Moonlight Hills-Book One: Lycanthrope

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“Why do you have to be such a dick, Ino?” Norah came at him and yelled. At the back yard of the school, they stared each other. Norah seemed upset about him. Some people watched them, but only thought that it was a usual fight between boy and girl. But for those supernatural beings, they thought that Norah was really brave to get on his nerve. Among the hunters, he was admired, but also feared.

Ino, who was sitting alone in a bench while reading a novel, got his eyes winced. He stared at Norah, with a bit confuse face. “What are you doing, Norah?” he asked calmly.

Norah suddenly lowered her voice, “I know what you did last night?”

“What?” Ino asked again like an innocent.

“You have the chance to interrogate those betas rather than killed them. We can get information about the alpha and you ruined it,” she said angrily, “Don’t tell me you want to act like this is a game that you want to postpone in order you to not get bored!”

Ino gave her no expression face, “You already know that,” he then continued his reading.

Such pain in the ass, Norah thought. She was so upset and turned around, but suddenly Ino called her.

“Hey, Norah!”

Norah stopped and turned back again, “What now?”

“How is it? You and Fender?” Ino asked.

Norah couldn’t hide that her eyes grew larger, but she tried to stay calm and hoped that Ino didn’t notice her changing expression. “Why do you ask that?” she asked back.

Ino winced, making Norah’s heart beat going very much faster than before. “I’m curious and perhaps you know that. Frank hides something, and so does Fender. Am I right?”

Norah was the one who winced then, pretending that she didn’t understand what Ino was talking about, “I don’t know what are you talking about, Ino.”

“That Fender, he seems so scared to me like I’m going to eat him all and alive,” Ino said.

Norah suddenly chuckled, “Who wouldn’t? This is you we’re talking about. Are you joking, Ino? Don’t make me laugh! Even though Fender is only a normal human, he knows what happens, and he knows about you. Everybody fears you if you realize it. And although he looks strong, he actually has less of bravery for your information,” Norah added anything to make Ino less curious.

“From what I know, don’t you like strong man? Why choose him?” Ino asked, more like interrogating, choosing some question that perhaps made her slip her tongue.

“It’s maybe my taste changes. Everybody changes, Ino,” Norah replied.

Ino chuckled then, and raised his shoulder, “I’m just curious. Just like now, he even doesn’t want me to notice that he’s eavesdropping us. Over there!”

Norah turned her face to where I hid and suddenly I quickly moved to behind the walls. Damn, he notices me, I thought. Life was not fair and I hated that. But I realized it was not useful to hide anymore so I revealed myself and smiled with my very stupid face.

“See?” Ino said.

Norah stared back at Ino, “I don’t know what you seek from him, but I can make sure that you won’t get anything. Just ask Sergey to stop interrogating. You both just make him scared more,” she insisted then walked away.

I saw Norah approached me quickly and after she reached me, she suddenly kissed me passionately. When she stopped and gasped, she just said, “I really hate him. And I’m glad that hunter doesn’t have super hearing like you so he can’t hear what I’m saying now.”

I chuckled, but she then squeezed my nose hardly until I beg her to not doing that.

“Don’t laugh!” she mad, “Don’t you hear what he said earlier?”

“I heard that,” I said.

Norah sighed deeply, “I have told you, Fender, don’t make him suspicious by acting stupid. You know that he notices that you suddenly keep away from him. That’s very suspicious. Just act normally,” she said.

I nodded, “I know, Norah. But…when I see him, I lose control, I’m trembling, and it can’t be helped,” I excused.

“He still doesn’t know that you are a werewolf, but he got suspicious that you’re related to Angelica’s missing. I don’t want that he keeps studying you and finally find out about the truth,” she argued, “Whatever happen, don’t ever make him suspicious. Do your live normally, even if you have the same school with Ino Rays. Got it?”

I nodded again, “Anything for you.”

She smiled, so beautiful, “Now, what do you want to talk about Frank’s research?” she asked.

“He hasn’t come yet. We have to wait him here,” I said. Suddenly, my phone was vibrating and I quickly took it and tried to answer. It’s Frank, I figured when I saw the screen. I wondered why he called me on the phone, “Frank, where are you?” I asked directly.

