Moonlight Hills-Book One: Lycanthrope

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A car stopped in front of the lone and large mansion in the edge of Skyfall City, the nearest big city from Moonlight Hills Town. It takes about a half day car driving from Moonlight Hills to enter Skyfall City. The city is a mixture of sea-shore and highlands area to the west of Moonlight Hills.

That mansion was located in the very edge of the city near the forest that separated Skyfall City and Moonlight Hills, so the area was still quite remote and silent. There was no other building surrounded the mansion. The mansion itself seemed very quiet, like there was no life in it.

A teenager and a young around-twenty-years-old guy came out from the car. They walked to the very big gate of the mansion. The teenager whispered some weird words and suddenly the gate was opened by itself. It seemed that the words were a password to enter the mansion. They then entered the mansion’s yard and walked calmly.

“What do you think the elders will tell you, Ino?” Sergey asked.

Without looking at his friend, Ino only raised his shoulder, “I have no idea.”

“Maybe it’s about the werewolf that haunts the town. God, I’m not so update about Moonlight Hills since I have to live in my fraternity dorm in Skyfall City,” Sergey sighed.

“Don’t complain too much, Sergey. You’re lucky to have a college in the city. The life in Moonlight Hills is so boring. You know, the town is so peaceful. I really want to find a tainted-blood or some bad guys to fulfill my killing urge,” Ino explain without any specific expression.

Sergey laughed a bit, “Yes, you’re right. Do you remember Josh Lambert and Marina Levi, your fellow hunters that get the same college with me? I heard they always complain to the elders about how they are sick of fighting bad vampire gangs of the city and some stray werewolves. Sometimes they have to be in the situation when those filthy creatures are in the war. Moreover, sometimes there are some evil witches that bring out the ghouls for their sacrificial ritual. Skyfall City is a doom,” he explained.

“But I like to be the part of the doom,” Ino replied, “I don’t know why the elders want me to stay in Moonlight Hills rather than Skyfall City.”

Sergey raised his shoulders a bit, “I don’t know. Perhaps they want you to be a little bit nicer guy, Ino,” he said, then laughed again.

They continued to walk and chat, mostly Sergey was the one who talked and laughed too much, until they reached the big main door. Ino looked at the camera that moved toward him.

“Do I have to speak something in order you to open the door?’ he said with a bit upset, while Sergey could only chuckle.

A second later, the main door was opened by itself, letting them to enter into the mansion. They walked in and saw several people, Ino’s fellow hunters, looking at them from any direction. But they didn’t seem care about them.

“Don’t be so angry, Ino,” Sergey chuckled, tried to calm him down.

“These people are so rigid and I hate it,” Ino complained.

Sergey chuckled again, the he whispered near Ino’s ear, “Same like you.”

Suddenly Ino pushed away Sergey’s head from him, “Stop talking, Sergey!” he was mad. Sergey still chuckled but he really stopped talking.

They climbed up the stairs and faced a big door again in front of them. But then, without talking anymore, the door was opened by itself, revealing the large aula like a mixture of courtroom and throne room. There was a red carpet leading them from the door to the altar where several old people sat on their each chair. Many fellow hunters waited in each side of the room. It seemed that the meeting was well prepared.

Ino and Sergey stopped walking in the middle of the room, not far in front of the old people. There are seven of them, wearing a coat like a bishop but only the color was black and with nothing in their heads.

“Welcome, my dear,” the oldest man in the middle greeted them, “We’re glad to see you both are in a good condition.”

“Please, Old man, just speak the purpose and don’t waste my time,” Ino said.

The bald old guy at the very right cleared his throat, “You’re still a bold boy, Ino. Never change. Don’t ever think that because you have the ‘Four-Slayer’ title, you can do and speak as you want. We’re the elders. We still have the highest position in the order. Please mind that.”

The oldest man in the middle raised his right hand and spoke, “Please no fighting here. I just want to speak about your role in Moonlight Hills, Ino,” he explained.

“I hope you will let me out from that boring town,” Ino said.

The oldest man in the middle shook his head, “No, it’s not that. You will stay in that town. Moonlight Hills is the most peaceful area in the world and we give you order to keep the peace in its place. It’s a very hard task, Ino, and we have reason to give the task to you. And now, the peace is on disruption. Do you know what’s you’re missing, my dear?” he asked.

Ino sighed a bit, “The alpha werewolf, I know. I’m working on that.”

