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Chapter 3: Carnival of Crows Part #2

OCTOBER 29th 2017

Two days from the promoted carnival, and there was nobody present at the provided address at work to see that the event is prepared for the pending night of All Hollow’s Eve.

Timmy’s father, shook his head in silence. The man was now growing more than just being a little concerned.

“..... Well, Timmy..... There’s the address..... Spooky looking place, I’d have top say.....”

“It’s okay, dad..... I’m not afraid of anything.....”

“..... Now, Tim? I need you to remember, that not all fear is bad..... Fear can give us unexpected rise to defense over many an adversity and a clarity of judgement; that we may not normally see....”

“Okay, father..... I understand.....”

“That’s good..... Well, I see the sign of the costume shop..... even if this carnival is not yet prepared, we still need to pick up your costume....”

Timmy smiled wide.

“Yeah, don’t worry sport..... You know that I will never let you down....”

Timmy’s father parked in front of the strange looking shop. Listed under the business title of SEGFRIED’S AMAZING MASKS, HALLOWEEN ACCESORIES INTER-NATIONAL; it had sounded to his father as being some kind of out of country business that was on some kind of seasonal tour, although until today; he has never heard of such an extraordinary event for All Hollow’s Eve.

Tim’s father led the boy to the shop’s entry. There was no open sign, and there was no regular window listings detailing the business’s hours of operation. There was all manner of bizarre decorations displayed in the windows, and some items that appeared to be as animals once alive, having being stuffed in dangerous- looking attacking positions.

Hurrying his son quickly past the strange decorations, Timmy’s father opened the front door. A single bell hanging from above the entry rang as they stepped into the curiously stocked shop.

An aging woman, dressed all in black; shined the two a smile as they approached her front counter.

“Timmy? Here to pick up your costume I see?”

Timmy looked a little surprised on the unknown woman’s recognition of him.

“Not to worry Tim.....” His father said assuredly. “Remember, we ordered on-line..... We shared information....”

Timmy swallowed his rising fear, and brought upon his face the best smile he could muster. The young boy, he did not want to comment further on his concerns; but this old crone of a woman, she scared him.

“Here you go Timmy..... All packaged up and ready for your approval.....”

Tim’s smile widened on sight of his selected costume being passed to him.

“Thank you!” Tim exclaimed excitedly.

“..... Being, that you two are my best customers Timmy..... You can have one costume accessory for free..... all I ask, is that you stay a little while and listen to a story; that will tell you a little bit about your costume....”

Tim looked to his father questioningly.

“It is okay with me Tim..... we have plenty of time...”

Timmy nodded to the woman in a silent approval.

“.... Excellent..... Have either of you heard tell tale of an old caretaker of a pumpkin patch by the name of Lantern Jack?

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