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Is this good looking boy in Australia living proof of the legends from the jungles of South America? A trail of bodies make it seem that way. A young boy grows to manhood, possessing powers nobody can understand or even imagine. He uses his abilities well, but sometimes, the primal drive forces him to commit acts of an atrocious nature. Nobody is aware of his full destructive potential as he attempts to integrate into a normal life, but his past is fast catching up with him. A 9 to 5 job, marriage, a beautiful, adoring wife and it all comes crashing down in a brutal finale of surprise and horror. But is it really the end? His legacy lives on . . .

Horror / Thriller
Colin Palmer
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: “The Beast Within...”

The soft thud of wood connecting with flesh, human flesh, was immediately dulled by the sharp crack of breaking bones. Blood danced a merry stream down her now shattered face and there was silence from the imperceptible moans she had involuntarily uttered up unto that point. She’d never had a chance to scream. The sound of gargling and bubbles of bloody froth escaped from her now unrecognizable mouth and nose. Once bright blue eyes were wide open but no longer capable of sight and the fear they displayed moments before was now clouded over and speckled with her own blood.

She lay on her back in the sandy dunes, her once white dress bunched up to her partially exposed breasts. Her ripped underwear lay to one side of her youthful tanned hips. The blood that stained her clothing, her body, the droplets on the bleached white sand up to 10 feet from her still form stood out starkly against their background, almost appeared luminescent and testimony to the force with which she had been struck. And struck not just once or twice, the coroner said later, but at least 30 to 40 times. The stains on the sand faded quickly, in time with her own internal ardor.

The aroma was oppressive but it did not emanate from her. A face looked down at hers, contorted and grotesque, teeth bared and snarling like a wild animal, yet soundlessly, waiting for more signs of refusal. It squatted over her still body, the mallet handle raised, waiting, waiting. The aroma permeating the air in the immediate area was sickly sweet but it didn’t seem to notice. And she was no longer able. Still it waited, the mallet handle swaying in time with each breath.

One of her unseeing eyes twitched in death, but still threateningly. The handle rose and fell again, and again, and again.......

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