Moonlight Hills-Book One: Lycanthrope

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Full Moon Again

Hope Sanders, the gorgeous prince fairy, got off his car that he parked in front of his house. The house was a bit far from others, full with many trees and flowers around the yard and also many creeper plants all around the walls and ceilings. Such typical of a fairy house! There was a waterwheel spinning by the water from the fountain. Hope’s house was near from the headwater. We could hear the sound of the river flowing at the back of his house. The situation was peaceful and quiet.

He looked at the sky. It was going to dark soon. His face looked so tired and worried. Actually, he had just come home for his work in the Skyfall city. Even though the travel was a bit tiring, he still kept sticking to live in Moonlight Hills. For him, Skyfall city was not that far many people imagined. Moreover, his job didn’t force him to go to the work everyday, making his life a little bit easier.

He just disliked living in a big crowded city, even though he had to spend his working day there. There was hardly to run a better chance for a small business in small town like Moonlight Hills. Either you have to choose to be a teacher, waiter, or you have to be a farmer. Hope has a small business in Skyfall city. He thought that it was better to rule his fairy world kingdom rather than rule the employees if he build his kingdom of business. But he decided to not doing both of them.

Yeah, everybody has their own choice!

He stepped into his terrace, smiling to his plants around there. The plants seemed moved a bit, as if they smiled back to him.

He then picked up the key from the vase and immediately opened the door. The inside of the house was quite bright and flowery. It was not an idiom. His house was really full of flowers. Everything in the house was made from wood and natural stone, such beautiful and antique. There were even fireflies and ladybugs flying around. They flew around Hope as he stepped in as if they were happy to greet their master. It seemed that the house itself was alive.

Someone steps were suddenly heard from the second story. Wood floor made every single person that walked there produced a cracking sound.

A beautiful girl, wearing an odd dress made from leaves and flower, showed up. Her face was so anxious yet relieved. She sighed a bit, “I thought you were late. Thanks God you come, Hope,” she said desperately.

Hope smiled, “I shalt not leave thee alone hither, Milady. I pray for thy pardon for making thee worry.”

She walked down the stairs slowly, “What do I have to do now? Tonight is the full moon?” she asked, creating a fear mimic in her face.

“I know it,” Hope nodded, “Please, hath no worry, Angelica. I shalt help thee to get through it,” he said.

Somewhere in other place, I quickly drove my car in a rush. I saw the sky was already dark. I think I’m late, I talked to myself. Frank, who sat beside me, was only staring at the front. It was better for us to use my car that time rather than Frank’s car.

I drove through the lone road to the south, near the valley and the river where there were a few people lived. Until finally I reached the lone house in the lowest area and I parked there.

“Is this his house?” Frank’s said.

I looked at him, “I think so,” I replied, “Do you think you’d better wait here for a moment, Frank?”

Frank nodded, “Whatever,” he said.

I got out the car and looked at the sky. It’s getting dark, I mumbled. I immediately walked to the house. Even though the situation was quiet there, I could hear people chatting inside. I wondered that they didn’t prepare anything to face the power of full moon. I was frightened just to think of the words. Perhaps it was because they were purebreds.

I walked into the terrace, stepped slowly and began to knock the door. But before my hand could touch the door, it finally opened. I was a bit shocked. Who didn’t? I saw a middle-age woman standing in front of me with her big smile. She was a little bit fat and her face was very soft. I thought, is she a werewolf, even though I was very sure by her smell.

Suddenly she held my face, admiring me, but frankly I totally freaked out. She let loose of my face and clap her hands once, “You must be Fender. We have been waiting for you,” then suddenly she yelled, “Ivan, Fender’s here,” whereas if she walked with a low voice, Ivan still could hear her.

We could Ivan said ‘yeah, I know’ while he was running through the stairs.

I just smiled awkwardly, “Hello, Ms. Jovanov,” I greeted.

“It’s glad to meet our kind here. You know that it’s hard to find them recently,” she said, “In my previous land, there’s only a few of us. But I hate what those filthy vampires did to us. We just want to seek for peace.”

“Story’s over?” Ivan said as he suddenly appeared. He smiled at us.

Ms. Jovanov took a deep breath, “Oh, my God, I’m sorry I didn’t let you in, Sweetheart. I’m too glad to see you. Ivan, let your friend in,” she looked at me again and clapped my shoulder, “Make yourself at home, Sweetheart,” she then waved her hand and got in again.

Ivan stared at me, made me felt a bit awkward with his scary look, “You’re late,” he said.

“Yeah, I’m sorry for that,” I apologized.

“And you bring a vampire,” he added, “I told you not to tell anyone. Maybe I didn’t say it explicitly, but it’s including your best friend,” he seemed mad.

