Moonlight Hills-Book One: Lycanthrope

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Safe and Sound

“Thanks God he didn’t buy you out. I know that he hates you since you became a werewolf, but I think he respects me. And I’m relieved that it seemed Ino believed what he said,” Frank told me about the horror thing he experienced before he told me that. Maybe if I was with him, I would have my whole body shaken like a vibrator.

We were in ‘The Tavern’, sitting together and drinking a glass of hot chocolate. Actually, Frank would prefer plasma juice rather than chocolate, but The Tavern didn’t sell plasma juice and it was forbidden to bring any food and beverages from outside. It was at dusk, we sat near the window glasses and Frank wasn’t disturbed by the sun light. I sipped my drink and exhaled.

“I wonder where Angelica is now,” I wondered.

Frank exhaled too, “My theory says that she’s with the alpha. If she’s free, she will return to her home, but she doesn’t. I believe that that alpha will release her again when the next full moon,” he explained.

I thought his theory was right. Frank was always right. He was so smart and his analytical thinking was always near perfect. Perhaps that’s why he was always more popular than me.

I saw him sipped his chocolate a little, pretended that he liked it. He thought something and for several seconds, we were quiet although our surrounding was not the same. Somehow I could manage the noise around me then.

“Do you think I should believe in Norah? Thinking that she won’t tell Ino about me?” I asked, changed the topic.

His mimic changed as he changed what’s on his mind. He winced a bit, “I think you should believe her. Hunter is a trustworthy fellow. You’re going to be safe and sound if you befriend with them. And from what I learned by the way she looks at you, I think she likes you, Fender. The conclusion is…she won’t betray you. If she wants to destroy you, she won’t postpone it. She will kill you from the first time she knows the truth. But she didn’t, right? Actually, she protected you and you should be grateful for that,” he said.

I was relieved when Frank thought like that. I thought I was lucky that I have a pretty face so that Norah would like me and never hurt me. Am I too cocky and confident, I thought. But never mind as long as it didn’t hurt me.

“The thing that concerns me is what she said about your careless behavior. She knew because you were careless, Fender, and you must remember that. You’re lucky Ino was with me,” he blamed me.

“I told you I will change. I will be more careful. I don’t want Ino to know about me. He will say that he’s definitely going to kill me just like he said to you that he wants to kill Angelica,” I said. “By the way, how about our next action to find Angelica?” I changed the topic again.

He sighed. It seemed that he forgot about it for a moment and suddenly remembered it again. He shook his head, “Do you have news from Carter Dale?’ he asked me back.

I raised my shoulder and showed a wondering face, “Why he should report anything to me? He will tell you first if he knows something,” I guessed.

“No, Fender. You’re his fellow werewolf. He’s going to trust you more. It’s our nature to trust our own kind more than the others,” he explained.

“Nope! He didn’t tell a thing,” I answered.

A bell dang when someone I knew opened the door. I just yelled out, calling his name and waving my hand high, “Hey, Hope!” I called. Frank turned his face to the direction where Hope the odd fairy in my version, came from.

Hope smile widely, unlike Frank who seemed so difficult to give a wide smile to others. He walked toward us and bended like a fair knight, “Good greetings, my old friends,” just like usual, his words were very flowery, “How now?”

“Very well, Hope, and you may be well. What’s the occasion?” Frank asked with a polite way too.

“I’m just walking around, hoping to find something that brightens my heart. And ye?” he asked him back.

Frank suddenly stood up, “Please sit down first, my friend,” he offered.

Hope nodded with smile, “My pleasure,” he replied and sat, then Frank sat too after that. “Pardon, I do beseech you to tell me how that werewolf thing goes,” he asked, “In my wish that ’tis shalt be better.”

“Have no worry, Hope. Fender is better off now,” Frank explained and I nodded.

Hope sighed with relieve, “The pleasure is mine to hear that.”

