Fatale Nights: Merciless Origin The Fallen

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What will you do if your savior from death.... is an entity of neither heaven or hell?

Horror / Other
Cat's Cradle
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The Awakening

On a dark and cold night, a cult walked through a lifeless forest. They all wore cloaks that hid their faces from view. Some of them wielding swords and spears, others held torches and behind them was a chained girl struggling to be free. She was weak and tired but she continued to be pushed and pulled by the cult members as they walked until they reached a temple. The cult members positioned themselves. Two of them forcibly pulled the girl to the center. They tore at her clothes, pushed her to the ground and chained her there. The girl continued to resist. Annoyed by her stubborn resistance, one finally stepped on her stomach and made sure that she could feel pain.

“Do not resist any more… You will be sacrificed to our master”

“Why? Why are you doing this?”

“Because our master prefers young virgins. Because they give our master enough contentment.”

He gave a signal and the cult priests started to touch her body. She pleaded and resisted but her bindings halted her. She felt helpless. Completely and utterly helpless.

Suddenly, she felt their hands stop. She opened her eyes and she saw the large crooked sword held by four priests. They walked closer towards her, despite her frantic attempts to move and plead for them to stop.

“No… No… NO!!!”

With a blink of an eye, they stabbed deeply into her wrists. She could feel the cold metal pierce the surface. She cried in pain and screamed at top of her lungs. The priests didn't waste another second before stabbing her knees so badly that the knee cap was broke. The blood flowed from her wounds. She could feel it. She could smell it. But they weren't done. They stabbed her capella and the blood flowed from her body to a funnel. Within minutes, her blood reached a ceremonial sacrificial circle that became visible.

Then the ceremony began.

The priests began to chant in a language that she couldn't understand. She was now gasping for air, her body was shaking, her strength was fading away and she felt the coldness of the place. But she fought to stay alive.

“I don’t want to die…”

Her words only reached deaf ears. One of the priests stabbed her heart. She screamed as she feel the sword slide in and out of her. She could feel the blood on her lips and more slide unto her chest.

“I… don’t want… to die…”

Much sadness filled her heart.

She could not believe that she was going to die so young.The blood from her chest joined on the sacrificial circle.

The circle glowed the cult became more earnest on their task.

“I… wished… that… I am… the last…”

As her tears fell, a ominous purple-colored light surrounded area. They were suddenly surrounded by a strange crimson colored projectiles. They moved quickly. Much too quickly for anyone to react. They began their slaughter. All around her, the priests fell one after another. Their heads were blown off, faces stabbed, some of them had their brains leave their skulls. The cult was surprised. They thought they summoned their “Divine One,” but they stood as they noticed that a strange entity appeared.

The Entity looked at them with cold and fearless eyes. He held the unclothed and helpless younger girl in his arms, whispering words of sympathy.

Those left of the cult stood in fear. Disbelieving this creature had intervened their ceremony so quickly.

“Are you… No… No!!”

“You are not the one, you are not the one!!”

The entity stood firm, his magnificent wings extended. Even in her dazed state, she couldn't help but admire them.

It had three pairs of wings. However they were not anything she'd ever seen before. On the right side were wings as pure as an angel's, while the other side were devils' wings. He looked at the girl and ten to his enemies. All watched as he flew on top of a rock and placed the girl there where she could be safe.

He floated towards them. When he neared, the cult's knights rushed at the Entity. One passionate knight stabbed him right at the chest with his spear.

“Heh, that was easy,” the knight jeered.

“Is that all? I thought that you are tough, I was disappointed.”

But the jeers stopped when the Entity held on the spear and pulled it out of his body himself. The act was so swift that it could have killed an ordinary human. The knights were shocked to see how little effect their attacks did. The Entity gave them no time to escape. With their own spear, he killed two knights by stabbing their chests, making sure their hearts cut into halves. When he saw the life fade from their eyes, he pulled the spear and continued his merciless slaughter.

It was like a scene from Hell. Blood was spilled. Believing their success would come in numbers, more knights attacked. He merely smiled as his enemies came closer. From his devil wings sprung chains that whipped and sliced them. The Entity moved like a flash and torn the limbs and heads away from their bodies.

