Moonlight Hills-Book One: Lycanthrope

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Friend or Foe

I saw my fellow mates trained hard in the field with Mr. Simpson shouting at them with loudspeaker on his hand about how they got to work very hard to win the match without me, while I only stood and stared at them far away from the spectator’s seat. I was sad, thinking about how long I was going to be able to control my wolf. That werewolf thing, it ruined my life. I never wanted to be any like that. What I really wanted was to be normal again. But I couldn’t do much. Nobody couldn’t do much about that. I was cursed, really…really cursed.

Sometimes I wanted to scream out loud, saying how much I hated about my life. Sometimes I wanted to tell everybody about how miserable my life had been and saw they took a pity on me. I was desperate. I really wanted my normal life back. I would give everything for that.

I didn’t know why I sat there and watched my friends with jealousy. I just wanted to be the part of them again. But at that moment, I couldn’t. So I just took the book about witches from my bag, the thing I borrowed from Frank’s library the previous night.

Somehow, reading can ease my life, change my mood into better, and calm my emotion. So I thought it was the best to read while watching my friends’ training with happy smile.

I opened the cover, went to the first blank page then opened it again. I saw several pages in Latin so I just skipped them until I finally reached the first page in English. It explained about what the witch was, how they could manipulate the energy among them, and how they could use almost all the human’s brain potential.

I went to the next page, seeing the explanation about the most powerful witch until the very first beginner of them. Somehow it tingled me and made me interested more.

Necromancer, the one they believe to be the strongest of their kind. Necromancer has the most powerful and sacred, but forbidden spell. It’s called ‘Full Reanimation Spell’, a spell that can raise the dead from all creatures and make them fully in their control. They almost can master all spells available in the world and they don’t need staff. Their incantation is fast. In a blink of eyes they can launch a spell at anything.

It seems so scary if they’re a bad guy, I thought.

“Hey,” a voice of a girl called me from downstairs. I thought my seriousness and Mr. Simpson shouting prevented me to be aware of the sound of her footsteps. When I saw her, it seemed that my lungs just kind of going to blow out. She smiled at me, very sweet. But if I remembered that look when she shot me with her arrow back then, I was very thrilled. I was nervous somehow, quickly putting the book into my bag again.

She walked approaching me, not erasing her smile, “What are you doing here alone, Superstar?” she asked with chuckle.

I looked at her with a dump smile and hummed first, “Just reading my book,” I said. “So, what have you decided?”

She sat right next to me, still looking at me with her beautiful eyes, “I’m the newbie here now,” she answered, “Regretting your decision? About bailing out the game? I know you still want to be the part of the team.”

“Yeah, a bit,” I answered, “But, it’s temporary you know. I will go back to the game after the exam.”

She chuckled again, “But this is your last time, isn’t it? This is the biggest match in this year and you’re going to pass through your senior year. I don’t know why your parents insist you to break from the game. Your friends said your grade is not really that bad.”

God, why is she asking me this? Is she suspicious on me, I figured and I was a bit anxious after that.

I sighed, with the sad expression to her, “Perhaps…they just want me to be great for this time, not only in sport, but also in academic. You know that it’s maybe not a good thing if they think I’m only good in one subject. Moreover, I can play again after college, right?” then I smiled at her, and I could see that she began to understand. God, I just knew at that time that I was a drama queen. I didn’t know that actually I could make an excuse.


We heard a guy calling her name. For a second, we turned our head and saw a creepy guy, in my version, had already stood up in front of me. I just figured it out why I wasn’t aware that Norah was coming. It’s because she’s a hunter. I still remembered what Carter said about how hunters could easily approach us without us being noticed. And it happened when Ino Rays did to me right then.

He looked at me, calm but creepy. I just threw away my sight of him. It seemed that he could smell my fear.

“Can we have a moment?” he asked.

Norah stood up fast and nodded, and then she walked away with Ino. I saw them walking until they disappeared on the junction. They didn’t speak a thing, and it freaked me out.