“My only problem is I have to keep this thing from Ino while that guy is in the same school with me,” I sighed and complained about myself. “I’m still hoping that you can give me a way to cure this thing. Perhaps, I have already adapted now. But deep in my heart, my friend, I want my old life back. I don’t have to hear every single noise around me, even a sound of a water drop in my bathroom disturb my sleep.”

“Please accept my apology, Fender. Methinks I hath no idea anymore. I still remember what that sorcerer said, no cure to help thee,” Hope replied.

I just wished that he said otherwise, but wish was only a wish. There was nothing we could do. I was a werewolf, and I am until now. We saw each other for several seconds, perhaps thinking about something. Me? I was thinking about if I could ask Norah to be my girlfriend. But I thought it wasn’t a good idea. Everything needs time.

“So...” Hope hummed a bit after starting the conversation, “How’s the alpha?” he asked.

“No clue,” Frank answered, “We’ve been searching for the alpha since the beginning. Furthermore, the alpha kidnaps Mayor’s only daughter. She has also turned into a werewolf and ready to be released on the full moon. Therefore, we have to rescue the girl or perhaps there will be another victim again.”

Hope winced, thinking hard, “God, that was frightening. Thou must hast a very hard time like swimming in the river of dread. I wish I could do you a favor. Please, tell me, my friends. What could I do for ye?”

“For now, I think we don’t want to do anything about that stuff. I’m just fed up with this,” I complained.

But Hope smiled again. He took my right hand and held my palm with his two bare hands. I was a bit confused about what he was doing, but something magical suddenly happened. I felt something in my hand, although there was nothing in there before. Hope drew his hands back, and I saw a small medallion on my palm.

Wow, I just know that fairy also can do a magician trick, I was astonished.

“’Tis my medallion, a piece of my soul. Thou just hast to whisper on it, and I shalt come at my service,” he explained.

I was still confused and I looked at Frank.

“You can call him every time, Fender. Every noble fairy has been blessed by the power to guard someone dear to them. It’s more effective than a cell phone anyway,” he said, perhaps joking on his last words.

I looked at Hope again, feeling touchy, “Wow, I’m flattered. Thanks anyway, Hope.”

“My pleasure,” he replied.

My cell phone suddenly rang. I quickly took it from my bag. When I saw the screen, I winced. I didn’t recognize the numbers. But I just took the call.

“Hello,” I greeted.

“Hi, Fender. This is Norah,” she said. Actually, I was a bit shocked that she knew my phone number and suddenly called me without any notice. Moreover, after all that happened to us.

I couldn’t speak my word freely, “I-I...hello, Norah.”

“Please, I need you to come to me. I will text you the address. Please come quickly as soon as possible. I need your help,” she said.

“Wha-what can I do for you, Norah?” I asked.

“Just come, Fender. I will wait you here,” then she cut off the call.

I just looked at Frank and raised my shoulder. But he suddenly spoke, “We’ll go. I’m curious.”

God, this is bad, I thought.

You know what address Norah texted me at that time? The Dale’s Mansion! I knew that it would be related to werewolf-hunting-or-something-like-that thing. Frank insisted to go there, meeting with Norah. He always said that he was curious even though I begged him not to come. Don’t he realize that his curiousness sometimes leads him to danger, I thought. He also scared me by saying Norah would hate me the most if I didn’t go there, so I decided to go. There was always no option for me.

After passing the old and broken gate, the three of us continued walking deeper to the mansion itself. My eyes were wandering around, hoping that I wouldn’t meet anything scary. How can they just act like they are walking in the school’s corridor and there’s nothing happened, I figured.

I walked behind Frank, holding his lower shirt tightly. I didn’t care if he said that it wasn’t comfortable to him. The scariest thing in my mind was…what Norah was going to do with me.

“What thou art thinking of this, Frank? Deep in my heart, I’m restless,” Hope said. I hoped he could convince Frank to go back.

Frank nodded, “We won’t know until we go there. I figure if we can take advantage from that hunter’s action.”

“Doesn’t anybody here understand my feelings?” I complained, still tailing behind Frank’s back.