I was a bit nervous hearing him said that. I wanted to explain, but the words were just so difficult, “Sorry, I…I…I’m sorry, Ivan. I can’t…”

Suddenly we all heard the sound of my car’s door opened and closed so fast just like it happened in the same time. Frank whooshed and stood in front of us. He and Ivan stared each other.

“Please don’t blame Fender, Ivan. I will explain everything,” Frank said, “And don’t worry. I come with peace and I won’t ever tell anyone about you and your family, though I don’t know until when you all can keep that secret.”

“It’s difficult to hide it from Frank, Ivan,” I added, “He will ask me where I will go and watch me like a babysitter. Moreover, it’s full moon. So I told him.”

Frank nodded, “Yeah, after what he did last full moon. I won’t let a single sight of mine slip away from him.”

“And what are you still doing here? You know that Fender is fine with me?” he asked again in detail, more like cornered him.

“I just want to know everything. So I can help my friend,” Frank answered straightly without thinking or hesitation.

Suddenly we heard Ms. Jovanov yelled again from the inside, “Just let them in, Ivan! It’s not good to let your guest standing outside all the time!”

Ivan just sighed. Then he gave a sign for us to come inside. We followed him from behind. I just looked around. That house was like a usual house, nothing strange about it. We went to the living room in the middle of the house. I saw a middle-age guy, must be Mr. Jovanov, was chatting with two youngsters with so much passion and happiness. It was not like what I imagined for a werewolf family. They seemed normal.

Mr. Jovanov was a funny looking guy. He seemed friendly and smiled widely at me, showing his thick moustache. Unlike Ms. Jovanov, his body seemed a bit shaped. I didn’t know how old he was, but he looked like a 45 years old cool dad. He was quite tall, even though he was still sitting when the first time I saw him.

The two youngsters must be Ivan’s brother and sisters. I just felt a bit astonished seeing how they both grew. I still remember Ivan said that it takes 10 years after he was born for his brother to be born, and 15 years after that for his sister. But it seemed like the difference was only 2-3 years old. And I didn’t know why I felt like his sister seemed older than his brother.

The three of them stood up, all smiling at me. I didn’t know whether they also smiled to Frank or not.

“Welcome, Fender. You are in the family now,” Mr. Jovanov greeted and then hugged me like I was his close relative that he hadn’t met for a long time. I even just met him. That family was very warm and friendly. I felt very happy and lucky to meet them.

“Thank you, Mr. Jovanov. I’m glad to see you all,” I said. After Mr. Jovanov let me go, Ivan’s brother and sister then also hugged me one by one. They were right. I was really a family. I didn’t felt that way when I met Carter. He punched me in the face and I never forget that. This werewolf family was different. Even my own brother never hugged me like that.

Ivan came toward me after the hugging moment was over. He introduced his siblings to me, “This is my brother and sister, Roman and Anna,” he said, pointed at them one by one. They both said hi to me together. I just replied them with wide smile.

“Sorry to ask this,” I said, “But, you all seem so easy whereas it’s a full moon night. Doesn’t the full moon affect you?” I asked.

Ms. Jovanov, who suddenly came with food and beverage on her tray, just laughed, “Of course it affects us, Honey. But we have been living with the curse for years. You can calculate by yourself how many full moon we encountered until now,” she then put the tray on the table.

“It’s fearsome and thrilling to face the power of full moon for those who bear the curse at the first time, Fender. Even for a purebred. But we can manage to control that, our feral change. We’ve been trained since we were born,” Mr. Jovanov explained.

“And someday you will do it, Fender,” Ivan added, “But like I said before, it’s not going to be easy. Especially you’re not a purebred. It takes time and effort, but it’s not impossible.”

Frank suddenly cleared his throat, he showed his watch to us, “The clock is ticking and I don’t think that continuing this little chit chat any further will do any better for us. The moon won’t warn us by itself when the full moon starts. We have to prepare something, especially for Fender.”

Mr. Jovanov sighed, “Yeah, the vampire is right. Come on, everybody. Just stay on your bed and don’t go out,” he looked at me and said, “Even though we have already controlled it, sometimes the power of the full moon can bother our mind. It’s better for us to stay at home.”

They all began to move and walked to their each room.

“Nobody touches my food? Oh, such a mess,” Ms. Jovanov complained, but she followed her husband to their room which was not far from us, while Roman and Anna went upstairs. There were just only the three of us. I and Frank began to look at each other.

“What are we going to do now?” I asked.

“Just follow me,” Ivan said and suddenly walked away. We just followed him as he said. We walked through the back door to the outside. The night was so quiet and the wind breezed slowly. I stared at the bright sky. It was already dark and the stars were beautiful. I wished I could enjoy the night with Norah.