“I’m sorry, Fender, I won’t go to school today,” he said, “I and Hope are in the reservation. One of the native folks was missing and we think it’s better to start from here.”

“And you start without me? How dare you, Vampire!” I got upset.

“Don’t be mad, Fender. Let me and Hope handle this matter,” he explained.

But I insisted, “You said you want me and Norah get involved in this. But now, you suddenly change your mind. I can’t accept that, Frank Damon! I will go there with Norah,” then I looked at Norah, “Right, Norah?” and after she nodded, I said, “She agrees.”

“Alright, alright, Stone-head! We’ll wait you here,” he agreed.

I smiled and hung up the phone quickly. I looked at Norah and said, “Let’s go then.”

While I and Norah were still trying to catch them up, Frank and Hope stepped into the gate of reservation. Reservation is a village where the native townsfolk live, located to the north and east of Moonlight Hills, not far beyond the forest of the edge of the town. There are about one until two hundred people live in each one.

Frank and Hope passed through several houses. There were women and their children having their normal activity like doing the chores, playing, or having a little conversation among each other. They looked at Frank and Hope when they got in with an odd way. They were muttering. Some of the children ran to their mother, looked so scared.

Frank heard them speaking about him with their native language. They are not open to the outside world and choose to live in their traditional way. Some of them even can’t speak other language. But Frank could understand.

They were scared of him. They knew about the pale-looking beast who looked like a human. Actually they knew that the vampires of Moonlight Hills lived in peace, but they still feared them.

A girl kid suddenly screamed when Frank tried to approach them. Her mother said something in native language, the same words over and over with her hand raised toward him. It seemed that she didn’t want him to get close.

Frank also spoke in their native language, tried to calm them down. Frank actually could speak in many languages, including the native language of Moonlight Hills’ townsfolk. Perhaps it seemed extraordinary, but it wasn’t impossible for the one who had lived over 500 years like Frank.

“What are you doing here, Vampire?” a very old woman suddenly spoke from behind Frank.

Frank turned his body around, “Please don’t be afraid, Ma’am. We come in peace. I don’t mean any harm to all of you,” he explained.

The woman spoke something in her language to all fellow townsfolk. Perhaps she repeated what Frank said earlier to all the people who didn’t understand. She stared at Frank again, still unfriendly, “What’s your business here?” she asked again.

“We want to investigate something. We heard that someone is missing from this village. Could we meet your chieftain?” Frank asked.

The woman seemed thinking about something, “Yes, one of our brothers was missing. It’s supernatural, right?” she made sure.

Frank nodded, “Lycans.”

The woman’s eyes grew larger. Some of them who understand had the same expression. They muttering and all of them seemed surprised.

“Do lycans try to build their reign again in Moonlight Hills?” the woman asked.

Frank raised his shoulders, “I have no idea exactly, Ma’am. What I’m sure is she’s already building her pack and wanting to get revenge. In town, there have been already 30 people missing, including your fellow.”

“We never have any business with all you people in the town. Why disturbing us now?” she confused and mad at the very same time.

“Pardon, Milady,” Hope finally spoke, “We hast no any wisdom about that. It pains me to know that thy brother wast missing. Thou hast my deepest condolences from my heart. We art hither, we want to give thee a favor to investigate this matter, and hopefully we can help thee save lives.”

The woman looked at Hope with her wincing eyes, “Your tongue? Are you a fairy?” she asked.

Hope nodded, smiled, and bowed down, “Yes, Milady. Thou art correct.”

The woman also bowed down, “I’m sorry, Milord. It’s an honor to meet one of the Rovals. You Rovals are the kindest race we’ve ever met and we deeply respect you.” The woman spoke to others in their language.

All townsfolk suddenly bowed down also to Hope.

“Please, Milord, follow me to the chieftain. We are glad to have you here and know that you want to help us,” the old woman finally agreed and walked us to the chieftain.

They followed the old woman into the deeper area of the reservation. They passed through the woods and some garden until they finally reached the big wooden house. The house looked so old and ancient, just like the other houses but that one was bigger.