They didn’t speak anymore until we finally reached the mansion and saw Norah with a big muscled guy who brought a dual sword on his back. I didn’t think that she would bring her fellow hunter. The guy was like a young adult guy with a manly face. He didn’t smile, looking at us just like looking at his prey.

Norah approached us with her faint smile. In her hands, she held her crossbow while she brought a true bow and a bunch of arrows on her back. “I know you will bring a company, but I didn’t know that there will be two. Well met, my friends.”

Hope bowed down and smiled, “’Tis a pleasure for me to meet a beautiful lady as thee. May God bless you with all greetings in the world, Milady.”

Norah widened her smile. She also bowed down like a princess, “The pleasure is mine, Milord. I don’t expect to meet one of the royal of The Rovals.”

“Please don’t mind me, Milady. I’m just a commoner,” Hope said.

“Don’t be, Milord! I can recognize you from your mother tongue. Despite your life as a commoner here, you’re still a royal,” she insisted, “So, my friends, thanks for meeting me here. First of all, please meet my brother Evans.”

The three of us and Evans didn’t speak anything. We just looked at each other for several seconds without any expression.

“I’m sure you all have already known why I ask you all here. It’s that alpha,” Norah explained.

I nodded, “I’ve figured.”

“So, what’s your plan, Norah?” Frank asked.

“He has the plan,” Norah answered.

I winced with confuse, “He?”

Suddenly we all heard a movement from the second story of Dale’s Mansion. We saw a guy jumped off from the broken window. He walked approaching us with his calm but eerie expression.

Carter! That makes my feeling’s going worse than ever, I thought. We didn’t comment anything when he showed up.

Norah started the conversation again after several seconds we were caught by the silence, “We want to lure out the alpha,” she explained. Her expression was going tenser.

“Just like I’ve said to all of you, only Fender can call the alpha. Somehow, he’s already one of its packs,” Carter explained.

Just like I thought before, this thing is bad omen for me, I figured. I gulped, just hoping it couldn’t be any worse.

“How does he do that?” Frank asked.

“He has to turn, not completely but only half-shifted is enough,” Carter explained, “That way, he can call his maker.”

Frank’s eyes grew larger than before. He looked so upset, “Impossible! I won’t allow him to change. He can’t control his feral changing yet. That’s not worth the risk.”

“There’s no other option, Frank. We don’t know until when the alpha will show up. I’ve already talked to the founder families. It’s an alpha we’re facing, Frank. It’s not worth the risk if there’s another victim because we don’t act,” Norah replied, “That’s why I brought Carter Dale here, to make sure everything is okay.”

“Moreover,” Carter added, “We need to save Angelica immediately. Finding the alpha is our first step.”

Norah looked at me, the one who was silent and shaking. He walked toward me and saw me with her bright eyes, “We are depending on you, Fender.”

“I-I...I-I don’t...know, Norah. I just...think...what if the alpha doesn’t hear my call, or worse it even doesn’t care about me,” I speculated.

“It’s 50:50 chance, Fender. It’s up to you whether you do it or not,” Carter said.

I gulped again. I began to think fast. “So, if I want to do that, how can I turn?” I tried to speculate again.

Evans started to move toward me and seemed like a bad guy. “Let me do that.” When he stood right in front of me and I just looked at him with stupid face wondering what he would do to me, suddenly he punched me with his very big fist right in my face.

I moved backward unstably, feeling dizzy in my head. With a very upset face, I yelled to him, “What are you...” but he cut my words with his big fist right in my face again.

I saw he was grinning at me, and I was at the top of my madness. I felt my teeth began to grow larger until my mouth was full with my fangs. Fur was growing fast on my face and suddenly I felt so ugly at that time.

I thought he successfully made me turned.

His grin was wider and I was madder. I began to lose control but I could still remember what he said then, “I did it, right?”

I growled, then howling. Everybody seemed to move backwards but Evans. He eagerly wanted to fight me. I was out of control so my cowardice was gone somewhere and I wasn’t afraid even a little to fight him.

