Moonlight Hills-Book One: Lycanthrope

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A Sword that Repels Magic

Frank realized that his life was in danger. But the pain was getting worse and he could barely move. He even couldn’t think about the danger that came forward to him since what he only felt was only pain.

The werewolf had finally reached him. He strangled Frank and lifted him up while grinning widely. His right hand with very sharp claws was ready to rip Frank’s heart out.

“Die, Vampire!” his hoarse voice seemed so happy. The claws were moved to Frank’s chest. Everybody was so anxious and scared.

Frank thought that that was the end of his life.

The werewolf suddenly hit by a wind blast from unknown direction, leaving Frank’s body to fall down. Everybody was surprised. They all stunned for a moment.

“Scutum sparsus!”

The mage who casted the barrier was very shocked when he realized that his barrier was dispersed. Hope’s thunder finally could pass through the barrier and successfully hit the aiming mage.

The spell was stopped. Frank took a very deep breath. He then laid down with his eyes almost closed. He was almost fainted, but he tried to keep conscious.

They heard a man laughing. From behind the thick fog, two men’s shadows appeared and become clearer as they walked approaching the scene.

“What a weak shield! I don’t need extra power to nullify it,” the noisy man said.

“Who are you?” asked the summoner with a very upset face.

“OMG! You don’t know me? I’m the mighty Sergey Jackson! Ringing a bell?” Sergey asked back with his arms akimbo. But they all seemed not to know anything about that name. They just winced and shook their head.

“Idiot!” Sergey yelled, “How dare you all witches not knowing me!” he seemed upset.

Ino chuckled and moved forward a bit, “You suck, Sergey!” he held his flat stick and a then sword popped out from it. He pointed it to the enemies.

Sergey sighed, “At least I don’t have to face some people so strong this time.”

“How dare you mocking the Valorous clan?” one of the mages yelled madly.

Sergey grinned, “Valorous clan? Interesting! Now, let me show you the power of Hawkbeak clan!” and all the witches suddenly bugged out.

The genie finally made her move seriously. She grinned with her evil smile, “It seems that we face a much more worthy opponent now. Now I will show you my true power!” she suddenly roared and a flame was covering her body. She then changed into a very big monstrous thing with all red complexions. There was still flame that covered some part of her body and hands.

Suddenly, the situation was so bright and hot!

“Damn! So she’s just playing a game all this time? She’s really a bitch!” Norah railed quietly.

The female genie roared again toward Sergey and Ino, causing a wind blowing hard to them. She looked like very tough. But Ino and Sergey who seemed so calm didn’t move a bit.

They really underestimate me, the genie thought. A second later, she breathed a fire to the boys. A very big flame came toward both of them. But the genie suddenly bugged out when she saw her fire was dispersed when Ino stepped forward and brandished his sword to the fire. It seemed like the fire was afraid to touch him.

The fire was stopped. The female genie seemed so shocked. She never saw anyone who could stop her fire attack just by lifting the sword toward the fire.

“How? Who are you?” the genie asked, her voice was very different from when he took her human form.

“You all really squirt! It’s forgivable if you don’t know me. But if you still don’t know Ino Rays, the most fearless and merciless hunter, one of the four-slayer, then you are doomed!” Sergey explained, “Those who depend on magic are useless against him. His sword, Scythe, is a sword that repels magic!”

Hearing Ino’s name, all the werewolves suddenly had a panic attack. Their furry face was pale and their mighty appearance was trembled. There was one thing that crossed their mind at the moment, fleeing and saving themselves. But as they tried to run away, they realized that they couldn’t go anywhere.

“It’s useless! I have prepared the barrier spell when we got here,” Sergey explain.

“Scutum sparsus!” all the witches casted the spell together, but it didn’t have any effect.

“It’s useless, if I may remind you once again! I’m a grand master of a shield spell. No ordinary witch’s magic can disperse my barrier. And unfortunately, you all are ordinary,” Sergey said and chuckled.

Those wolves were screaming and howling, seeking for the help. They laid down and mourned themselves.

The female genie’s form reverted back and there was a giant smoke that quickly disappeared along the transformation. “I’m sorry, John! Ino Rays is the one who killed my grandfather. I don’t want to have the same faith as him. I can’t help you now!”