The Entity continued his game. A gory and shamelessness game. The knights attacks became more desperate, but he just received them like it was no better than being poked by a toothpick. His attacks had not been as ineffective. He attacked with calm but bloody, His amputation was merciless. Not only was blood spilled, but their muscles were visible, bones were broken beyond recognition, grey matter flew over their heads, intestines hanging or blowing from their lower abdomen.

The Entity walked closer as his chains did his bidding. More of their knights arrived. Their desperation lead them to fight with everything they got. The gunners and archers fired their weaponry, only to be blocked by his angelic wings yet still he remained unscathed.

“What are you?”

“You shall die demon!”

“Release more! Kill it before it kills us!”

They attacked the Entity with everything they had. However, the Entity appeared to be only merely amused by this whole event.

“Me? A demon? But to tell you are more the demon than any demon ever existed.”

He unfurled his angel wings and released a powerful gust of wind that blew his enemies away. Suddenly, his angelic feathers darted towards them and pierced their bodies. They screamed in pain until their souls were no more.

The Entity felt a strange power. He focus his sight and saw the oracles chant and made a portal from the ground and they could hear such fearsome roars behind it.

“Now, let us see if you can handle these!!”

The portal door was opened and demonic beasts leaped out and attacked the Entity ferociously. They covered his body and trying to feast on it.

“Haha! You are weak, you can’t stand a chance against these creatures! May you experience painful and morbid death.”

The oracles laughed but, they noticed that their enemy’s expression never changed despite facing obvious danger.

“So these are the reason why you sacrificed the people once a week. They were to be the food for them.”

Suddenly, the demonic beasts fell on the ground. Sliced in half in speed that was beyond human. Some of the cult members started to move away from, their eyes widened as they saw that the Entity’s body showed completely no signs of flesh being neither chewed or torn.




The Entity raised his eyes after he finished with his latest kill. “I am a being that is neither light nor darkness. I have the affiliation of both Heaven and Hell. I felt the sadness of that girl and heard the cries of the people that you killed at the same time. I felt the their anger and fear.”

He raised his right arm to the side, he opened his palm and a giant sword appeared. It bore a strange and unconventional shape. None that they ever seen before. He rushed towards the oracles. To defend themselves, they summoned more demonic beasts to intercept him. The demons clearly outnumbered him. They believed that this would assure their victory.



The beasts attacked simultaneously and took the Entity by surprise. True enough, these beasts were unlike their previous attempts. These were much more powerful, and the oracle and the remaining members of the cult laughed and mocked the entity



But a ray of white light appeared and obliterated ¼ of their summoned beasts. The Entity was standing wielding his bloody sword and covered in blood, but he stood firm.

“I withstood enormous pain all my life. I was sealed fearing that I may destroy this world, but it is different now, I have the right to eliminate all of you with my hands.”

The Entity just smiled then, with a blink of an eye he attacked all of the summoned demonic beasts. Blood spilled on the floor again. More slicing and ripping limbs, stabbing to their chests and piercing their internal organs. It was a hellish night, the ground seemed to be paved in red. The beasts suddenly felt fear, but the Entity was cold. He spared no one.

It wasn't long before he killed every single demon, until such time the portal couldn't give anymore. The cult members were stunned at both the Entity and the bloody scene around them. Corpses scattered everywhere. The Entity was standing meters away from their place. He was covered in blood Even his wings were drenched in it. He stared them with cold and merciless eyes.

“I am impressed that you could call such high-level demons. But I believe that you summoned too much. However, they are still far from the ones that you could have attained.” His smile was mocking them. “You would need sacrifice many more lives than that to have their command. What will you do now? How will you compensate for what you exceeded”

The Entity walked closer to them, taking long and careful strides.

The remaining cult members made a barricade but they were shaking in fear. The more desperate ones charged at him but ending up as corpse on the ground. The barricade tried to hold their ground, but before the Entity reached them, the oracles gathered and concentrated on their chanting.

The Entity tried to charge but without any warning a massive and more powerful portal appeared. Flame rose from the ground, forcing the Entity to fall back. Within the gate, a roar was heard.

Something was inside of the portal and it wanted to get out.

Then a dark silhouette was seen from inside the portal with glowing red eyes, and it wielded a double bladed scythe. It was slowly began to move. It touched the portal with one hand and pushed its way through, until finally it revealed its true face.

The Entity stood still. He knew this creature that had been sealed thousands of millennia ago. “You summoned the forbidden beast that knows nothing but to create chaos and destruction. The forbidden beast that was sealed for several of your lifetimes, the demonic beast, Baphomet.”