“So what now? How can he manage to call his master while he loses control? He can’t do it on purpose!” Frank was worried and upset.

“You’re wrong, Frank,” Carter replied, “It’s our nature to not fighting alone. I’m sure he will call his fellow werewolf, his pack, it’s his only maker,” he said.

“We have to stop him, Carter, he will completely turn,” Frank was getting worrier.

Carter shook his head, “His anger is not enough to make him completely turn. He needs full moon, so please stop worrying!” he looked a bit upset with Frank and all his worries.

While they were waiting and talking about me, I was still growling and looking at them. My eyes turned gold, watching all my friends like facing an enemy. I could still think that it was not the best thing to be a bad guy, but even though I tried to resist my feelings and came back to my sense, my anger was over me.

“He doth not call his master. Methinks he’s going to attack us hither,” Hope warned them.

He was right. My cowardice was gone somewhere and my wolf overtook my body. I couldn’t do anything to stop myself. I run toward Evans because he was near to me. But his reflect was as sharp as other hunter. As I moved toward him, he quickly drew his dual sword.

We were going to have a clash, but suddenly Frank interfered.

He moved fast and pushed Evans until both of them clashed each other several meters from the previous spot. Frank held Evan’s hands tightly, while he tried to escape from Frank. They saw each other with anger.

“Don’t hurt him!” Frank warned.

“I’m just protecting myself. He’s going to attack me, you moron!” Evans replied.

I didn’t care about why they were fighting, I mean...I did care, but my wolf didn’t. My wolf was going to attack them while they were fighting and very vulnerable. But Hope knew that I was going to move again.

He casted a magic, but not using an incantation like a witch did. Fairy has a different method when they use their magic. It’s like a nature doesn’t have a will to resist their order.

Hope raised his right hand as high as his chest, and suddenly a circle of fire was created. The fire surrounded me. When I tried to jump and escape, the fire was getting bigger, preventing me from getting out from the circle.

I was panic...God, I mean my wolf was panic. In desperate, finally I howled, crying for help. That was a very long howl.

Norah suddenly yelled, “Roval, stop the fire!” and when the fire finally gone, she shot me with her crossbow right on to my shoulder.

I screamed, feeling the pain of my shoulder. Suddenly I yelled, “God, don’t you know that this is hurt?” I complained.

Norah smiled a bit, “He’s back to his sense. Do you think his howl will make it?”

“Soft,” Hope said. His face seemed so serious. Frank and Evans stopped fighting. They all looked at me, and I looked back at them with my ugly face.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, feeling so innocent.

They didn’t speak a word. Sometimes they looked around, sometimes they looked at me, and sometimes they looked at each other. For a minute I think, we were caught in a silence.

A wind was suddenly felt so eerie and cold, blowing the dried leaves away. I stood, seeing their face one by one who stared back at me.

“We’re lucky. It’s nearby,” Carter whispered.

The air was getting eerier and tenser. Frank, Carter, Norah, and Evans got close together, leaving me a few meters away from them. And you know what? My cowardice was back even though my appearance was still scary. With my fast movement, I clustered among them.

“The alpha, right?” I guessed, still confuse because I just got back to my sense.

I could hear a growl from the woods, and I thought everybody could hear it too. We saw to the same direction, a pair of red eyes popped out from the dark. So, the method is successful after all, I figured. I didn’t think that that alpha would be bought by my call.

A big beast like a wolf finally came out from the woods, revealing itself. Those red eyes stared at us with so much anger. It showed its big teeth inside its mouth. Evans and Norah were ready with their weapon.

“Does anybody have silver here?” Frank asked.

“Nope. I can’t use another weapon. These swords are my best, but unfortunately they’re not silver,” Evans replied.

“Stop worrying, Frank. Five versus one, we’re going to win,” Norah said confidently.

“Don’t underestimate it! It’s an alpha,” Carter whispered, “And don’t count Fender in. He can’t fight his own maker,” he then looked at Fender, “You! Stay away! Your role is over now. You’re only going to be a burden to us.”

