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Chapter 12: It's The Creeps! part #5

The two brothers stood back-to back. Freddy’s flashlight began to quickly dim.

“..... You know now what is going on, don’t you Craig?”

“..... Yeah Freddy..... I didn’t want to believe it, but I do.....”

The feelings from many multiple legged arachnid creeping and crawling up the older of the two’s legs, drew Craig to a rage in voice. All senses of fear was now fading from their minds.

“We are not afraid of you! Long have I faced this fear! It will no longer take me!”

“I no longer need the let! I will no longer fear the darkness! With my eyes shut, there is nothing you can do to draw these fears from me.....”

The two boys closed their eyes.

The standing lights surrounding them slowly flickered back to illumination.

The Creeps shrieked. The radiant illumination slowly scalding the frigid cold blackness of its manifest shadowed existence.

In a burst of flame, the thing was now gone.

Freddy and Craig now looked upon three strangers. they all had digital and audio recording devices in their hands.

Like Bruce, and Reggie, and Bethany; the two boys were disembodied spirits trying to flee from their place of rest. The Creeps, the unknown guardian of the dead keeping them from leaving.

Ignoring the questions from the three living investigators, the two spirits walked past them unnoticed. The radiance from an unexpected brilliant light, guiding them on their way.

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