There was a door, could not actually be called a door since it was only a fabric that covered the entrance. The old woman cleaved apart the fabric and entered.

“I know that bringing you will be useful, Hope,” Frank whispered, but Hope could only chuckle. They entered the house also, looking around at the house from the inside. It was like an aula with no ceiling in the beginning, so you could see the roof. At the point of the house, there was a room. The old woman asked them to keep following and entered.

Without thinking any further, Frank and Hope quickly entered the room.

They saw the old woman spoke with her native language to the quite old man who sat on the carpet with his big cigarette on his mouth. The room was quite small and the smoke filled the room.

The woman turned around and smiled, “Please feel free to ask our chief. I will leave you all alone,” she then went away out the room.

The chieftain, who wore a traditional trousers made by animal leather and shirtless, finally put off his cigarette and stood, “Welcome to our land, my friends. It’s a pleasure to have guests since we rarely have one. Can you please tell me your name?”

“I’m Frank Damon,” Frank said.

The chief was humming while rubbing his rough chin, “Damon, the mightiest vampire in town!” and then he looked at Hope, “And you, Milord?”

“The name’s Hope Sanders. ’Tis a pleasure,” Hope greeted.

The chief shook his head slowly and faintly, “No, no, no! Your true name, Milord?” he asked again.

Hope paused for a while. He looked at Frank first until he looked at the chief again, “An thou insist, the name’s Camthalion Willow Roval,” he said.

Hearing that, the chief looked so surprised. But he suddenly smiled, “What a great occasion!” he amazed, “Camthalion Willow Roval, the prince of Alfheim, the general who led the west fairy of the great fantasy war in 14th century, that’s what my great grandfather told me when I was kid. It’s a very big honor to ever meet you, Milord.”

“How dost thou know about my past, Sire?” Hope asked, he looked confused.

“After Rovals saved this town from the mischief pureblood war long ago, we praise your family since then. My ancestor had been going to Alfheim and studied everything about your kind, including your history,” the chief explained, “You have been living for a very long time, Milord,” he amazed.

“Indeed, Sire,” Hope nodded, “But I left Alfheim since long ago and ne’er come back.”

“Hope,” Frank called, “What is the great fantasy war? I haven’t been born yet,” he asked.

“I shalt tell thou later, Frank. I think ’tis better if we begin our purpose hither,” Hope advised.

Frank nodded, “Yes, you’re right, Hope,” he then looked at the chief again, “About what our purpose here, Mr. Chief, we want to know about your missing fellow. Ichtaca. It’s his name, right? I don’t know why the police have his data since your tribe is so closed from the outside world.”

The chief sighed, “Yes, we do. But Ichtaca’s mother was so desperate and she told the police about her son’s missing,” he explained.

“Was there any witness, Chief?” Frank asked.

The chief was humming, “Perhaps there was. Let me bring Ichtaca’s mother here and let her tell you the story. Please wait here for a moment,” he explained and walked away.

Frank saw the chieftain walked by and suddenly put his eyes to Hope again, “Hope, why don’t you tell me about the great fantasy war while we are waiting for the chief to come back?” he asked.

Hope sighed, “All right, Frank. I shalt tell thee. The war was originally about the fray between two biggest kingdoms of fairy, Equestria of the north and Jerrinor of the south. However, it spread. Thou know that we fairies hath the main job to balance the nature. When we were at war, the balance was upset.”

“So, what happened?” Frank asked further.

“The climate was disorder, flood, and natural disaster, made every living creature of the world joined forces to stop the war. I, the prince of Alfheim, led the forces of west fairy. It wast a very long time fray. But somehow, we managed to win. The two great kingdoms fell,” Hope finished the story.

“What triggered the war?” Frank asked again.

“An unexpected greed, something that created a corrupted fairy,” Hope replied.

A sound of a man clearing his throat was heard. They looked at behind, seeing the chieftain entered and brought a woman with him. He smiled and told them that the woman was Ichtaca’s mother.

The woman bowed down a bit. His face seemed so sad, “What do you want to know?” she asked.