Even though his words was annoying me, thinking me like I was the weakest among us, but I was glad. I’d prefer to stay away than facing that frightening beast. So, without thinking any further, I moved backwards until I was a bit far away from them. This time, I’d like to be a spectator, I thought.

Hope shot a fire by his hands and blew a wind by his mouth, causing the fire getting larger toward the alpha. On the other place, Norah always kept the distance from the alpha and shot her arrows. Some of those arrows successfully hit the alpha, but since the arrows were not silvers, those wounds were nothing to it. But somehow, it could slow it down a bit. Frank on the other hand, only depended on his fast movement. Since he didn’t bring his silver knife and he regretted it so much, his strength couldn’t get much attention to the alpha. But again, it somehow slowed it down a bit.

Evans ran toward the alpha, trying to give a brutal attack of his dual sword. But the alpha managed to dodge and gave a payback attack by its big fist, hitting Evan’s chest and threw him down. The alpha seemed not to stop his attack toward Evan, but Frank hit it with his fast movement until both of them rolling together on the ground.

Carter, with his half-shifted mode, ran toward the alpha who was still fighting with Frank, ready to give his scratch attack. The alpha jumped up and dodged Carter’s attack. Somehow, he managed to give a blowing fist to Carter’s face until he was thrown back.

I, still in my ugly appearance with fur all over my body and face like a dog, only saw them from afar. Frankly, I really wanted to help. But when I saw its glowing red eyes staring at me, I felt like I was the most coward person in this world. I was frightened. Its staring was killing me. I couldn’t do anything to help even if I wanted to. God, I felt so useless. 15 minutes has passed and I just do nothing, I thought in regret.

Hope seemed to be the mightiest among the good guys. He had given several massive attacks with his natural magic that almost effective against the alpha. But the alpha was quite fast and Hope sometimes felt a bit doubt if he launched the attack when the others are near with the alpha.

I saw Hope popping out his blue and sparkling but a bit transparent wings from his back. He floated a bit. In his right hand, I saw an electrical current charging. He raised that hand up, the electrical current seemed bigger than before. And suddenly, the electrical current was not only in his right hand, but also flowed through all his body.

“My friends!!! Keep away!!!” he screamed loudly.

Hearing the order from Hope, the others moved back fast, away from the alpha. The electrical current suddenly become a thunder that still flowing around Hope’s body. Hope flew toward the alpha and ready to give his another massive attack. Seeing that it could a danger, the alpha tried to ran away. But Hope didn’t give up. He kept flying to the alpha and suddenly a bolt of thunder was fired from his body. The alpha could dodge the first attack, but the attack still continued.

We saw them with a very fast heart beat and trembling. The light from Hope’s current thunder was getting larger, covering our sight. I could barely see.

Yeah! Actually, I really wanted to scream out loud like a cheerleader when I saw Hope’s thunder beam finally hit the alpha. I saw it even it didn’t clear. When the beam hit the alpha’s body, the white light was brighter than before, covering all of my sight. I couldn’t see anything for several seconds, until the light finally faded out.

Hope bended on his knees and lent on his hands, he gasped like a very tired person. It seemed that his attack before used all his strength. But what made the air getting tenser was when we saw a naked woman lying on the ground. In spite of being hit that massive attack, she could manage to stand up tall.

So, the alpha is a female, I shocked, and thinking how strong she was, it scared me.

But Hope’s attack seemed to have a very great effect to her. That attack could undo the full-shifted mode of the alpha, and I thought she lost almost all of her strength to keep maintaining the beast form. It only left her in half-shifted form.

Norah suddenly shot her with her bow quickly, trying to take good of the advantage. But it couldn’t take her down. She successfully caught the flashing arrow with her bare hand.

I was just fascinated by the way she could catch the arrow. It was really great skill.

Knowing that she was in a bad situation, she then decided to run away. Perhaps she thought that it was not a good idea to confront them then.

Norah yelled, “Someone get her!”