“You’re not serious, Ino,” the man on the second left said, he looked like the youngest among others, “Do you want us to call Leo to get the things done since he’s the expert of werewolf?” he suggested.

Ino shook his head, “I don’t need that idiot. I can do it by myself. You don’t have to worry,” he insisted.

“Then prove yourself, my dear,” the oldest man in the middle replied, “Please, do make your grandfather proud.”

“Yes, Gramps,” Ino said softly.

“And don’t do any unnecessary killing!” the bald old guy at the very right warned him.

Ino sighed, “You’re so talkative. I’ll do what’s right to me.”

The bald man just sighed, “As stubborn as ever.”

The two of them then turned around and walked away, didn’t so care that the meeting had just begun. Ino’s face was a bit upset, hoping that he would be given a much challenging task outside the town, perhaps some time in the city, but he was just be given the same task.

Sergey smiled widely, embraced his friend to give him spirit, “Don’t worry, ’Lil bro. I think that alpha werewolf is not a boring task if you take it seriously.”

“I’m just fed up with that town lately, Sergey,” he complained.

“Don’t worry. We’re going to kick that alpha’s ass together,” Sergey said and chuckled.

“First of all, Sergey, I have to investigate something,” Ino said, “I think Damon still hides something from me. You know, I get my suspicious on his friend, Fender Luts.”

A bell rang as a sign for it-is-time-to-go-home-now, and after the teacher said we could go home, everybody quickly put up their ass and walked away. Some people did it in a rush like they were racing, but some others just went out slowly while chatted, including me.

I picked all my books on my table then put some in my bags, while I brought the others. Gilliam Olsen, my closest football mate, walked out with me with some books on his hands.

We just talked about how funny my physics teacher was since he forgot to close his zipper pants and we all let him as a joke for the whole class without him being noticed. One of a student finally let him know and his face was all red and embarrassed right when the bell rang. I just remembered when he saw his pants with his panic look and said we could go home, I really want to burst into laughter. And we did that as we walked through the corridor. But Gill suddenly changed the topic, “Hey, Fender, when will you back to the match?” he asked.

I just sighed, raised my shoulder, and said, “I don’t know.”

“You knew that we all need you, Bro. We need you the most,” he said, with a begging look.

“I just can’t, Gill. It’s the best for me. Please understand, make them and the coach understand. I really can’t be the part for this match. I’ll be back, I promise. But I don’t know when,” I explained.

“It’s not because of your parents, right? It’s because you want it, isn’t it?” he guessed, but I didn’t answer. “I know it’s your privacy, but this is your last chance, Fender. We will grad…”

“Gill,” I interrupted, “Can we talk another thing?” I asked, and then I looked around and saw Norah was chatting with his popular friends. She looked back at me and waved her hand. Of course I waved back and smiled very wide. “Do you think that Norah is into me?” I asked, changed the topic to make him forget about why-I-can’t-be-the-part-for-the-match-now things.

He looked at Norah, the chuckled, “Perhaps. Why don’t you do something?” he suggested.

I stared at him, “Like what?” I asked.

“Asked her to go out maybe,” he said.

“Now?” I asked again.

He nodded, “Yeah, now!” then he patted my shoulder, “Go get her, Bro!” he chuckled.

My method was successful. He completely forgot about that thing and I just got a chance to get close to Norah. I didn’t know why suddenly I was more passionate. But I didn’t care about what had happened before that. I just walked to her with my cool style, and those girls around her were just stunning when I came.

“Hi, Norah,” I greeted. She replied shyly. “Do you want to go out with me now?” I asked directly.

She just winced for several seconds, “Now?” she questioned, “Is it a date?”

“I…think so,” I said. She gave an unpleasant mimic for a while, but suddenly she smiled and nodded. She was very sure to say sure in front of me. I actually was shocked when she agreed that fast. Somehow, it was me who suddenly felt a bit suspicious. “Really? There’s no trick this time?” I asked.

She suddenly laughed, “Of course not, Fender. I swear,” she raised her two fingers.

I just smiled and believed, and then I offered my hand, “Mind to go now?” I saw she shook her head then she took my hand. Somehow, I was very excited. I thought I really had gotten her heart. She walked with me and looked at her friends, waving and saying goodbye, while they just looked at her with jealousy.

I’m really cool, I thought proudly.

Right after we went by my old car, a Ferrari came and park in front of the school yard. A nice-looking guy with his cool black glasses and a set of casual-but-seem-so-expensive outfit got out from the car and looked around. Some people were fascinated about how cool the guy was, especially for the girls. They seemed muttering about him.