A few seconds later, I could hear steps approaching me. I was sure, that it was definitely not a hunter. But it surprised me more.

“Susan? Why are you here?” I asked.

She didn’t seem angry. She just approached me slowly, then sat next to me, “I just see you here and…I’m kind of miss you,” she paused for several seconds, and so did I. “Are we really over, Fender?” she suddenly asked.

I sighed, “Yeah. I think it’s for the best.”

“Why? I’m sure you have a reason,” she said.

“Whatever the reason, we’re over, Susan,” I said then I stood up and walked away. My emotion was getting heightened and I didn’t want to end up hurting her. I could hear her shouting, asking if it was her fault. But I didn’t answered, I just walked and off. I just thought, just hate and over me, Susan.

I walked alone through corridor, planned to go to my locker and took the book I borrowed from library. Mrs. Jill, the old woman librarian, warned me that morning that I should return the book I borrowed 2 weeks ago after lunch.

About 20 meters in front of me, I saw my locker standing in the same place. I didn’t fasten my steps, only walked slowly with an empty thinking. Since I became a wolf, there was a moment that my head was blank. I became aware when two fairy girls wooing me while we passed through each other.

The pretty one in blue dress, Nina, stood in front of me with her pretty friend in green dress which I forgot the name and smiled at me. They were smelled so sweet, every fairy was smelled the same. I didn’t know why but somehow and sometimes I figured if it was delicious to eat them. But of course I threw away that thinking as far as possible.

“Hi, my mighty wolf,” she greeted, “It’s been a long time since every wolf in this town was gone. How’s your first days?” she asked.

I sighed, “My life is like hell, especially when I have to hide this from two hunters in this school,” I lowered my voice.

“Two?” her friend winced in shocked face, “Frank only told us not to mention your condition to that beautiful but scary Ino Rays, who’s the other?” she asked.

“You don’t know? She’s another beautiful, and new,” I said.

“You mean…Norah?” Nina guessed and I nodded a bit. They seemed shocked and looked each other and closed their mouth with their hands like a gossiping girls in teen movie who just got great news.

“Please, don’t say anything about me. I figured you are acquaintance now,” I said.

“Yeah, we chat along together this morning,” Nina said, “Don’t worry, Cute, your secret’s safe with us. We fairies are trustworthy friends,” she guaranteed, “Okay, see you next time, Handsome,” they walked away and waved their hands with a pretty smile.

I sighed again when they were gone. Somehow I thought I just need a girl to be a shoulder I leaned on. There’s no way I could talk about this to Susan, furthermore I already broke up with her. And it’s impossible to tell Norah about this. I still remembered how cruel her face was when she shot me.

So, I continued my step and bore this problem alone. Perhaps there was Frank, but I really need a girl. I wished I got crush on one of those pretty fairy without thinking how delicious they were.

Several seconds later, I finally stood up in front of my locker. I tried to unlock it and when I opened it, I screamed and jump off to the back.

I saw head!!!!!

A head and you can figure how scary to see a head in your locker. And I just realized that it was a ghost head when her whole body appeared from inside the locker. Oh, God, she’s going to make my hearts jump out of my mouth. And then, I felt so embarrassed when everybody stared at me oddly.

It was her, Eve Denver, my ghost secret admirer. She was a bit shocked. Maybe she didn’t think that I would freak out like this. Who wouldn’t when you only see a piece of head inside your locker?

“I’m…I’m sorry, Fender. I didn’t mean to scare you off. This is my bad,” after that she disappeared in the thin air.

I gasping for a while, tried to control my breath. I looked around, people still stared at me oddly. Oh, God, even Norah saw my stupidity. I quickly took my books and ran to the library. I was very ashamed.

Forget about what happened, Fender, I talked to myself.

Meanwhile in the east and darker area of the canteen, three pale-looking guys sighed heavily when they heard their fellow vampires laughed at me from afar. They were upset about how those vampires thought of my idiocy.

“Fender screamed again. It must be Ms. Denver,” Frank said.

