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Chapter 19: the Chair Part #6

Light, unseen by the technicians; slowly drew the energy of her being to surface. An unexpected transition was about to take place.....

On her brother’s forgiveness, the two siblings are drawn fast away from the darkness that once subdued them both in life.

“I forgive you sis..... The darkness, it is no place for us.....”

“Where do we go?”

Brother pointed the way, his finger paving a tunnel before her sight. A closed door at the end of the tunnel of light awaiting the two.

“We go where we all go when it is time sis..... To that next place of human realities, where we will learn the answers to the secrets of life’s existence; and so much more.....”

Try as it could, coils of darkness reaping for the woman’s soul could not lay claim of her being. The light a barrier from the netherworld, keeping the primordial darkness from passing beyond transition of heaven’s tolls.

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