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Chapter 21: Evil Eyes Part #1

The exorcist looked hard upon the loathe-some creature cringing before him. Its many lashings of a whip soaked in blessed waters causing multiple bouts with pain. Its body wrecked with hours of torture by the priests diabolical vices.

The storm raged outside of his place of seclusion. This place, a pit of diabolical mention. Thunder and lightning seemed to encourage the priest as he went to work on his ritual of spiritual cleansing.

“..... Tell me your name!” The exorcist demanded. This righteous man of one faith, now slapping the face of the fallen; once on the left side, and again on the backhand to the right.

Two tiny spikes protruded from this holy man’s band. The pointed metallic additions bit deep into the woman’s skin.

This foul creature, she now screamed and sobbed.

“..... Of my name, I have already spoken..... Of yours, and of your faith; is there alone to be any questioning.....”

“..... Lies! Unclean spirit! Depart from the body of this creature, of this child of god; that has fallen to your sinful temptations!”

Lightning struck just outside the building’s foundations. The exorcist could feel the hairs of his arms standing on end.

“..... Of evil and of your own hatred and bigotry, you see in my eyes the demon that does not exist.....”

The woman bowed her head crying.

The exorcist growled in an inhuman gurgling of his words. The woman now strained to understand his voice, as the exorcist switched his selection of ancient texts to one of the oldest of dialects.

“..... You are insane, man of faith.....”

The woman spat up upon the man, aiming for his face, and it was as blood staining his clean white button down shirt and his black robes.

“Dare you to cast your unholy excrements upon me, the lord god’s faithful servant?!”

The exorcists helpers opened an old ornate box that looked to be in the shape of a coffer of sorts. One sarcophagus of Egyptian construction in design.

“..... Within you lies evils many days old..... the bleeding maiden, it will force the demon from you.....”

The woman looked on the horrific device with shock and with a terror that the exorcist’s two helpers had never before seen.

“No! You claim righteous faith of god, and yet you seek to torture the innocent to fulfill his wishes..... You are the one hiding behind eyes of concealed wickedness.....

Where my eyes are of anger, and my body stands as a firm defense against your harassments; yours, they are wrought with all the wickedness you have sought all your life to accomplish against me; against my people!”

“Into the box, oh faithful fallen..... Let the blessed thorns of god’s graces purge the evil spirit from you.....”

The woman kicked and screamed as the two thuggish helpers carried her from a strapped table to the open device of many unknown bloody murders from time’s long passed.

The strength of the two men, too difficult for the woman to fight. The woman was forced face first into the pointed iron spikes.

The woman’s struggling ceased, her cries quickly silenced. The bleeding maiden closed and latched behind her.

The night’s storm slowly passed. All was silent, for many minutes.

The last thin the woman, of no mentioned name by part of her tormentors can see: three spikes penetrating her face. Two to the sides of each eye, and one centered in-between.

The exorcist slid open the hatch to look upon the woman’s eyes, his own eyes aghast with fright.

“..... No! Great god almighty, how is it; I have failed you so? The unclean spirit, it has consumed this lost soul; and has manifest as something less than human.....

To the river with this lost soul..... We must now bury the burden of our failure..... The waters of god’s earliest creations, will instigate the cleansing that we could not..... Pray god, her soul will be saved.....”

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