“It’s not her fault, Frank. It can’t be helped that she loves him the most. You know that she loves him since Fender was a freshman,” Sam argued, defending the ghost.

Walter nodded quickly, “And…we can’t blame Fender either. We all know he’s a chicken, even if he’s a werewolf now,” then he realized something and lowered his voice, “I hope he doesn’t hear any of what we’re talking about now,” he actually wanted to defend me, but ended up mocking me.

Frank’s eyes grew larger when he saw the scariest person by all supernatural beings in school. The three of them suddenly fixed their sitting way and got restless. What they were afraid the most was happening, that Ino was approaching them.

That time, he didn’t bring his lunch, only confidently sat on the empty chair among them. He didn’t smile, only stare at them fiercely.

“I smell something fishy,” he said with a low voice.

They suddenly got nervous, but somehow they could manage their anxiety.

“What are you talking about, Ino?” Frank asked innocently, while Sam and Walter didn’t want to speak any word.

“Haven’t you heard what I said, Damon? You all hide something from me,” he said again.

Sam, Frank, and Walter looked each other. Does he know about Fender, Frank thought frighteningly. They caught by the silence after that.

“Tik tok! You run out of time. Speak now or I will use force way,” Ino threatened them, then he stood up.

Frank did too, and his eyes grew even larger than before, “What can we say if we don’t know about something you’re talking about?” he said, almost yelling. Everybody, especially all vampires around there were staring at him, thinking about how brave of him to speak to Ino that way, perhaps some thinking of how foolish he was.

Ino was grinning, “Let’s see if you really don’t know anything,” he walked away, approaching one group of vampires near them, making Frank and the others gulping.

Those vampires, who realized that they were being approached by Ino, were tremble in fear.

He forcedly pulled one of them and took him to them.

“Hey, Ino, what do I get to do with this?” he tried to resist, but actually he couldn’t do anything, “I didn’t do anything!” he tried to defend himself, but Ino still dragged him into them until they both stood up in front of Frank and the others.

“Calm down, Ino. There are normal people here,” Frank whispered.

Ino grinned again, “I know. I just want to ask him a question,” he then looked at the poor vampire and talked, “I know what you vampires do to cover him up. There’s no secret with me. Tell me what they’re hiding,” he said with a lower voice.

That vampire boy, or maybe he was just only looked like a boy, got silent for a bit until Ino looked at him in the eyes, “Yeah, yeah, they’re covering that there is a new beta,” he said sacredly.

“Who?” Ino asked, still with the low voice.

Frank and the others got tenser after that vampire told Ino about their secret. They couldn’t do anything, only waited for what would happen next in trembling heart.

“Brownwood! The missing daughter! She was the one who killed the previous victim randomly. We know that it was her. Angelica Brownwood,” he said, “Now could you please let me go?”

Frank wanted to sigh with ease, but he didn’t show it too much.

Ino loosened up his grasp and the vampire quickly walked away. He stared again with Frank without any words.

“We’re going to save her and we believe we can. I know telling you this means killing her instead,” Frank told him his reason.

Ino nodded slowly, “You’re right, Damon. You’re absolutely right. I’m going to kill her. And if any of you interfere with this, you’re as dead as her.”

“Please, Ino, we can save her. Nobody has to die again,” Frank begged.

“That’s a very bad mistake, Frank Damon. Somebody has to die to prevent the death of the others,” he said, he then walked away with his arrogance.

After Ino disappeared from their sight, both Sam and Walter sighed easily, “That was close.”

“I won’t hide that I’m actually relieved, but what can I say to Mr. Brownwood about this?” Frank told them.

Ms. Jill, the old librarian, raised her finger as high as her head which filled with white hair and warned me, “Late again and I won’t let you borrow any books again from here. Do you understand, Mr. Luts?”

“Yes, Ms. Jill,” I nodded.

“If you finish, then get out of here. You won’t be allowed to borrow any books until 3 days to go. Do you understand, Mr. Luts?” he said with her finger rising again.

