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Chapter 18: The Chair Part #5

One witness for the prosecution now watched the gruesome sight, his eyes and face widened and aghast of the unexpected gaze that froze in death’s grasp upon the woman’s face.

“..... Why, I’ve never seen anything like it..... She looks as if she is still high on an illegal substance..... Who was she?”

A second onlooker merely shrugged her shoulders. The middle-aged woman not really concerned with the identity of the executed woman, or of any details on her past.

“..... Don’t know..... Just another junkie..... That’s all I’ve been told.....”

The executioner had to try twice with the electric chair. But for some reason, the woman would not die. On approval of the prosecution. Lethal injection would be the last method they would try.

Darkness, it now flooded the room. The witnesses thoroughly disturbed by what they have seen. The medical technicians on their quick inspection shook their heads as they removed the dead woman from the strapped imprisonment of the chair. Of the look frozen upon the dead woman’s face, not even could they bear.

The woman, she was not crying; her face was not wrought with pain. She was locked in the freaky queerness of an eternal stupor, a wide disturbing smile marked on her lips; that ran cheek to cheek.

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