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Chapter 5: Carnival of Crows Part #4

October 30th 2017

The Crows..... The greatest of circus and of international carnival performers..... This family of entertainers, one that has existed unknown for many generations. Tonight, in preparation of the opening of tomorrow’s carnival, The Crows will feast.

The cries of anguish and the screams of pain from the butcher’s racks, were in now way a disruption to The Crows now gathered. In seeking of the abnormality of longevity in existence, The Crows feasted of human meat.....

Bizarre to look upon, these abominate freaks of nature. their bodies tall and spindly, their heads bald and their flesh a pale white.

This mysterious carnival, it is not your average gathering of entertainers and of profiteers..... The oldest of The Crows to have existed for nearly two hundred fifty years.....

They all wear suits of black seamless spandex. Each family member marked in recognition by the signature tattoo of a crow, although only the closest of the twelve will know were anyone’s tattoo but their own is at.

Neadra Crow, carried a tray with a bottle of dark red wine, and twelve glasses.

“..... A boy came into my shop today..... Of four gold tickets and of the last costume, has he claimed.....”

The gathered smiled thoughtfully, but kept silent; as was traditional for the family. Neadra, she was the mother to all. As one of The Crow; when in the presence of the brood mother, you did not speak unless spoken too.

One unexpected high-pitched shriek from a wayward temporary employee hired for grounds work, caused the aging Crow to scowl on the door to the butcher’s block.


“Play some dining music? Your choice.....”

“Yes mother, thank you mother.....”

Sheanra Crow, she was known to be youngest. The girl, now age eighteen; she had been surprised at first, when she found out the way her family existed for reasons of self asserted necessary preservation. But now, two years later; she fits in with the family just like the rest.

Jordrain Crow raised a right hand in requesting of initiating conversation.

“Jordrain? You may speak your mind....”

“Thank you mother..... Sheanra, is she yet too young to share of the blood ceremony? She just turned eighteen this day.....”

“Sheanra, she has proven herself worthy for her age..... If we must, family vote?”

The ten were now silent, until called upon; as Neadra filled the last glass.

“..... Opposed? Raise your right hand.....”

Five of the ten seated Crows raised their right hands.

Sheanra returned, the young girl silently taking her seat.

“..... Sheanra? It is now to you child..... Lead us in the toasting of the blood ceremony?”

“Thank you mother.....”

Sheanra Crow, stood straight and proud. The eighteen year old raising her glass.

“On this day, this night in preparation of the festival of Samhain; we give toast to those of the family that cannot be with us today.....”

The ten Crows rose to join in stance toasting with their mother and their youngest sister. One by one from one Crow to the next; their glasses clanked together. Not until the last contacted glass did they drink. The red wine, it was as blood.....

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