“Seeing this beast I can ensure that this world will be my heaven,” the Oracle responded, his confidence returning.

The Entity was not amused. “Not the best words to declare world domination.”

The beast roared and attacked the Entity but he evaded it. The two powerful beings collide, and became an unruly battle. A battle of power and might. Every time their weapons collided, such destruction was made around them. The battlefield was scarred and shattered, nothing was not spared.

The beast summoned a powerful fireball and threw it to the Entity, but he evaded it. He was taken by surprise by another fireball that appeared and hit him. Fortunately, he managed to escape receiving the full extent of the damage. But, the damage was visible. A portion of angelic wings were burned and the other pair of wings were singed.

“Rgh… Heh, so that is the power of your flame? Too bad I am not that kind of being that gives up easily.”

The Entity spread his wings and aimed his sword at the beast.

“You are the most powerful beast that ever existed, but right now I shall end it ... to end this insanity and madness!”

The Entity rushed towards to Baphomet and made the first move. However, the beast blocked it and swung it with full force. The Entity fell to the ground. The beast's counterattack had managed to severely wound his one of his demonic wing. Blood spilled from it, but he regained his composure and rushed again towards his enemy again. This time the Entity summoned his daggers and fired it at the simultaneously at the beast.

Baphomet summoned minions to attack and defend. The Entity was forced to divert his attacks to the minions, while the beast charged to attack him using its weapon. The Entity noticed it in time and dodged the attack, but was unable to escape the beating from its minions. He retaliated and killed few of them with his daggers and his sword, tearing their flesh to ensured their death.

Meanwhile, the beast released a powerful ball of energy that the Entity just barely caught it with his bare handsbut he could still felt the intensity of the powerful attack.

“Grrr… It is not enough to kill me!” The Entity threw it back to the beast in which that he just received it. The Entity was not finished and fired a violet beam that made the energy ball explode. It was enough to hurt the beast.

It moved backwards.

The Entity summoned another sword that is similar to the ones he hold but in white, the entity attacked again and pierced the eye of his enemy, but he beast countered it by releasing demonic flames around him, the entity fall back a bit, then the beast suddenly throw his scythe like a boomerang, the entity evaded it but the weapon instantly returned and hit him, it was a critical one, the entity fell to the ground hard, blood spilled from his back, his blood dropped to the ground, he is taking large gasps, then he grinned a bit

“I understand now… however, I will end your life here”

The beast prepared himself for the Entity's attack but noticed that something was amiss around its enemy.

A pentagram.

` With a swift movements the Entity attacked the beast. The beast prepared a counter attack but, it was taken by surprise. It's enemy had released two forms of himself. One of a seraphim and the other of Arch-demon. Both of them had his basic features but at the same time they couldn't be more different. The three attacked the beast without mercy. It wanted to counter them but the three didn't give any openings. Their swords glowed with their respected elements, but it wasn't long before the Entity decided that it was time to end it. The seraph and arch-demon released a powerful beam, the Entity swiftly went to his enemy, he combined with the swords of his two other selves and fused together in one body


With that last blow, Baphomet roared as its body began to disintegrate and disappeared from the sight.

The Entity stood and looked at the remaining cult members. He positioned himself but in sudden twist of events, the demonic beasts suddenly began attacking the cult members and tearing them up before dragging them to the portal from where they came. Their cult leader, however managed to escape but in his eyes was shock. Baphomet was killed and the demonic beasts had turned on them. He started to scream. Suddenly, he bumped into something and fell to the floor. He looked up and saw that the Entity had began his attack on them again.

“Please save me!! Save me!!!”

The cult leader grabbed hold unto the Entity's clothing as the demonic beasts came closer to him.

“I can revive the people whom we sacrificed, just save me, save me!!” The cult leader begged to the Entity, but the entity grabbed his hair and lifted him up harshly.

“Even if you revive them, they will not anymore be the same people whom you killed.”

The Entity pushed the cult leader away from him. As he the landed on the ground, the demonic beasts started to glare and charged at him. The cult leader was internally and externally wounded. His body was dislocated, worst of all his body was dragged by strange beasts into the portal just as the portal closing.

His body was feasted upon and by the time the portal was closed, the cult leader’s screaming at the top of his lungs. But it vanished as the portal did. However, some of the demonic beasts remained and started to walk towards to the entity.