“Could you tell me about what happen when your son is missing?” Frank began the question.

The woman nodded, “It was at night. I and my son were searching for the firewood since we ran out of it. We split. I went to the north side and Ichtaca went to the east side. But suddenly I heard Ichtaca’s scream. I was panic. His scream was fading out like he was dragged away. And…” she suddenly cried, but she tried to continue the story, “I couldn’t find him anywhere. He was gone. Something took him from me.”

“Did you tell that to the police?” Frank asked.

The woman shook her head, “No. I just said that my son was missing.”

“And what are you planning to do after hearing the story, Mr. Damon?” the chief asked.

“Investigating the scene,” Frank said.

Sergey Jackson walked slowly in the depth of the woods. The warm morning sunlight shone from the east, dashing toward a little but still foggy area of the woods. It used to be the werewolf’s den from the past. Sergey thought that maybe he might find one thing or two about the clue.

On his hand, there was his wand held tightly. His eyes were wandering around. He looked a bit serious, different from the amusing face he usually showed to others.

I don’t know what I’m searching here. But I’m sure that my dream last night told me about something in this place, he talked to himself.

He kept walking, passing some of the gate of old property which lied under the ground. He suddenly turned around, feeling that something had been passing through behind him. But there was nothing.

He sighed, but his eyes were still sharp, “Perhaps it’s just a wandering spirit,” he thought. Even though witches are one of the supernatural, they can’t see a wandering spirit clearly even though somehow they can feel their existence. Only the witches who are powerful enough can see the wandering spirit, although it still needs special incantation.

Suddenly a whispering and unclear voice was heard from behind him. He quickly turned back. The voice was still heard for a moment, and then disappeared like a wind. He tried to remember what the voice said. Maybe the wandering spirit tried to give me a clue. God, I wish I could use that incantation to see a wandering spirit, he complained himself.

He walked again, still thinking of what he would do next.

His sudden ringtone made him a little bit shocked. With an upset face, he took his cell phone from his pocket. He sighed and answered, “Hi, Ino. What’s up?”

“Where are you?” Ino asked.

“Doing something that I think it’s not very important, but my intuition is saying that I must follow it through,” Sergey explained, “I’m in the woods. I dreamt about something last night, in here, in the woods, so I go here and I don’t know what I will do next.”

Ino sighed, “Do you find something?” he asked.

“I heard something. It was unclear. I don’t know what it said. I think that a wandering spirit tried to tell me something,” Sergey explained.

“Keep listening, Sergey,” Ino said.

“I try, Ino,” Sergey replied, “Now what do you want by calling me?” he asked.

“Maybe I’ll talk to you later. I don’t want to disturb you. Good luck, Brother,” Ino said.

Sergey chuckled a bit, “Okay, ’Lil bro! I will bring you good news. My dream is never missed,” he hung up the phone and put back his cell phone to his pocket. He took a breath deeply. His face was serious again. He tried to listen in the silence of the woods.

His eyes grew larger when the voice was suddenly heard for a second. It was still unclear. He kept listening, hoping that he could hear it one more time.

Please, whoever you are, speak again, he thought.

He stepped forward, slowly but sure, trying to search for the voice. He suddenly turned his head to the left. The voice was heard again, a little bit clearer than before. His eyes stared at one of the old property’s gate. He was sure that the voice came from that place.

He didn’t wait long and approached the gate. The wooden gate was locked by the chain, but it couldn’t stop him.

“Aperio,” he pointed his wand and the chain loosened by itself. He pulled out the chain and threw it to his right, and then he opened the wooden gate, revealing the stairs that went to the basement. Without thinking long, he passed through the stairs, entering the dark room of that old property. “Luminosus,” he casted another spell, causing his wand produced a white light like a torch. The light shone all the area of the property. He entered deeper, tried to scan all the area.

Suddenly his mouth was open widely and he quickly closed it with his hand. He was surprised, there was a body lied on the ground with a large open wound on the neck.

Several miles from the scene, Frank, Hope, the chieftain, and Ichtaca’s mother were standing in another scene.

