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Locked in, the three invaders found the manor house to be more challenging than they had anticipated.

Walls shifted, blocking their way. Doors that were one time present now concealed from sight.

The sounds of the caretaker, his ax dragging menacingly behind him on the marble tile-work floors of the manor house's sitting room that the three had to pass through to reach the stairway to the second floor kept the intruders on the move.

"..... Damn bitch! She's herding us somewhere!" Barbara shouted aloud. The girl flicking the bird once again on sight of a second camera. Christopher yanked a standing three socket lamp from its plug and swung hard at the camera smashing it upon impact.

"..... Good job!" Lucienda mocked the boy on his uncontrolled anger issues. "Everything you idiots damage will be photographed by the police..... That is, if you survive Gregory's ax....."

"Fuck you!" Barbara snapped, the girl voicing her irritation louder than she really needs to.

"Enough!" Stephen demanded. "We need to relax..... Let's see where this psychopath rich bitch is leading us....."

The walls shifted once again. One door now revealed to the three on the wall opposite the last.

"..... Enter, if you dare....."

Stephen wasted no time. The older of the three barging into the room that lay beyond the door. Barbara and Christopher followed close behind.

The door locked closed behind the three and the wall again shift concealing the room's exit. The three intruders now found themselves within a large circular room with a lacquered hardwood floor.

"..... Congratulations..... You three will now be the honored guests of The Masquerade..... The other guests will arrive shortly..... Indulge yourself on your drinking interests, for the bar will now open....."

From the center of the grand ballroom, a platform slowly raised; locking a semi-circular bar sealed into place upon the ballroom floor.

Stephen looked to the ceiling. Spotlights and cameras, and what appeared to be some kind of strobe lights, had been arranged in ring circuits from the room's walls towards it's center.

The ceiling itself was an over-sized relief that depicted a strange story of ancient times long passed. People were being impaled.

Upper class attendees appeared in the relief as if one time in the past; they too had been led to the ballroom for some devious intent. For it appeared that they were drinking the blood of the dead.

"..... See? I told you the bitch was a psychopath!" Stephen remarked on the disturbing relief aloud.

"..... Oh, I am much more than that....." Lucienda again taunted the three intruders.

The three home invaders searched the walls of the grand ballroom. There was no way out.

Sounds from a mechanism's powered up activation, now caught on to their attentions. Lowering from the center of the ceiling, a four-sided pendulum clock was now within full sighted view of the three.

"Three hours until midnight and then the festivities begin....."

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