He saw the sky that a little bit gray and gloomy, then his eyes wandered while he fixed his hair that got blown by the wind. No sun and I think a vampire or two will be likely around the yard, he guessed while his eyes was still wandering around until he finally saw a pair of pale-looking girls waiting and chatting under a tree.

With his charming style, he approached those vampire girls. He greeted them once, “I think I see two beautiful vampires here,” he smiled and put off his glasses.

Actually, those vampires became a bit anxious after they knew that the guy knew about them. They changed their fascinated face into suspiciousness. “Who are you?” asked the girl with the red outfit, “How do you know?”

“I just realize that you have some sort of power. You’re no ordinary human,” said the other vampire girl, the one who had the wavy hair and a mole on her chin.

Sergey sighed a bit, “God, such beauty but cold-hearted. Hmmm…what can you expect from a vampire?”

“Just tell me, Sir! What do you want from us?” asked the red outfit girl again.

He chuckled a bit, “Well, maybe I will go directly to the business. I just want to ask you both if you know about the alpha werewolf that haunts this town and someone in this school.”

Those vampire girls were looking each other so sudden, and then they looked at Sergey again at the same time. “We don’t care about that thing,” the wavy hair girl said, “Please just leave us alone.”

But when they were going to walk away, Sergey kept holding them by standing in front of them, “Wait, wait, wait! Ah, you make me more curious. I believe you vampires know about that.”

“Just don’t make us angry, Sir, or you want to see us use the hard way!” the wavy hair girl seemed so upset. She stared sharply at him, but Sergey was still calm.

He chuckled again, “Whoa, do you want to use any violence with me? Here? In front of all the people? I don’t think so, Girls,” he said with his finger moved right and left.

Those vampires looked each other again. Then the red outfit girl finally sighed and said, “We all know that Angelica Brownwood, the mayor’s daughter was turned into a werewolf. That’s all.”

Sergey thought a bit, “And…do you know about Fender Luts?” he asked.

“Why do you ask about Fender? We don’t know the secrets about every single person in this school,” the wavy hair girl said.

Sergey chuckled, “I heard something about that guy. He was the last one that was with Angelica Brownwood at the night when she was missing.”

Again, those two vampires looked each other.

“I heard that, too. So, what do you want us to tell you about that very specific matter that probably, we don’t know anything about that,” the wavy hair girl said bravely.

Sam and Walter, who had just stepped out from the school building, were shocked when they saw their most frightening guy who had ever sent them to nowhere-like place at their school.

“That witch,” Sam whispered and astonished.

Quickly, Walter took out his phone from his bag and texted Frank about what happened.

“What are you doing?” Sam asked.

“Texted Frank of course,” he answered, “What do you think he’s doing here, interrogating Katrina and Hillary?” he asked back, and Sam only raised his shoulders.

Sam looked at the guy who still talking with the vampire girls, “I couldn’t hear what they are speaking. They’re too far and the situation is so crowded.”

“Me, too,” Walter said even though he already tried to focus on his super hearing, “I think we have to get closer. They’re muttering.”

“I’m scared,” Sam whispered.

“He won’t do anything in the public like this place. They’re too far. We have to get closer,” Walter insisted.

Sam finally nodded, “You’re right.”

They stepped forward slowly, hoping they could hear what they were talking about. But when Sergey suddenly looked at them and smiled, they stopped and they felt more terrible than before.

“He saw us. You’re right. I’m scared,” Walter whispered. They saw Sergey waving his hand to them as if he was the closest friend of theirs.

“What do you think we’re going to do?” Sam asked.

“Look for Frank now,” Walter said. Then the two of them turned their body and ran back to the school building.

Sergey only chuckled a bit seeing the two of them ran away like that. Dumb asses, he thought. Katrina and Hillary winced a bit, and then looked at each other.

“Those vampires seemed so scared to you. Who are you anyway?” Katrina, the girl in red outfit asked.

Sergey looked at them both again and smiled, “I’m a friend to someone you know. He’s behind you right now.”

Those girls turned their head around and shocked. Ino stood without any expression. Their pale face looked paler than before, like they were seeing a very creepy ghost in the world. Then their face turned down a bit, stopped looking at Ino’s eyes.

“We’d better go. Excuse us,” Katrina said, and then she took Hillary’s hand and went away. “I can figure why Sam and Walter are very scared seeing that guy,” she whispered to her friend while quickly leaving them behind.

