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Chapter 22: Evil Eyes Part #3

The exorcist’s face was twisted up with indescribable agony. The man angered, and saddened; and wrought with the grip of shaking fear.

the exorcists helpers, walked away from him. This, this was not what they signed up for.

Away from the comforts of his pit of exorcisms, a dark and wicked design for his sadistic torturing of his victims; the exorcist awoke from recollections of the past, of his vile deeds of many cruelties wrought the innocent.

This man, in truth; he was marked insane. His personal quarters? One padded cell, that had been altered by the director of the institution he now bore residency of.

The walls lined by plastic covered mirrors, that the fallen preacher may look upon his face and no others. His demented search of that which is evil by his estranged recognition, to be seen in his eyes alone.

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