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Chapter 2: Carnival of Crows Part #1

OCTOBER 28th 2017

Timmy was excited. The newly turned twelve year old boy, he was now told that he could pick any costume of his choosing for Halloween night.

The past three years, he had been forced to wear something cute and cuddly; as selected by his mother and by his grandmother; and by a gathering of aunts and of nieces, that had actually designed his worst costume yet. It was Robin Hood, and jimmy; well he did not even like the idea of a bold and daring young baron in tights.

On the internet, his father told him. There are many places to select a costume that would be delivered just in time for Halloween. Timmy, he was skeptical on this. it was only three days to Halloween, and every time he went with his parents to department stores of their favorite choosing one day; and went back on a later date, the costume he was looking for; well you might have already guessed this, but it was sold out.

It only took a few quick searches for Timmy to decide on the costume he had been searching for, and then (as so many children do); Timmy was distracted by the promotion of an upcoming celebratory event. Timmy played the video his eyes wide, as he looked upon the fascinating realistic creations of scary Halloween costumes.

Timmy, scrolled through the site of listed costume packages, chose what he wanted. (It was a flaming Jack’ o- lantern scare crow monstrosity, that he thought would probably give his grandmother a heart attack). Timmy, did as he was taught and called his father to the den’s computer to complete the sale.

“Dad?” Timmy hollered aloud. “Need your numbers....”

Timmy’s father shook his head and chuckled, his mother she merely smiled; as she shared a quick peck of a kiss and went about preparing supper for the evening.

“Okay Tim..... What have you got?”

Timmy’s father was taken back by what he was now looking at.

“..... I don’t know Timmy..... To get this costume, we have to go to the carnival that is promoting it.....”

Timmy frowned in silence, as he scrolled through the listings of necessary documentation, of carnival costs and of age restrictions.

“..... Well.... It does indicate it is for ages twelve or older.... The cost, it seems a little pricy..... Twelve ninety five per adult and 6.95 for children twelve or older..... There is a senior citizen discount; but I really don’t think Grandma is going to like this....”

Timmy Chuckled.

“Louise?” Timmy’s father called to his mother.

“.... It’s okay dear..... I heard you talking it out with Timmy..... we’ll make it work...”

Timmy smiled wide.

“Okay! You got it sport! remember, this will come out of your working allowance for a while....”

“Thanks dad!”

Excited, Timmy ran next door to talk to his best friend.

Timmy’s mother looked on her husband questioningly.

“Did he tell you where he is going”

Nathan shook his head, and then smiled.

“You know Timmy Louise..... There is only one place he ever goes to this time of day.....”

“Samantha and Peter’s house?”


“Uh, Nathan?”

Nathan kicked up his feet as he took his normal position in his favorite chair.

“Yes, dear?”

“..... About that talk? he is about the right age.....”

Nathan cocked his head to the left and grimaced on the thought, the twenty- nine year old husband and father feigning a shudder.

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