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"What the hell is going on here Stephen?" Christopher whispered the best he could, the younger of the three intruders confused as to why there were no lights in the manor house.

"..... Nothing..... Just focus on what is important..... We need to find the manor's office..... Barbara? did you bring the flashlights?"

"..... Well of course I did! What would you dummies do without me?'

"Shush! Keep it down....." Stephen warned her on being too loud.

Handing two of the flashlights to her partners in crime, Barbara shined the beam of light from her hand-held illumination device on the back of Stephen's leg. His pants were soiled by what looked like blood.

The girl now stepped in Stephen's path and looked him square in the eyes. She would not leave his face.

"What?!" Stephen asked. Playing of what she had noticed as if it were nothing.

"The blood on your pant legs..... What happened?"

Stephen's younger brother Christopher now took a look at the pant legs for his own concerns.

"..... What the hell Stephen?! It wasn't you that killed the lights was it?"

Stephen paused for a few moments. the man attempting to keep the memory of what he had seen from creeping back into his thought-minded visualizations.

"..... The caretaker..... The old handyman that watches over the old man's estates..... He's a psychopath..... he was by the woodpile chopping somebody to pieces....."

Barbara's eyes widened. Christopher began to whine.

"..... No, no, no...... You didn't tell me we would be dealing with a psychopath....."

"Relax..... The old caretaker did not see me, or any of you..... Let's find the office, break into the manor's safe, grab the deeds and get the hell out of here....."

The three now froze in silence on the sounds of the manor house's entry doors slowly opening. The doors were chained and locked from within.

The activation of an internal personal communication system caused the three to look about the second floor for cameras. A woman's voice reaching their ears.

"..... I see you....." Lucienda taunted the three.

Barbara the first of the three to locate one of the interior security cameras, the girl flicked the watcher off.

"Fuck you bitch! You don't scare me....."

"..... I should...... You three, you don't really know me..... You know nothing of my family..... But right now, I am not the one you need to worry about..... My home is by many overseers, guarded; and these protectors will do anything they have to provide a safe haven for me....."

"..... Let us out..... We will leave you in peace...." Stephen attempted to bargain aloud.

"..... Oh, it is too late for that..... You three have seen more than you should have seen....."

"God damn bitch! Fuck you!" Christopher roared aloud.

The sounds of the caretaker creeping slowly across the hardwood floor sent the three into motion.

"..... Run fast as you can..... There is nowhere for you to hide..... Gregory, he is going to get you, and he can see each stride....."

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