“Yes, Ms. Jill,” I nodded.

“Then what are you waiting for?” she was upset that her eyeballs seemed wanted to off from her head.

I quickly walked out the library, and nearly bumped out someone. Once again, she laughed when she saw me.

“Three times in a row and I believe that it’s the sign of something,” Norah said with her pretty and wide smile.

I hope so, I thought. But when I thought about that she’s being a hunter, everything good was destroyed at the same time. I only chuckled a bit, “Where do you want to go?” I asked.

“Nowhere. But…since I meet you, I think it doesn’t hurt to tag along with you,” she said. Then she suddenly pulled my hand and brought me somewhere. I didn’t know why suddenly she was so coquettish toward me. But I ignored it. I just followed her and made her brought me wherever she wanted.

Until finally, we went to the storage room where every school equipment was stored there. The place was dusty and narrow, but everybody liked to make out there.

She pushed my body to the shelf and grasped my waist, “You like it in here, Fender?”

Actually, I just wanted to ask her about what happened to her at that time. She was so different. But, I didn’t want to care about that thing. What Norah did really enjoyed me.

She nearly kissed me, but then she moved her face away, like she was teasing me, “You nervous, Fender?”

“Yeah, I think so,” I nodded with a very nervous smile.

But suddenly…

“Oops, I think I drop something,” she said with a very naught eyes.

I know that something was dropped because I could hear that very faint sound. It was her bracelet. And she asked me to take it like a very spoiled child.

“Okay, I will take it for you,” I said. I lowered my body and tried to reach that bracelet. But when I held it, suddenly it was like I held a fire in my hand. I screamed when I saw there was smoke coming out my hand when I touch the bracelet and then I threw it.

Damn! It’s silver, I thought anxiously.

Norah tried to lure me into her trap. She knew that I was a werewolf. I should have realized about her changing attitude toward me. But I was too dumb, and I was too late.

She pushed me until I fell, strangled me, and threatened me with a knife on her another hand, “So, I’m right. You’re a werewolf. When I saw you screamed because you saw a wandering spirit, I knew you’re not human. You’re not also a vampire and with all the wolfy things around town lately, I’m sure that you’re a new beta. Wait…” she paused for several seconds, stared at me and studied my face, “You’re the one I successfully shot several nights ago.”

“Please wait, Norah! It doesn’t have to be like this. I’m maybe a werewolf, but I’m not dangerous. I’m not killing people,” I begged.

“Then who killed someone back then?” she asked.

“It’s another beta. She was fully shifted, but I wasn’t. I tried to control my changing with my friend, Carter Dale. But I swear, I didn’t kill and I promise I won’t kill anyone. You got to believe me,” I said.

She loosened up her grip at my neck, and then she lowered her knife. She moved back a bit and sighed, “Who’s another beta?” she asked.

“She’s Angelica Brownwood. Carter believes it was her. She was turned at the same time I was turned by the alpha. But she was missing. We’re all victim, should we be killed too?” I asked desperately.

“I know it must be hard for you. And I believe you can control your wolf with the Dale at your side. I do understand, but I don’t think Ino will,” she said, “I won’t tell Ino about this, but I’m afraid that he has his suspicious on Frank. He knows about it, right?” she asked me and then I nodded, “Yeah, he’s your best friend after all.”

“So, who is Ino anyway? Is he friend or foe?” I asked.

“He’s not a foe, nor a friend. He walks on his own path. Nobody understand what he’s thinking, even our fellow hunters,” she sighed again, then thinking, “I have to find Ino and see what happen. And you,” she pointed at me, “Don’t ever again do anything reckless like screaming when you see a wandering spirit, or any other show up things. Ino will get suspicious on you,” she quickly stood up and ran away.

God, I gasped heavily but I was relieved. I couldn’t believe that she would easily understand about my situation. I thought all hunters would be hard to understand. But I realized there was something I got to worry about. It’s better to meet Frank right now, I thought and moved away quickly.

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