Ino got very near to Sergey, the whispered, “What you got?” he asked.

“They said they got nothing about the relationship of Fender Luts and the disappearing of Angelica Brownwood,” Sergey replied with a very low voice, “You’re right. They hide something. Do you think that Fender guy can bring us a clue about the alpha?”

Ino shook his head slowly, “I have no idea. But something’s so fishy about him.”

Sergey chuckled, “God! You just curious about him right, Ino?” he guessed.

“Yes, but perhaps it can bring us a clue about the alpha,” Ino said.

Sergey sighed, “You know, I thought you were sure that this guy would bring us a clue about the alpha.”

“Who ask you to interfere with my investigation anyway? I thought you’re here to search for another thing. Moreover, I think maybe some investigation can decrease my boredom. And this is only my side quest and I didn’t take it too seriously,” Ino explained.

Sergey sighed again, “Okay. Just focus on the alpha. I will take this investigation about Fender Luts, hoping it can cure your curiosity. Don’t make your grandfather and all the elders call Leo. I really hate that guy,” he said, took it seriously.

The date was magnificent. I really thought that Norah was already into me. We were like a real couple, having a great time together, candle light dinner, and many more. We really spent a great time together the whole day. The sky was already dark and we still had the happiest time at the amusement park near the edge of Moonlight Hills. We were playing games, eating ice cream and candies, sitting on the bench and seeing how beautiful and bright the moon was. I will never forget it, until now. It seemed that every burden in my shoulders was lifted. I felt like free, the happiest guy in the world. But we hadn’t kissed the whole day. I just waited for the right time to come.

Norah shot her arrow and she hit at right point three times in a row. The game keeper only gulped when he realized that he would bankrupt that day. We laughed and I received the prize from him who looked like so desperate.

“Just one more time,” I said.

She shook her head, “No, Fender. Don’t you look at him? He really begs me to stop,” she whispered in my ear.

And the game keeper finally spoke, “Ma’am, I think I’m going to close.”

Norah smiled to the keeper, “You don’t need to, Sir. I’ll stop,” she toke all the prizes from me and gave it back to the keeper, “You can keep it. We just do it for fun,” she said. I heard the keeper said thanks God with relieved.

I grasp her waist and brought her away, “That’s very kind of you, Ma’am.”

“Oh, I’m flattered, Sir,” she replied whit chuckled.

Suddenly I stopped. My eyes then wandered around as I turned my body. I thought I felt something unusual. Norah quickly realized that something happened to me.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, her face turned more serious.

My eyes still wandered around, “I think,” I said, and then I looked at her, “I feel another werewolf here,” I whispered.

“Carter Dale?” she made sure.

I shook my head, “No. I remember his smell. It’s not him,” I said, and then I started to sniff around. I moved to the area where I thought the smell of that werewolf was. Norah just followed me at my back.

I see him, I thought. I saw a guy walked several meters away from me. I couldn’t see his face since he wore a black jacket with a hood on his head, but I was sure that he was a male.

“That’s him,” I pointed to the guy who walked slowly, “I’m sure it’s him.”

He then looked at me, and suddenly ran away. I thought he also realized about me, and seeing me staring at him made him surprised somehow.

Norah quickly grabbed my hand and chased him, “After him, Fender!”

We ran, chasing him who ran step away in front of me. We didn’t care when people looked at us oddly. That was like a movie where the good guy was chasing the bad guy. He seemed to push away all the people around him and he got their scolding because of that.

That guy ran into the forest, leaving the area of the amusement park. I didn’t know why he chose that gloomy place to hide. It seemed that he didn’t want us to talk to him. It made me more suspicious. We kept chasing him until finally he stopped running and turned to us.

He opened his hood and we could see his face clearly as the moon’s light shone his face directly. I could see his gold eyes and his emotion began to change his face a little. He growled, showing his fangs. I thought that his face was familiar. I began to think hard, until finally I realize that actually I really knew him.

“I know him,” I said, “He’s one of the workers at The Tavern. But I didn’t see him lately. I think that alpha turned him. He’s another beta.”

He suddenly howled for a long time. I could see Norah’s face became a bit anxious. She grabbed something behind her stocking, a pair of very thin but sharp daggers both on her legs.

“Be careful, Fender. It seems that he’s trying to call for reinforcement. You did it last time, remember?” she said.

My eyes grew larger, “So, he’s trying to call the alpha?” I asked.

