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Chapter 9: It's The Creeps! Part #2

“This is Paranormal Associate’s Colorado Team..... P.A.C.T..... It is April fourth two thousand eighteen..... we are at an undisclosed cemetery location for our first investigation..... I am Craig, the lead investigator for the team; and this is my brother Freddy..... my assistant investigator and researcher.....

With us tonight we have our sound man and video tech expert Bruce..... With Bruce are his assistants, the sisters Reggie and Bethany, our two new E.V.P experts; and investigators in training.....”

“Cut!” Bruce interrupted. Craig glared hard on the man.

“Cut?! You are not the director Bruce.....”

“..... Your faces, they need to look more towards the camera..... you guys aren’t even giving me a partial cheek-side profile.....”

Bethany stifled a chuckle. Older sister Reggie elbowed her sister in the right arm.

“I heard that!” Bruce scolded.

Reggie flicked the big blow hard two birds from behind. This time, the guy did not see it. The two sisters looked slyly to each other and smiled in silence.

Craig now stopped, the young man catching unexpected sounds from behind him. his ears ready at attention. Freddy, was now looking on his older brother curiously.

“What is it Craig?”

“..... Shush! everybody listen!”

Craig, eyed the two sisters, and gave the girls a signal to record for noises in silence. The two girls smirked quietly on Craig’s actions, as he made a charade attempt at filming them with an invisible old fashioned camera, and then lifted his right index finger and ring finger in a silent signaling for two.

Reggie and Bethany pulled their digital recorders out from their pockets. the two girls walked the perimeter in opposite directions.

Craig once again caught on to the sounds. the y seemed to be reminiscent of footsteps in the lot.

“Now we’re talking!” Bruce boasted aloud. the two sisters and the two brothers hushed the guy at the same time.

Bruce raised his arms questioningly, as he repositioned the cameras to follow the individual investigators.

Reggie confirmed the sounds.

“..... Footsteps..... it sounds as if they are from multiple sources.....”

Craig and Freddy quickly broke out with their two multiple spectrum hand-held camcorders.

“..... Guys? You’re killing me here....” Bruce whined.

“Shut-up Bruce.....” Craig spoke to the guy in his lowest voice possible to the situation.

Bruce shook his head and crossed his arms at the chest. the footsteps, they sounded as if they were all around them now.

The five were silent for many minutes. Bruce , he now heard what the other four were hearing. The big bold loudmouth now swallowed his words. the man’s heart began to race. The tech specialist frantically started looking around for signs of the unseen stalkers in the night.

Happening unseen The Creeps crawled slowly up Bruce’s right leg. The man yelped awkwardly, and jumped back away from his post. Bruce was now inadvertently walking upon the freshly covered burial rest of someone’s grave.

“Bruce?” Craig whispered. “Get off from that grave.....”

Bruce’s heart raced faster and faster. The man began to tremble. sweating beads slowly dripped from his creased forehead. An unexpected chill now washed over him.

“Cold spot!” Bruce blurted aloud.

“Shit, Bruce! You said you were okay for this!”

“..... No..... No!” Bruce said aloud, the man now panicking. “Something touched me, but there’s nothing there.....”

Walking backwards in an attempt to watch everything around him, Bruce fell into the top soil of the same grave. The grave’s headstone knocked ajar.

Something grabbed hold on a deep penetrated grip to the man’s spine. Bruce found that he now could not move. The Creeps now crawled from the back of the downed man’s spine and slowly worked its way to his mind.

Bruce screamed. Two rotting arms rose from the grave beneath him. The bones of the unknown dead continued to draw itself from its place of rest slowly. The hairless fleshless skull, breached the soil near to the man’s neck. Fangs in the place of teeth bared.

The jugular vein drawing on an inhuman thirst. the fangs of bone bit deep. Exsanguination provoking Bruce’s own bodily system to quickly feed the awakening dead.

“Bruce!” Reggie cried aloud.

Reggie, Bethany, Craig, and Freddy; quickly gathered around the grave where Bruce had fallen. The man was gone.

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