We entered the woods just behind Ivan’s house. I could hear the sound of the flowing river not far from the house. I wondered where he would lead us. But I didn’t ask. Frank also decided to be quiet. Ivan finally stopped in front of the gate on the ground, leading to such an old property warehouse below us.

“Here?” I asked.

Ivan didn’t reply. He just opened the wooden gate upward and got inside. I and Frank followed him, walking through the stairs to the room below. The air was thick and it felt like a prisoner to me. Yes, there was just like a prison with the iron cage. Ivan opened the cage door and entered, and so did we.

“What’s this place?” I asked again.

“It must be a werewolf’s old property,” Frank replied, “There were many werewolves lived here. Maybe it’s the place to lock themselves when they were controlled by their feral changing.”

Ivan nodded, “You’re right, Frank. My fairy friend showed this place to us. She thinks that maybe this place will be useful for us werewolves. Somehow, she’s right. We can use this place to train Fender,” he explained, “It’s well prepared with the chain and wolfsbane. I think this place was remained untouched from the beginning all werewolves moved away from this town,” he pointed at the rusty long chain on the floor.

I gulped, “Should I be chained?”

“I have said to you before, Fender. It’s not going to be easy. Do you want to make things work or not?” he dared me.

Then I gulped again.

“It’s getting near right, Hope?” Angelica leaned on the wall of the basement of Hope’s house with all the worries in her face. She rubbed her hands thoroughly. Her eyes were wandering around, sometimes looked at the ceiling for a moment. She was really scared. “I’m scared, Hope. Oh, God, I really hate this,” she complained.

Hope Sanders took a deep breath while his eyes where closing. He opened his eyes again when he exhaled. He nodded without a sound.

“So why are you still in here?” she questioned, “I’m going to change into that damn monster. I might hurt you. Or...probably you may end up burning me with your fire,” she said. Then suddenly she saw him chuckled, and so did she. “Why are you laughing, Hope?” she asked, “Is there anything funny with this?”

Hope tried to stop chuckling and he shook his head, “No, I pray thy pardon. I swear ’tis not what I mean. And I do promise thee for sure, Milady, I shalt not burn such beautiful thing like thee with my fire. Doom me if I do that,” he said.

“Don’t take my word seriously, Hope. You’re so rigid. I was just joking,” she continued to chuckle, “And please don’t call me milady anymore. It’s just Angelica. Okay? Seriously, Hope, you’d better go away,” she said.

“Hast no worry, Milady...I mean...just Angelica. I can take care of myself,” he insisted.

“But you already locked the door,” Angelica pointed at the iron door that had been shut.

“No need to worry, please. I’m able to change into a sprite form and I shalt make haste to leave through the keyhole,” Hope explained, seeing Angelica sighed.

Angelica got down and sat on the floor, hugging her own legs, “When that woman attacked me and Fender, I thought I was going to die. God! She disturbed us in the very best moment of me and him. I think we were going to kiss,” she chuckled by herself, but ended up showing her misery face again, “For days she held me captive. It was like hell. I was all alone. She only said that I and my family deserve to die. I wish I really died. She treated me very bad. The last full moon, I think I killed someone. I’m a murderer, Hope. Do I have a chance to redeem myself?”

“Wherefore art thou telling me the story now? Alas thou said that thou dost not want to talk about that?” Hope said, “It hast been three days since I saved thee. Please, dost not turn that beautiful face of thee shed any tears. Thou art fine hither.”

“Thanks. That’s very kind of you. I just kind of want to talk about that now.” Angelica smiled, “I heard Fender also becomes a werewolf. Is he fine?”

Hope nodded and smiled, “He is well,” he replied.

Angelica sighed again, “He must have a very hard time.”

“Dost thou want to see thy family…or Fender probably?” Hope asked.

Angelica nodded quickly, “No. I’m not ready yet. Please, Hope, don’t tell anyone about me being here. I’m scared just thinking how my family may look at me. Please, promise me,” she begged.

“As thou would! I shalt grant it,” Hope agreed.

Angelica smiled with her tired and miserable face. She said thanks without a sound. But suddenly, the smile of her was gone fast. Her eyes grew larger at a very short moment. She stopped hugging her legs. Her body straightened up. And a second after that, she began to wince in pain until she finally screamed out loud.

Hope stepped back, seeing Angelica twisting her body on the floor. “It’s time, Hope! Aaarrgggghh…!” she screamed again in a crawling position. Her eyes turned gold, and her fangs and claws started to show off. The fur in her body began to grow fast. She kept screaming, until she stared at Hope with her scary face, “Go, Hope! Now!” her voice was heard heavier.

Hope suddenly changed into a dot of blue light that flew through the keyhole. He looked like a firefly. Then his appearance back to normal again when he successfully passed the door. He sighed and leaned on the door, hearing Angelica screaming in pain.