“Maybe,” she replied.

But after his howl was over, I felt more terrible. I could hear not only one, but several persons who were approaching us. I got myself closer to Norah, and it seemed that she also realized about the danger that coming to us.

We could see several people coming from any direction, 6 persons exactly and all of them were werewolves. They were in a half-shifted form, but all looked so frightening. I was shocked, actually both of us. I knew some of them. Although they were already shifted, I still remembered the face. One of them was a middle-age beggar who often crossed at my school. Also, I hadn’t seen him lately. Another was a teen girl in my neighborhood. That was a trap!

It was crazy. The alpha had already created her werewolf army. It was beyond my imagination.

“Do you think they’re from this town?” Norah asked.

“I believe so,” I answered, “So, what are we going to do now, Norah? Do you think we will win against them?” I asked her back.

The ex-worker of the Tavern, the guy who was chased by us for the first time, suddenly spoke, “Of course not. You’d better follow us and come to the Mistress, I will spare your friend’s life,” he said, “We are your pack.”

“Why are you following that bastard alpha?” I asked, more like mocked them, “She ruins my life.”

“No, Young boy,” he didn’t agree, “What she did is giving us the true meaning of this life. You come to her and she will show you how great to become a werewolf. We’re so powerful together,” he said, “You can’t do it alone without your master. We have already in control and it takes short time. You won’t regret.”

“Your words won’t have any effect on me. I won’t follow a murderer like her,” I yelled.

He smiled, showing his fangs in his mouth, “So, you prefer the hard way, Young boy. Mistress wants us to take you,” he said, “Guys, you can kill the girl, but keep the boy alive. It’s Mistress’ order.”

Norah and I were in a very bad situation. Moreover, Norah didn’t bring her best weapon. She was an archer and all she got was her pair of knives. We would be doom. We kept on action, be ready to face their attack whatever it took.

But all of us stopped moving when suddenly a woman popped out from the ground. It was like she materialized from inside the ground, I didn’t know how she did it, just like a ghost that can pass through things. We were shocked, we all were.

She was beautiful, wearing a black dress and a black mini skirt with a full transparent and dark stocking on her legs. There was a black scarf on her neck and somehow she looked like the one who wanted to go to funeral. Her blond short hair was blown by the wind, made her appearance looked so cool. She was taller than Norah and quite tall for a woman. She smiled faintly. We still didn’t know who she really was, a friend or a foe.

“Who are you?” the werewolf guy yelled with anger.

But she spoke very soft, “Seven versus two. What an unfair situation!”

After hearing her words, we realized that she was on our side. Somehow I felt a bit relieved. But deep in my heart I wondered, who is she anyway?

The werewolf guy just grinned, “Seven to three still seems a little bit unfair I think. You don’t change anything, Lady,” he said confidently.

But she replied him with a very evil grin, “Who said?”

We all winced. Then I saw her mouth was whispering something. I could hear it and I thought they also could hear it.

“Quinque miles fero,” she said in a language I didn’t recognize. I thought it was a spell.

Then for the second time, we all were made shocked by that woman after we saw several people suddenly appeared around her. There were five of them. Who are they, I wondered. But I heard Norah whispered something she didn’t intend to share to other. Necromancer, she said. And when I realized that the woman was really a necromancer, I just remembered the great power that every Necromancer had.

“A full reanimation spell,” then I whispered.

There were two females and three males. Their sight was empty, showing that they were fully in her control. I believed that all of them were corpses. For the first time, I saw a zombie. Fortunately, they didn’t look so scary at all.

“Now who’s at the disadvantage position?” she mocked those werewolves.

One of those werewolves suddenly growled and attacked them with his fast movement. But without a blink of our eyes, one of the reanimation corpses successfully grasped the werewolf’s head, and then twisted her head until the head was detached from the body. Her body fell as her head rolling on the ground. God, I really wanted to throw up.

The guy who had just killed the werewolf, the one who looked so pale and sick and I believed that he was a vampire, stood still. His expression was empty, no emotion at all and suddenly I became so thrilled.

“He’s so fast,” I murmured.

“He’s a pureblood, Fender,” Norah said, and then she grasped my arm, “Just wait and see. I believe she will show another astonishing performance after this.”

The woman chuckled, still in her position, “Now, how about you face your superior?”

One of the female zombies suddenly moved. Her eyes turned red and I remember who had that type of eyes.

She’s an alpha, I figured.