“No! We have an agreement, Sayla!” the summoner, whose name John protested.

“But not to fight until death! I can destroy our agreement right here right now! Remember, John, you’re a new summoner. I’m stronger than you!” the genie insisted. She then looked at Sergey, “I’m sorry, handsome warlock, your barrier doesn’t affect to genie,” she said and a second later, she disappeared, perhaps back to her world.

“Enough the drama!” Ino said, causing everyone to be silent. Even the crying of those werewolves was stopped. “I’m sick hearing all of this. Those who defend that alpha are considered as a bad guy like her. She killed people and I won’t forgive that. And you know I won’t forgive you, too.”

“Brothers! Attack him together!” the summoner shouted.

All of the witches pointed their wands to Ino and casted their spell together, “Tonitrua lucem!” They thought that they were stronger when they together. Actually, they were. But their mistake was they didn’t know or perhaps they didn’t want to know that whatever how strong their magic was, it won’t have any effect to Ino’s sword.

He just swung his sword and the casted magic was deflected to other direction, causing it attacked one of the werewolves instead. The wolf was thrown. He didn’t die yet, but badly hurt.

“We don’t stand a chance against him,” one of the mages whispered, “He even can deflect our magic toward us.”

Frank, who had already gained his strength back, stood up. Even if it was still hurt, he forced himself to stand up. I don’t know it’s good or bad that they both come here. It’s better for me to find Angelica. I hope she’s inside somewhere, he thought. And without thinking any further, he whooshed in to the cave.

The cave was like a narrow corridor with many lights on the wall. Frank gasped, running, and whooshing alternately. He couldn’t find anything so far, but he kept trying. He depended on his super hearing and smelling, but the place was so quiet. He faintly smelled blood somewhere. He whooshed again through the corridor until he finally found a cell.

“What’s on earth…” he muttered.

He saw an empty cell with a very rusty cage and chain. The door was opened. The smell of blood was spreading all over the room. It was like a torturing room.

“Perhaps this is where the alpha trained and brainwashed the victims. Is Angelica still alive?” he kept muttering, “It seems that this cave is empty. Damn! I think that those witches already told the alpha to move away. Why bother? She’s strong anyway. Perhaps it’s because of Ino,” he tried to speculate.

He sighed, trying to think about what was next to do. But he was blank. Still feeling the pain, he couldn’t think straight. He was just feeling anxious and scared. He sat down on the floor, leaned his body against the rock wall, and tried to control his breath. Even vampire has to breathe though they don’t have any pulse.

He was shocked when he felt his cell phone vibrated. He quickly took it from his pants pocket and answered, “Hello, Fender. What’s wrong?”

“Your voice is not very clear, Frank. I’m worried. How’s there? You sound very tired,” I asked.

“Sorry, it seems that signal here in bad. We find it. It’s a cave. But it seems that she knows that we’re near her lair,” Frank explained. I asked him again. He repeated his words. It needed several times he talked and moved until I did understand when he was talking about.

“So she’s gone huh?” I asked again.

Frank nodded even though he perhaps realized that I couldn’t see him nodding, “Yes,” he replied, “She’s helped by the Valorous witches. We were almost defeated, but suddenly Ino and Sergey came. I’m inside the cave now while the others are fighting outside. I’m trying to find Angelica, but…she’s not here. Nobody is inside the cave.”

“Is there any bodies? Or ghost?” I guessed with a little fear in my heart.

“None!” he said, “There’s really nothing here. This place is empty and I feel like our effort all this time is in vain. Not entirely in vain, but we gain nothing but only an empty place that perhaps she won’t use it again.”

I looked at Ivan while keeping away my cell phone from my head, “Do you have any idea about this, Ivan?”

He just raised his shoulder, “I don’t know. If there’s already Ino and Sergey there, then we have no worry although the Valorous witch interfered. By the way, Angelica is not there. Even though we still don’t know her whereabouts, if she’s still alive, she’s going to be saved from Ino.”

I just put my phone on my ear again and Frank quickly talked. “What Ivan said is right. This mission is over. We have to think another way to figure out where the alpha hides Angelica,” he said.

“If everyone is okay, I’m relieved, so that I can sit here with no worries…” but suddenly the phone was cut off. The signal was going worse.