On the other side of the town, I also screamed out loud. With only wearing my tight boxer and chain on both my hands and legs, I felt like a slave that being punished. I was down, leaning with my hands and my knees, feeling my fangs and claws popping out, making me ugly and scary.

The pain! I can’t bear it anymore. I want to die now! Somebody please kill me, I talked to myself.

“Focus, Fender. Try to reach your own mind,” I heard Ivan yelling.

I screamed again when I felt my bones were cracking. It was my back bone, it seemed to move by its own, and it was really hurt.

“You don’t focus, Fender! You’re starting to change. Stop the change! Hold on to your mind!” Ivan yelled again, but I thought it doesn’t help me.

“Somebody please hurt me with something!” I cried, “Anything but silver!” I looked at both of them, “Please…please punch me in the face!” I begged.

Ivan moved forward and hit me so hard that perhaps I wouldn’t forget about how hurt it felt. I lied down after he punched me that hard like a K.Oed boxer. My mouth was bleeding.

Frank yelled at him seeing how he beat me that bad, “You don’t have to punch him that hard, Ivan.”

Ivan looked at Frank, “Sorry, I got carried away. Somehow the full moon also affect me,” the he looked at me again, “Please, Fender, don’t depend on the pain. You have to bear it. Control yourself!”

I tried to lean by my hands again. My head was still dizzy, “I tried, Ivan. It’s hard,” I spoke while gasping all the time.

“Don’t force him, Ivan!” Frank yelled again, “This is the second time he faces the power of full moon.”

“How about the last time?” Ivan asked.

“I stabbed him with my silver knife. He passed out,” Frank explained.

I suddenly screamed again. “God!!!!! It starts again!” I yelled, holding on myself to bear the pain.

“What can we do, Ivan? Should we let him change?” Frank asked.

“He shouldn’t. The uncontrolled changing can weaken him to control his wolf,” Ivan said.

“Then do something!” I yelled, and then I screamed again. That was louder than before. I’m in a crawling position with my body straightened up. And suddenly, I howled. My bones kept cracking. I thought I began to change further.

Frank suddenly took something from behind his coat. I saw a black gun pointed at me. Then bang…

I screamed again. God, why do this happen to me, I felt so miserable. Frank shot me in the leg. My bone’s cracking stopped. But then I felt my leg was a little burning. I gasped, tired of screaming and bearing the pain all the time.

“This won’t hold me long, Frank. The pain is starting to disappear,” I said.

But he chuckled and smiled, made me wonder why he acted like a bad guy. “Yes, I know, Fender. A bullet won’t hold you down for a long time. But do you have any idea why I choose gun, Fender?” he saw me shook my head, then he smiled again, “The way we pull out the bullet from your body, I’m sure it will keep you from changing again.”

Ivan also chuckled, “Nice idea, vampire,” he then show me his claw on his hand, “Maybe now you have to keep depending on the pain, Fender. But don’t worry. I will train you later on. Now, please be prepared,” and suddenly he pierced my wound, trying to pull the bullet out.

And I continued to scream…

Norah walked slowly through the woods with her crossbow ready at her hands, while Evans followed her from behind. They seemed cautious, with their eyes wandering around to every direction. They didn’t speak anything, just only walked with a very serious face.

But suddenly they heard something, made them stopped. Norah quickly pointed her bow to any direction while Evans was ready with his dual swords.

Norah kept pointing her bow, “What is it?” she asked.

“Have no idea. I’m not a werewolf who can smell something from afar,” Evans teased her, even his face was so damn serious and it seemed that nothing could change that.

“Just watch my back, Evans!” Norah said, she began to walk again and her bow was still pointed to her front. Evans walked backwards watching their back.

The cracking sound of the bushes continued to be heard. They stopped walking again. Their body met back to back.

“Someone is following us. Do you think it’s a werewolf?” Norah asked again.

And Evans seemed upset with Norah’s same question so he didn’t reply. In a sudden Norah shot her crossbow to the bushes. They saw a big four leg monster running away. It seemed that Norah’s bow successfully hit the werewolf, but the werewolf still had the power to run.

“It’s not the alpha!” Norah yelled.

“Yes, but I still keep chasing it. Your silver bow won’t let him long to run away,” Evans quickly ran chasing the werewolf.

Norah sighed first. She wanted to follow Evans but the sound from her back prevented her from going away. She quickly turned her body and pointed her bow. She gasped, her heart beat fast. Somehow, she felt trembling at the moment.

From the woods, a big four-leg beast popped out. The werewolf stared to her with their red eyes. Norah was very surprised. Her eyes grew larger at the most size.

She then yelled, “Evans!!!” she called but Evans seemed already far away from her.

Oh, my God! This is very bad, she thought.

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