Of course I was right. Who else has a pair of glowing red eyes beside the alphas? She began to turn into her full-shifted form. Thrilling but amazing. I could feel her body was reconstructed and grew bigger, turning into big wolf monster.

The guy who we chased before couldn’t hide his fear, all of them couldn’t. Facing a pureblood then an alpha was a very obvious suicide, even if their number was large. He yelled, ordering them to retreat. But they were late. The alpha already began her move and pounced one of those running werewolves, turn him into several pieces of meat.

Again, I felt I couldn’t see any of these massacres. But somehow, I felt so curious at the same time.

The show wasn’t over yet. A zombie guy who wore a mail like a soldier in the ancient time, suddenly turned into a really big bull-headed monster and a red smoke was floating up when he suddenly turned. From the first time, I wondered what creature that man was. He was different from the others. His skin was red and his face was a bit fierce. He looked like human, but actually he was far from human.

“What is it, Norah?” I asked as I looked up to his face since he became a very big and tall monster.

“That’s a genie, Fender,” she said.

So that’s a genie, I thought. Again, I felt thrilled yet amazed by the thing I just had seen then. I couldn’t believe that actually I could see a genie in front of me, the thing that I thought I could only see in the movie.

The genie breathed a fire to those werewolves who still tried to run away. Two of them were burned and several seconds later after their frightening scream was over, they become very ugly burnt corpses.

While we seriously watched the genie burned those werewolves, the other female zombie had already showed her true form. She had white wings and she floated as the wind suddenly blowing fast around us. I began to wonder, what is she? Is she an angel? But I thought, does angel look so scary like her, with her eyes all white and shining like an evil witch I ever watched in the movie?

From her hands, there was suddenly a thunder that struck the remaining werewolves. All of them were burnt into crisps, almost became ashes. What she did was crueler than what the genie did.

And the last guy suddenly raised his hands, and then all the werewolves’ corpses were burnt by the sudden fire that I didn’t know where it came from, turning those bodies into true ashes. Those ashes were flown toward the guy and flew around him. His mouth moved, seemed like casting an incantation, then those ashes were finally gone as he stopped his ritual.

I remembered something about the book of witch I’d ever read that a necromancer could hold a ritual by sacrificing fresh dead bodies and extract them to become the source of power.

“Expletus,” the woman casted a spell again and all her zombies disappeared in a sudden just like how they appeared previously.

Both I and Norah were gasping. We couldn’t say anything. That was so fast and frightening. I thought I would never ever forget about that thing all my life. When we couldn’t speak any word, she turned and walked away.

But suddenly I called her, “Wait,” still gasping just like doing a marathon, I saw her stopped and turned her head to us. “Thank you. Who are you really?” I asked.

“You don’t have to know me. And no need to thanks, just consider you’re lucky,” her head turned again and her body was materialized then she sunk into the ground. She was really gone and the situation became quiet just like previously. We both still stared at where she disappeared. I saw Norah’s face, she looked so shocked.

“Who is she, Norah?” I finally asked her.

Norah nodded, “Actually I don’t know about her. But I have heard about a very powerful witch, a necromancer that has all the mightiest creatures as the reanimation corpses, a pureblood vampire, an alpha werewolf, an infamous general genie from Ifrit tribe, a great fairy queen, and a powerful necromancer,” she explained.

“So, the woman with the wings was a fairy queen? By the way, what is a fairy queen?” I asked.

She looked at me, “The leader of all fairies, the noblest among them, the chosen from the royal fairy. Fairy queen or king was believed to be the most powerful creature in the world. But you know that fairy’s power was greatly decreasing when they’re not in their own world. But still, I think they are a very worthy opponent.”

I smiled like a dumb person, and chuckled, “Yeah. She’s right. We just have to consider that we’re lucky, Norah,” I relieved, “At least, she’s not a bad guy so we don’t have to worry that she will destroy the world with her mighty power,” I was joking.

But Norah seemed to be not bought by my joke, “I wonder what she is doing in this peaceful town. I bet she was in search of something precious,” she guessed.

“Maybe she just wants to have a vacation,” I said.

Norah sighed, “Let’s hope that everything’s going to be all right. Come on, Fender, we’d better go home,” she said while she walked away.

Wait a minute. This is not the ending date I really expect for. No kiss? No even hug? I just think that Norah doesn’t have desire anymore to do something more romantic, I thought and I was doomed.

She seemed to think about something. But I wondered, what she was thinking about.

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