He put his phone again in the pocket and sighed. There’s nothing I can do here. It’s better to get out and help the other, he thought. He stood up and took a very deep breath, then whooshed out.

Frank stopped right in front of the cave’s mouth and stunned. The last man standing was the summoner. He laid down with Ino’s sword pointed to his throat. The others were miserable and torn into pieces. Blood was everywhere. There was no cried again, only some people stunning with the way Ino treated those people.

“Tell me where the alpha is, and I will spare your life, Witch!” Ino said.

In trembling, the witch seemed could not speak. But he tried to spoke out some words, “There’s no guarantee.”

“I never lie even once. I’m not a patient person so just speak out or I’ll kill you!” Ino seemed to lose his patience.

“Kill me, Hunter! I will never betray a friend,” the witch insisted.

Ino sighed, “So stubborn! It’s your choice, Witch!” and cruelly he stabbed his sword into the witch’s throat. Everyone moved away their sight when Ino did that, even Sergey.

“Don’t blame me!” Ino said, “I already gave him a chance. He won’t speak a word and I don’t have a choice.”

Frank stepped out form the cave’s entrance. He looked so gloomy, “There’s nothing inside. The alpha has already left.”

“So, what now?” Norah sighed desperately, “With she’s gone and all the witnesses die, we have no clue. We’ve been this far, but in the end we get nothing.”

“I hate to admit that, but I think it’s unavoidable,” Sergey commented, “We have to find the clue again. Perhaps searching for another ghost,” he chuckled at the end of his words, “By the way, I still remember what you guys told me about Ichtaca’s word, that he escaped with one of the captive werewolves. I believe that can be the clue.”

Norah wrinkled her forehead, “How’s that?” she asked.

Sergey took a breath, moved a little bit back and forward, “If she’s alive, then she must be somewhere in this town. I believe she won’t keep staying in the forest since she is avoiding the alpha. This town is not that big.”

“You’re right, Sergey. But you miss several condition,” Evans finally spoke, “One, we don’t know whether she’s still alive or not. Two, we don’t know whether the alpha catch her again or not. Three, she can be somewhere outside the town. And four, we’ve never met the girl and we don’t know her.”

“Let’s say your statements number two and three was wrong. If she died, I think we’ll heard of a dead body is found. But still, we’ve never heard such news. Words spread fast in this town you know. And your last doubt, I think werewolf has less difficulty to find their fellow kind in this little town.”

Norah, Frank, and Evans quickly stared at each other, but they didn’t speak a word.

“Carter Dale,” Ino said, “I heard he’s in town lately.”

He just scared me off! I thought that he was talking about Fender, Frank talked in his mind, relieved that they still didn’t know about Fender’s secret.

“No question? Okay, it’s settled then. No need to worry,” Sergey spoke cheerfully.

“So, we join forces now?” Evans asked.

Ino shook his head. He drew out his sword and put the holder into his pocket. “No, we work alone. Just hope later that perhaps we can save your ass again,” he then looked at Sergey, “We’re going, Sergey.”

“As you wish, ’Lil bro,” Sergey agreed. They both then walked away, leaving them and all the dead bodies behind.

“Just hope later that perhaps we can save your ass again,” Norah mocked by following Ino’s words, “What a dick!” she looked so upset.

“But thanks to him we are safe right now. Without him, we’re doomed,” Evans felt a bit grateful, kind of forget about how cocky he was previously, “We never know that witches interfere with this problem. I never face a summoner before, thinking that they can summon a genie. That’s a terrible opponent.”

“I couldn’t agree more, my friend. Remember not about this fray. Methinks we had better go home,” Hope suggested, “No better things such a lovely rest in our slumber right now.”

“But…what about Angelica?” Frank asked.

Norah sighed, “I know it’s important, Frank. I hate to admit it, but we can’t do anything right now. I hope we just have plenty of time to think and act. Hope’s right, we’d better go home and rest. We’ve been through an awful day,” she suggested also.

I think this is our chance to save Angelica. I’m wrong. I should have thought that the alpha had a backup. There is a reason why she’s hard to be found. Even by the hunters. I can’t imagine that she is protected by the witches, Frank thought with regret. He walked away as the other walked in front of him, leaving the foggy woods behind.

In the deepest worry of his heart, Hope thought, should I tell them that Angelica is safe? But he couldn’t decide right away.

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