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Chapter 6: Carnival of Crows Part #5

October 31st 2017

Timmy marveled on the macabre acrobatic act in the carnival’s main tent in youthful wonder. His mother and father however, they were not as enthusiastic. Their face-paint showed suggestion of blood dripping from their lips. Their uniforms were black with skulls and all variety of strange markings upon the.

The rides leading the family of three to the main event were even more bizarre. Louise, Timmy’s mother; she was looking pale and a little sick from some of the things she was seeing.

Nathan was quick to laugh all but the freakiest of events off.

“It’s the new Halloween.....” Timmy’s father would say, The man really not up to dated practice with the day’s celebratory events. Nathan never did like Halloween, and this secretly to him gave him reason to do other things on October the 31st; All Hollow’s Eve.

Announcements kept repeating of a reminding to all the gathered children of the main event. It was promised to be a show of the mystical practices of the Crow’s final act. The act was regarded by many that they would counter as the best they have ever seen. Parents were handed special masks and eyeglasses like the antiques taken to racing spectacles of old.

The death defying acts of twisted entertainment now complete. the Crows to center stage for a bow. Immediately the lights dimmed, and the permanent structure of the main event, was quickly locked down.

Neadra Crow stepped forward from her gathering of family. Timmy immediately recognized the aging woman from the mysterious shop where his father had taken him to pick up his costume.

“It is now time for our main event..... In honor of the festival of Samhain, I now ask you to put on your costumes and wear your masks..... For when Samhain rises, of your souls’ courage shall your existences be tasked.....”

All though the request came across by many as being somewhat estranged in eccentricity, The gathered children put on their costumes and the parents slowly concealed their faces with the provided masks.

“My family, will now walk among you to request of alms for the night’s offerings.....”

The nine Crows walked the aisles slowly. The gathered parents quick to donate earnings to put towards future acts.

Sheanra commented on Timmy’s costume. That is one of the best Timmy..... Only one in existence to this day, and it is a sure winner of the night’s raffle....

Timmy smiled gleefully from beneath his pumpkin-headed evil looking scarecrow mask. His father gave the youngest of the Crows their three gold tickets. The man winced slightly as the sharp edges of the tickets actually bit slices into his right hand.

Seen as nothing more than stinging paper-cuts. Timmy’s father merely wiped free the excess blood with a napkin, and held it for a few minutes in place. The events, and the carnival itself was a little strange; but they had the best pretzels, beer and popcorn he had ever tasted.

Behind the curtain the crows handed the tickets to their mother, and the offerings were all poured into one bowl.

“You know what comes next Crows..... Distribute the candy while I prepare the celebration.....”

Multiple bags of tantalizing treats in hand for the children the nine Crow siblings returned to the aisles, the gathered children to be favored by many a sweet reward.

Neadra Crow added the blood stained tickets from the mothers and the fathers gathered to the large steel bowl. Pulling a knife from beneath her cloak, the aging mother of the crows drew the sharpened blade across the palm of her left hand. Her blood dripping into the bowl coating the tickets and the money gathered with her rite to offering.

Neadra Crow began to chant in a dialect of old rarely heard linguistics. The mother of the Crows was now performing a ritual to call on the evil god that is believed by many to be Samhain.

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