Death Sentences

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It was never easy living in a fucked up world of uncertainties. But the tides turned upside-down knowing that Castellone Signo had the power in him to control...words. Castellone Signo thought he lived a stereotypical and predictable normal life. Then he decided to take a stroll one day and saw something that can build up a commotion. He tried predicting the outcome of it when he whispered, and he never expected that something heard his call that brought life to his words. It caused a terrible accident with which no one would ever suspect him of doing. Despite the power in his commands, there was only one person who could evade and counter his words through a demonstrative gesture. Abrielle Lecsas was bound to turn him over to the underground institution that sheltered the gifted with unusual abilities. But none of them could have thought of the outcome the longer they stayed together.

Horror / Romance
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/kas-tē-lēˈō-nē/ /sin-yō/

It was always the rotten eggs, black sheeps, and whatever they call those imbued with bad luck that often lived the longest. It would seem like the forces of Satan are stronger than that of God because those who deserve to be called saints die before they even know it. The sinners prevail even though they’re faithful, but not really because we’re all sinners before saints.

He was no different. Wherever he went, bad luck followed. Or the opposite. Either that or the world was just too predictable for him to live an honest life in it.

But if I said I’m anything but ordinary, now that’s just bullshit.

He didn’t want to be here in the first place. He wanted to blame his parents for giving birth to someone like him. He found his own life bland and meaningless. There was no point in him being there.

When he finally decided to face the world, that was the moment it turned its back on him. It was as if his good luck was taken away by the people he saw or interacted with whenever his mind swiveled with thoughts. Thoughts of unimaginable depravity. He didn’t always think that way. It was only recently when he discovered a side of him that awakened.

It had been slumbering within him for quite a few years now. He thought it wasn’t normal. But the longer it stood radiating from within, the more he thought that perhaps it was really meant to happen. On what it was, when it occured, how it happened...he didn’t know. He wasn’t even certain of what was within him. It was like something tugged at him, deep and sleeping.

When he opened his eyes, a reality struck him of possibilities that awakened an entity. It was something obscure, unknown. It can either be a curse or a blessing. But he didn’t believe in blessings. There were only the poems of words undelivered by justice. Everything was a lie.

He had a few friends, but never had anybody he really cared about. Despite all the ups and downs of life, no one ever really knew the tale unless it was read until the end. Accounts of a single thought lingered further than the close-minded. People varied every step of the way. There wasn’t anything to be thoughtful about either. Things just happen on their own, but his case called out differently.

They call him Llone. And with him, misfortune resided a painful melody.

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