“It’s here. It’s where Ichtaca was missing,” the woman explained.

Frank was walking around, searching for something on the ground and trees. The others were only looking at him without asking any question. They just wait, until finally Frank stopped in a spot.

He squatted, studying the bottom of a tree. He rubbed it with his hand and winced.

“What have you found, Mr. Damon?” the chief finally asked.

He looked at them, “I see a scratch. In my thought, the werewolf was trying to pounce him, but he managed to dodge. The claws created the mark on the tree,” he stood up. His eyes were wandering around again. He pointed at the ground, “Ichtaca was running through here and fell,” he walked slowly and suddenly saw an odd pattern on the sand, “When he fell, the werewolf was dragging him to there,” he followed the pattern and his finger was still pointing, “Ichtaca tried to hang on the ground, but it was useless. The werewolf kept dragging him until...” he stopped walking when he already reached the broken bushes, “He was dragged into the bushes.”

“What’s the point are you showing me this?” the woman suddenly looked so upset.

Frank looked at the woman, “I hope I can find something, Ma’am.”

“But you didn’t find anything,” the woman said.

Suddenly there was something different in Hope’s expression. He called Frank, pointing at the broken bushes, “Frank, thither!”

Frank turned his head again and suddenly felt a bit surprised, “Ma’am, does your son have a birthmark on his forehead?” he asked.

The woman winced in confused, “Yes. How do you know that?” she asked back.

“Because I’m seeing him right now,” Frank replied.

Hope sighed, “Alas, pardon me, Milady. Thy son, he’s dead.”

Her sad face suddenly became sadder than before, but she hadn’t cried yet, “How…how do you know?” she asked confusedly.

The chief whispered to her, “Supernatural can see a ghost,” he said. And after he said that, the woman fell down to her knees and burst into tears while covering her face.

Ichtaca’s spirit looked a bit confused, “Can you see me?” he asked.

Frank nodded, “Yes.”

“What are you?” he asked again.

“I’m a vampire, Kid,” Frank replied. Ichtaca asked again if Hope was also a vampire. Frank sighed, he shook his head quickly, “No, he’s a fairy. And before you ask me question again, now it’s my turn to ask you, Kid,” he quickly spoke before Ichtaca threw another question, “This is what I’m expecting for. I’m sorry. I don’t mean that I wish you already die. But somehow it’s easier for us to meet you as this form rather than you’re still being a werewolf.”

“How thou died, my poor friend? What happened?” Hope stepped forward and asked.

Ichtaca looked down, “That werewolf…she gave me the curse. On the last two full moons, I killed someone. The others agreed to follow her as her army. But I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to kill someone anymore. It’s only me and that girl who resisted. I don’t know her name, she’s quite pretty,” he smiled a bit, trying to forget his misery. But it didn’t take long, “We managed to escape. But we split. I thought that she was chasing her, so I tried to hide in the old property. But I was wrong. She was chasing me instead. She found me, and I was cornered. Since I don’t want to be her slave again, I cut my own throat with a sickle I found there. That’s how I died.”

“Where is the alpha hiding, Ichtaca?” Frank asked directly.

Ichtaca’s face looked so upset. He seemed angry about something, “I need help now. My body still lies there. I want to have my body a proper burial. I’ll tell you after you help me,” he asked.

Frank nodded, “Then don’t waste anymore time,” he said.

Ichtaca smiled widely. He was so happy that finally he found someone who willing to help him. “Sir, could you please ask my mother to come with?” he asked.

Frank looked at the mourning woman. He then spoke, “Ma’am, your son wants you to come.”

The woman straightened up her face. She wiped out the tears on her face, “I’ll go.”

Then suddenly, I and Norah came at the very moment they wanted to leave. I was a bit confused at first, seeing so many people there. I gasped since I was rush on the way I went there.

“What are we missing here?” I asked.

Sergey sat down on the floor and seemed thinking about something. The room was a bit bright since he already lit up the candles which were available there. But he suddenly lifted up his face after he heard the sound of the gate opened and several people were down through the stairs.