And since the position of her is quite far from the others, Frank initiated to move quickly since he was the only one who was outstanding in fast movement. Frank successfully grasped her hands and tried to stop her. But he didn’t think that the alpha was still stronger than him. She strangled him with his bare hand and pushed him hard to the trunk.

I yelled, “No!!!” because I heard the cracking sound of his neck.

The alpha threw him down and we saw him lying weakly. I quickly ran to him, didn’t know if I could made it in time. The alpha didn’t waste her chance to run away. Norah still kept trying to shoot her down, but she was too far away.

I didn’t care about the alpha. I was just frightened and worried about my best friend. He lied down without moving. I couldn’t forgive myself if there was something happened to Frank. I hugged him, holding his cold body. I couldn’t feel any pulse from him. I was panic. I just hugged him tightly and began to cry. I howled like a very desperate wolf.


“Hey, Fender. Don’t hug me too tight. It hurts,” Frank whispered.

I stopped crying, looking at his open eyes. God, somehow I felt so relieved. “How can you pretend to die and make me worry sick like an idiot, you moron?” I complained, but I was happy.

“I don’t pretend to die, Fender,” he said.

“But you have no pulse!” I protested.

“Vampire doesn’t have a pulse, Idiot!” he yelled at me and somehow I felt like I was the most stupid person in this world. After that, I couldn’t complain anything to him.

The others were approaching us. Their face was a bit upset. Norah helped Hope to walk since he was really out of strength.

“Don’t worry, Fender. He’ll heal,” Norah said.

Evans walked to us and he said let me, so I just put Frank in the ground and let him did something. He held Frank’s head and a second after that, I heard again the cracking sound of Frank’s neck.

I think I got sick, I figured after I heard that twice.

Evans helped Frank to get up even he could barely stand. But somehow, finally Frank was able to stand up and he quickly leaned on me. It seemed that it hurt so much, making me trembling to imagine if something like that happened to me.

“You okay, Fairy?” Carter asked, “What you did was amazing. I understand you didn’t use that power from the beginning, looking at your condition now.”

Hope smiled, just like usual, “Hath no worry, My friend. I am very much well,” he said.

“But you still did great, Milord. I have heard that Rovals have a very great power, and I witnessed it now,” Norah said fascinatingly.

“Firstly, Milady, I humbly pray thou to call me Hope,” he asked, “And I am nothing like that thou all mentioned of me,” he said humbly.

“Actually,” Frank started to speak again, “Fairy’s power is greatly decreasing if they left the fairy world for a long time. Hope has been leaving his world since a very long time ago. Noble fairies are great, and I remember how great Hope was in the past,” he explained, “Just like vampire, fairy is immortal creature, lives for a very long time. But unlike the vampire, fairy is the power of youth and life.”

Another knowledge about fairy I got. First, fairy is immortal just like a vampire. But I still didn’t know the mechanism of their lifespan. And after hearing what Frank’s said about Hope, I thought that Hope perhaps was older than Frank. Second, I just knew that fairies have their own world. I imagined that the world was just like I thought in the kid’s stories or movies, full of forest and flowers.

“But unfortunately, we lost the alpha. She’s still too strong for us,” Evans said with regretted sigh, “I know that I promised you not to tell about Fender, Norah. But I think we need Ino’s help. Do you think it’s possible not to involve Ino about this matter again?” he asked.

“Chill, Evans! We don’t get nothing,” Carter informed, “Even though we only saw her in her half-shifted form, I think I know her. However, I don’t know the name. I’m just sure that she is one from Grayson family,” he said.

Frank winced, “Grayson?” he thought, “My father told me that Graysons were also the one who started the betrayal.”

Carter nodded, “Yes. They and my family,” he replied, “But I don’t want to talk about that now. And Fender, I hope your role is over. But if we still need your help, please do help us. She still gets a connection with you. And hopefully, we don’t have to ask Ino for help. We still have to save Angelica.”

I agreed. I smiled widely, “Don’t worry, my friends. What’s best now is we just safe and sound,” I talked and relieved.

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