Dawn of the Crescent Moon

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Day Two, Part One

I sit up and stretch, wiping the sleep from my eyes. For a few glorious seconds, I forget all the events of the previous day.

But then everything comes back to me.


Slowly, I lift myself out of bed, trying not to disturb Kenzie, who fell asleep with a wet face of tears. I gently kiss her forehead and stand, my limbs stiff from the twisted position I slept in.

I look out the window, and the sun is shining. It looks to be about midday. I sit down at my writing desk and sigh. How are we gonna get out of this one? I know we can’t face Lex-Creature again - I feel like that would end very badly for me and Kenzie. Even if I could make a run for it, there’s no way that my little sister would make it out of the house safely.

Then I think to look under the door. I bend down so that my eyes are level with the floor. Searching, I squint to see the entirety of the hallway. I pick up nothing but carpet - wherever Lex-Creature is, it’s not in the hall. She must’ve given up on getting inside my room last night, although she did bang on the door for a while. We stayed in absolute silence, but Kenz was terrified.

But hey, so was I.

We can’t get around Lex-Creature, so we’ll be in here for a while. I need to get my priorities straight. But my mind is a mess of memories and images and wishes and fears, so I can’t think right.

So I do what I do whenever I can’t think or talk - I write.

Priorites: I write.

1. Water, which shouldn’t be a problem. My room has a connecting bathroom, and we can get water from the faucet. The only difficulty is that the tinkling of the tap might attract Lex-Creature.

2. Food, which will be. Luckily, humans can go a while without food. But nine-year-olds should always be getting proper nourishment, and I’m in charge, and oh my god this poor child should NOT be in the middle of this but neither should I neither should anybo-

3. Keep writing, Adalia. I ponder for a moment before writing Technology. Lex can’t be the only sick person out there, right? The government and hospitals have to know something. There’s probably a cure. There will be a news broadcast or something like it that will tell the general public what is going on. But I left my phone on the table when I was trying to call 9-1-1.

Yep, a cure. We’ll get my friend a dose of the cure, and she’ll be just fine, and I’ll buy Kenz whatever the ❁ she wants, and our parents will come home. Everything will be just perfect. In twenty years, Lex and I will laugh about this.


Ah, who am I fooling? I’ve read enough apocalypse novels to know that there probably isn’t a cure, or a happily-ever-after. Maybe not even an in-twenty-years. It’s strange to think about how two days ago, I was stressing about whether my crush liked me back or not (probably not, but a girl can dream). Now I’m stressing about whether my sister and I will survive the bloodthirsty-monster-that-used-to-be-my-best-friend-that-is-stalking-our-house.

4. Escape, which is actually my first priority, but I can tell that it won’t come soon or easily. Even though Lex-Creature is not at our tails as of right now, she will be if we make any noise or-

“Adalia?” Kenzie says, too loudly. As I was saying - she’ll be on our tails if we make any noise or ruckus. And that was noise enough. Heavy footsteps pound down the hallway, and the groaning that haunted my nightmares the previous night is back. Lex-Creature is back. ❁.

I put a finger to my sister’s lips, and she understands, thank God. No more noise, no more sound. If Lex-Creature forgot about us last night, she’ll forget about us today too.

Bang, bang, bang. Grooooooan.


The sound of Lex-Creature striking our door is terrifying. Even though I know that the door is locked, and that she can’t get in, it’s still ❁ scary to have a humanoid ❁ monster that probably wants to kill us right outside your door.

Kenzie is whimpering silently on the bed, curled up in the fetal position. Quietly, I walk over to her, putting a gentle hand on her forehead. Then I grab the Switch. I power it on and turn on Zelda. We do have limited battery, but I feel like ‘trapped in a bedroom with your crazed best friend trying to MURDER YOU’ is a good time to drain it.

Instantly Kenzie lights up. It seems that she forgets her woes when there’s a screen in front of her.

Ah, the magic of video games.

I ruffle her curls as I stand. She half-smiles at me in passing. I enter the bathroom, where my feet are loud on the ceramic-tiled floors. The room is dark, even with the light on, but I can see just fine. To be honest, I don’t really want to open the windows. I don’t want to see what’s happening to other people, and this window is low enough that I have a perfect view of the street. Thinking about the street sends a billion questions hurtling through my brain.

Are there Lex-Creatures in the street? In the neighbors’ houses? Are my neighbors Lex-Creatures?

Are there Lex-Creatures in Italy?

Are my parents okay?

Or are they trapped in a hotel room, thinking of us and terrified of whatever’s outside?

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