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Chapter 11: It's The Creeps! Part #4

The three left their gear fast behind. fear and desperation demanding a quick retreat from the cemetery grounds. Or at least they tried.

The path they walked in an attempt of back-tracking that will allow the three to exit the cemetery grounds, leading them straight back to the filming site.

“..... It won’t let us leave..... Freddie commented.

Craig was now eerily silent.

“..... Nonsense! Reggie snapped. “We just got ourselves turned around in the dark..... Let’s try the path heading east”

Freddie too was now growing to a morbid silence. The boy, he knows they had entered the cemetery from the south.

The east path from the sight seemed oddly familiar. Images of her younger sister’s and of Bruce’s demise, now weighed heavily on the girl’s mind.

“No! Reggie screamed!” The three found themselves back at the filming site.

“Reggie? You have to stay calm.....”

“No! I can see them! They’re alive! We have to dig them out!”

“Reggie?” Freddy was now going to voice his recollected revelation to the frightened girl. Of the four, all though he seemed to be the youngest; Freddy he was by far the smartest.

“Reggie? Craig called out to her. “You have to try to control your fear.....”

“..... No! Don’t let death take me!” Reggie screamed.

Craig and Freddy raced to the girl’s aid. the two boys attempting to pull her free from an unseen force. The Creeps tossed the boys aside.

Reggie’s cries were quickly muffled by the sounds of her being buried in a freshly dug grave. Darkness taking the girl, as the soil now covered her head.

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