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Chapter 16: The Chair Part #3

The high, it is still with her; sensations greater than anything she has ever felt before. A strange darkness now slowly looms upon her, the junkie being drawn quickly away from her favored seas; the rough beach sands of the shore.

The stillness of her body, she now looks upon herself from different points of view. So strange this feeling. it was as if she was shifting in between sequences of waking dream. Her eyes alone, they felt as if they traveled from one place to another.

Her mouth, her nose, and her eyes; they now bled. This reminded the woman of a similar past experience..... By her criminal actions alone, the future she beholds; is now by visage of her pending demise, to be fearfully cast.

“No! This can’t be! I got out! I got out! I have so much to live for.....”

The woman tried to cry aloud, but her words; they were quickly lost upon her and the gathered crowd.

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