I was shocked when I saw the man I really didn’t want to encounter at that place, sitting alone with the dead body like a desperate person. Actually, I wanted to go out again but everybody seemed wanting to go down immediately. And I remembered what Norah said to me, I should not act suspiciously. So I kept walking down.

“Sergey?” Frank winced with confused.

“What are you doing here?” Norah asked.

Ichtaca’s mother screamed out loud and ran toward the dead body. She hugged her dead son with so much tears and sadness. She was really mourning. I saw Ichtaca’s spirit cried next to her. Somehow I felt so sad seeing them. I imagined if I have the same situation like that where my mother mourning at my dead bodies. But I relieved I was not in the situation.

Sergey stood up and wipe out his pants from the dust, “It’s my dream that led me here. What about you all?” he asked back.

“The spirit of that dead body,” Frank said.

“Is the wandering spirit here? Is he the one who led me to this place?” Sergey asked.

Hope and Frank looked at Ichtaca. But before they asked something, Ichtaca nodded, “Yes, I led him here to this place, to find my body. But since he only sat there without doing something, I went. Somehow I was reset to my killing scene and I found you all. I think I was lucky,” he said.

“He said something about me, right?” Sergey asked again, he then waved his hand to the direction where Hope and Frank looked at and yelled, “Hey, wandering spirit! What is your purpose leading me here? Just to find your deceasing body?”

“Sergey, watch your tongue!” Norah warned him.

Sergey looked at Norah and winced, “Why? I’m just asking. It has to be useful if he wants to bring me here,” he said.

Frank could only sigh. He looked at Ichtaca again, “Now, please show me your usefulness. We have already done what you want, now it’s your turn to give us what we want. Show us the lair of that werewolf.” But Ichtaca’s face seemed so weird. He was looking at something, something that made him thinking and wondering. He didn’t answered, only stared straight at one direction. “What’s with the expression?” Frank asked.

I and Hope quickly looked at where Ichtaca was staring. I thought confusedly, since when there’s a door there. I saw a door at the wall where I thought there was never any door before. And it seemed that Hope and Frank also saw that door. I saw their expression after seeing that door. They seemed so surprised. What is really that door, I asked myself.

“What is that?” Ichtaca asked.

Frank looked at Ichtaca again, he sighed in disappointment, “It’s your door, to somewhere I think you will find peace there. You have your unfinished business done here, Ichtaca, after we find your body. Just go now! That door doesn’t wait forever,” Frank advised.

“But...but I haven’t showed you the place of that alpha. It’s hard to find it, but I can guide you,” Ichtaca regretted.

Hope shook his head, “Nay, my friend. Thou must go thither. Thou shalt not find that door in a short period once thou miss it. Perhaps it shalt not come back anymore. This is thy chance,” he told.

Ichtaca stepped forward slowly, approaching the door of his. After reaching the door, he opened it. The warm light was coming out from behind the door, but I couldn’t see anything. He turned back and smiled, “Thank you. I will never forget you. Maybe it’s hard, but I hope it can help you. Please go to the northern most of the woods. At the peak of the hill, there will be pine forest. It’s like a maze so you have to be careful. The lair is around there,” he waved his hand and entered the door. After the door was closed, it suddenly disappeared.

Wow, I was fascinated. That was the first time I saw the door who led the spirit to the heaven, world beyond, or whatever it was. From the warm light I felt, that place got to be so beautiful.

Norah suddenly held my hand, making me saw her. She touched my face and asked, “Do you see the door?” she saw me nodded and smiled, “What was it like?”

“Just like an odd door. But when he opened it, I don’t know...somehow I felt so peaceful,” I explained.

“So...” Sergey began to talk again, “Do we get something?” he asked.

Frank nodded, “I think I know where we should go.”

Sergey laughed and clapped his hands once, “Ha! I know that my dream doesn’t give me nothing. I will tell Ino about what we find today.”

I sighed. Sergey and Ino would be my nightmare of the day. I wondered if I should involve. But I didn’t think so. I looked at Norah, trying to give her a sign, and she shook his head quietly. Positive! I won’t go this time, I thought.

“But first of all, we must have Ichtaca’s body to get a proper burial today,” Frank said.

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