. That was the gun laws of the former United States. Canadians have different beliefs about bearing arms than what their southern brothers have. The new Canadian states would keep the original gun laws of Canada.

Around the world, other countries had joined together to form new nations. China was no longer the powerhouse that it once was. The United States of North America had imposed sanctions against China. It no longer had the freedom it once had. It was given fifty years to form a free and socially responsible government. Paramount in this change of government was the freedom of its citizens to vote in the state they want. All or most of the backward conditions that existed before the war were changed. Everything from pollution to human rights was given new priorities.

In a lot of ways, the war had changed the world for the better. That being said, there was no denying that the war also caused damage and suffering to the human experience. It was later calculated that over one billion people died during the war. Hundreds of thousands more died from the effects of fallout.

In another thousand years, if we last that long, the period of man’s existence we are now living through will still be referred to as the “dark ages”. We are still a young developing species. We will never be genuinely evolved until we have learned not to go to war.


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