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Chapter 8: It's The Creeps Part #1

The cemetery gate squeaked much louder than the two questing paranormal investigators could have possibly conceived possible.

The moon was risen full. The reddish orange hue of orb’s colorization by mind’s eye perspective, allowing for the perfect setting for their opening sequence.

The late fall breezes, carried upon their eager young faces a welcome coolness. Video cameras were rotated into multiple positions to take in the entirety of the eerie scene.

No leave branches of the surrounding trees, instigated thoughts of unseen spirits of the night moving between them as they continually swayed. The sounds from an owl hooting, quickly inspiring a rush of exhilaration within the two.

Craig smiled silently on his brother Freddy.

“This is perfect.....” Craig whispered. Younger brother Freddy by four years, the boy simply nodded. the young teen intent on the listening for sounds of the unexpected that may at anytime occur around him.

With the two brothers this day, was an older than both of them man by the name of Bruce. Age of twenty-one, Bruce was their elected sound and light guy.

Along with Bruce, trailed his two assistants Reggie and Bethany. Two girls, both two years less than Bruce’s age.

Both girls, extremely fit. Even more-so than Bruce himself, who was known for being a comparison challenger in the lifting and pressing of weights.

“..... Alright..... This looks good from right here..... Let’s set up the stage!” Bruce boomed aloud. Craig scowled hard on the tech specialist. Freddy, he just laughed on the man’s inflated ego.

The two girls, they kept silent. All though the looks upon their worn down faces from lugging all of the heavy equipment alone, these were tales that could be told without either of them speaking a single word.

Bruce, he was as the two sisters put it, extremely stuck on himself.

“Keep it down Bruce....” Craig whispered low.

Bruce feigned a look of concern, the guy making some kind of play at being a girly man; that is afraid of his own surroundings. The four main fingers of his right hand placed awkwardly over his mouth, his knees forced to perpetrated pretense of shaking, and his eyes darting quickly from the left to the right; and back again.

“.....Oh dear..... Oh dear..... Shush! Might wake up the dead.....” Bruce attempted to whisper teasingly.

Craig fought his instincts of intentional ager scolding on the man older than he in silence. Bruce was, in strange manner of speaking supposed to be a peer of sorts. Although of what, right now; Craig was not completely certain. Besides, Craig thought to himself; it would do no good anyway.

The sisters, they merely shook their heads as they unloaded the gear from their shoulders and from their backs. One of the two twins flicking the man the bird from behind. Bruce catching sight of the action out from the corner of his right eye.

“I saw that! Right now is not a good time..... Maybe later.....”

Reggie raised her hands in silence. The older of the two by minutes, walked away from the guy.

Bethany stuck her tongue out in the man’s direction.

Bruce laughed low. “Saw that too!”

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