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Chapter 10: It's The Creeps! Part #3

“That’s impossible! People don’t just disappear at night, in dark cemeteries.....” Freddie cried out aloud.

“Freddie? Relax..... Something is wrong here.....”

“..... The footsteps Craig..... They sound as if they are trailing away.....”

“..... Let’s check the cameras?”

Britany shook her head. “The big wienie, he probably ran off scared.....”

Reggie elbowed her younger sister again. This time in her left arm.

“Hey?! What the hell was that for?”

“..... The big dummy..... He might get hurt out there, running in such a paranoid state.....”

Bethany now laughed. “I knew it! You like the big idiot!”

Reggie now shot her younger sister an eyes cold gaze of frigid contempt over the words she had just spoken.

“Okay, okay..... I didn’t mean it.....”

Freddie began to tremble. the younger brother’s face paled rather quickly to a ghosted white complexion. Craig’s eyes widened, as the two brothers caught sight of Bruce’s horrific demise.

“..... Reggie? Bethany? You both need to see this.....”

The two sisters were now quick to the monitor screen table-top set-up that had been laid out for the camera system.

“..... Is this some kind of joke?” Reggie asked aloud, as she looked upon the video recording of Bruce being pulled into the freshly dug grave by something that attacked him from beneath.

“..... If this is a joke Reggie, it was not a part of our doing....”

Craig explained.

“Bruce! Bethany blurted aloud. “I’ll bet he’s behind this scene.....”

“Very funny Bruce!” Reggie commented aloud.

Craig shook his head on thought of such a notion. Freddy, Craig’s younger brother; he now started to get anxious. The lights set up by Bruce before his disappearance, they started to flicker and surge in and out from constant operation.

“..... Craig? The lights.....”

“Flashlights girls? Quickly! Freddy, he cannot handle the darkness.....”

“Oh, great..... Bethany smarted. “Just when I was getting to like you.....” The younger of the two sisters commented on the trembling boy assuredly.

Freddy’s heart it now began to race faster and faster. Standing lights positioned around the cemetery fizzled out one at a time, in an inconceivably clockwise direction. The last light fading, the one closest to Freddy.

Craig’s younger brother, he got the firs flashlight. The boy, still trembling from fear rising up within him; powered up the emergency light source with the click of a button.

Freddy now froze. The streamlined illumination beam widening on something of a darkened shadowy mass, that was now creeping around the outskirts of the cemetery filming site.

“..... Craig? Shadow..... Outside the perimeter.....”

Craig turned to see what his younger brother was seeing. the older brother attempted to gulp down his fear. The visible attempt did nothing to stave the panic shining in the eyes of his younger sibling.

“..... Craig? The mass, it creeps.....”

Craig too, was now feeling a rise of fear from deep within. he knew what his brother was now referencing. The four drew closer together. Their backs turned away from each other.

The last of the standing lights blacked-out. The darkness gathering upon them, quickly closed in on the four.

Craig shook his head, this time twice. “I’ve got nothing this direction..... Reggie”

“No movement..... No shadows..... Freddie?”

“..... No, no shadow......”

“Breathe Freddy..... Try to relax..... You have to control your fear......” Bethany tried to aid the boy in the best way she could.

“..... Right..... Bethany?”

There was no answer from Reggie’s younger sister. Reggie now turned fast about in concern. “Beth?”

“No! Get it off of me! something’s got me!” Bethany screamed.

The two brothers jerked fast around to join Reggie on her concerns.

Outlined in shadow, the mass slowly wrapped around the girl’s body. The shadow thing slowly drawing the young girl into another freshly dug grave.

The three shined beams of illumination from their flashlights on the shadow mass. Craig and Reggie raced to the girl’s aid. Freddy was now paralyzed his fears taking deep a hold over his being.

The flashlights began to slowly dim.

“No! Damn it! They all have fresh batteries.....”

The serpent of a shadow thing hissed. The Creeps released its hold on Bethany. The girl was stone cold. Her eyes, they were stuck looking upon her friends in an eternal gaze of fear’s succumbing resolution.

“..... Craig? What is this? Reggie now asked of the older brother. The older sister demanding an immediate response.

Freddie answered for his older brother. The boy now slowly coming to term with his fears.

“..... It’s The Creeps..... And we are not going to leave this cemetery alive.....”

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