He noticed it but he stood still. It took a minute for the remaining demonic beasts gathered around him, their features can bring fear to an average man, but the entity knows what they really want.

“Your souls were trapped in those bodies, and you wanted to be free from your eternal bondage.”

The beasts nodded, The entity saw the tears in their hearts.

“Alright… Even I don’t have the authority to do it; I shall set all of you free from your pain.”

With a mighty swing, he slashed their bodies. The empty shells fell to the ground but their souls stood firm. At last, they were now free and they were glad that their suffering ended.

“You are free to go; I believe that His mercy will save you from the fires of hell.”

As the souls left, the girl had been gaining consciousness and looked at the Entity. She reached her hand towards him, not thinking of her safety. She opened her mouth to speak but no sound came. The Entity walked closer and knelt in front of her. She touched his face.

“Thank you… for saving me… but it is too late… ”

She coughed out blood, but she remained on her position. Her eyes were full of tears.

“But I don’t want to end this way… I want to live… ”

The girl began to lose her focus and was panting heavily. Her body was starting to get weak. After her final breath, she fell onto the entity’s body, embracing him weakly.

“I… don’t want… to die”

Her vision became slowly become dark, for the last time she looked at the Entity’s face it was until her vision became total darkened; her head leaned on the Entity’s chest.

“Death is an illusion to the living, however it is a reality can be postponed for a while.”

The Entity’s wings spread and the whole place was covered with blinding white light

In the city of Catholous, the Entity flew towards at the central garden of the city. The people started to feel and fear his presence but the Entity did not care. He just proceeded to his destination that was the central garden of the city.

The Entity stood his wings enveloped his body. A messenger of the Church was there. He immediately left to inform the Church. Inside of the Church, the Cardinal was preparing his daily church ritual. When the messenger entered his chamber; his face was full of fear.

“What is it? Why your face was full of fear, young one?

“Cardinal, a strange winged creature just came from the east. He is alone, but I am afraid that it was sent to kill us.”

“Strange winged creature? Where is it?”

“At the central garden.”

“Tell the Paladins and Crusaders to prepare themselves, we will meet him.”

“But sire-“

“I know what is in your mind young one, but believe in Him, I know that He has plans for this moment.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

The messenger left immediately and did his bidding while the Cardinal prepared himself.

After a long while, outside, the Crusaders and Paladins gave the Cardinal a sword salute. They were joined by the priests and priestesses of the Church. Instead of halting them, the Cardinal permitted them to join the convoy. They left the Church, with the guidance of the messenger. It wasn't long before they arrived to where the Entity was standing. Immediately, the Crusaders and Paladins made a barricade with their shields facing the Entity. Some priests and priestesses started to pray, while some of them were talking about the being in front of them.

“Such strange creature”

“Angel and demon wings? What is it?

“Cardinal, for your safety I shall talk to it.”

“Thank you for your concern but no, I will do it.”

“But sire, if we don’t know wha-“

“I have this feeling that it means something important.”

The Cardinal walked closer to the winged entity, he made a peace sign.

“I am Reinhart Crossbringer, Cardinal of the Sacred House of God. Tell me. What your agenda in this place?”

“I am carrying an important soul, a soul that saw the darkness of the human desires, a soul that cried for the people she loved, a soul that was abused and turned to be a sacrifice.”

The demon wing opened and they saw the girl silently sleeping in its arms. The Entity placed her at the arms of the Cardinal, the people were surprised about it, the Paladins and Crusaders prepared themselves, but the Cardinal told them to remain.

“I believe that in your guidance, she will recover and will have a joyful life.”

“Thank you for believing in us, I assure we shall give her the care that she needed.”

“Again, please take care of her, she has a life to live on her own and she will be the child that will save other people.”

The Entity spread his wings and looked at the Cardinal, priests, priestesses and the holy knights around him.

“I am a Fallen; I am either an angel or demon, a being of either sacred or sin. My existence is only a myth that no one ever dared to be known. A myth that would mean either protection or destruction. But I can choose what my destiny is for I was a testament and a punishment of my own sins.”

The area was covered with feathers and flaming shards, with a blink of an eye the Fallen was gone. The priests and priestesses clustered together and looked at the sleeping girl. They noticed she was holding a cross pendant on her hands.

They prayed, thanking God for this day and for the Fallen who trusted them a soul that will live her life for the people around her.

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