Moonlight Hills-Book One: Lycanthrope

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Alpha, Beta, and Omega

Everything was so blur. I just could see a quite bright light. I could barely open my eyes, my head was so painful. It felt like there was a needle stuck in my brain. I tried to open up my eyes though it was very hard to do so. But I kept trying.

I saw a woman, yet I couldn’t saw her clearly. She must be the alpha, I thought.

“Where am I?” I asked. I realized that my hands and my legs were tied up tightly. I had no power to try to break loose, so I kept lying and did nothing. “Where am I?” I asked again.

I felt that woman sat next to me. She stroked my head gently. I could hear she whispered, “There’s nothing to worry about,” she said.

I blinked several times and my sight slowly became clearer than before. I kept doing that until everything seemed pretty clear. I looked at the woman. I didn’t know what she did to me until I felt so weak and had no power even just for quickly moving my hands.

She was not as scary as I thought in human form. Actually, she’s quite pretty. She had a long ebony hair with a fair complexion like a European female. Her nose was pointed, mixed with a pair of quite thick but sexy lips and green eyes. She smiled at me, so much different from I ever imagined.

“Are you going to kill me?” I asked.

She shook his head without losing her smile, “Of course not. I’m not going to kill you.”

I winced in pain, suddenly it felt like something flowing through my veins forcefully, something that made me paralyzed for a moment. But the sensation was only last for a second, “What you’ve given to me?” I asked.

I heard she chuckled, “I shot a little of wolfsbane to your veins. Don’t worry, it won’t kill you. It just weakens you. I’m sorry, Sweetheart, I just don’t want you to try to escape,” she then loosened up the rope that tied both my hands and legs, “You must be hurt. I think I don’t need this anymore.”

“For how long I’ve been passing out?” I asked again.

She sighed, perhaps a bit upset that I was too much asking even though I’m not in the condition to speak too much. But she still didn’t lose her smile, “A couple hours.”

So it’s still in the same day. Perhaps it’s midnight. Does Norah realize that I’m missing now, I thought.

“What do you want with me?” my voice sounded hoarse so I cleared my throat.

“God, you must be very thirsty. Do you want to drink something?” she offered.

I shook my head slowly, “No, just answer my question. If you don’t want to kill me, then you have no business with me. Please, just let me go.”

She stroked my face again, “No need to rush. I will let you go.”

What happen with her? Why is she so kind to me now? I still remember how fierce her look when the first time I saw her in full-shifted form, I talked to myself. I was confused. I couldn’t think. All I wanted that time was just going out from this place and back to my Norah.

“I’ll let you live, because of one reason. Why creating you if in the end I want to kill you?” she said, “I want to explain something. I believe you already know about our kind, there are Alpha, Beta, and Omega. Do you know what type of werewolf you are now, Fender? You’re an omega,” she asked and answered that question by herself, “Omega is a lone wolf, a wolf without a pack. Werewolves are stronger in pack, but werewolf without a pack is nothing. One thing you have to realized, an omega will never live long. So, Fender, I will offer you this great opportunity. Join me, be my prince, and you’re not an omega again. One day, I will make you an alpha. I promise that,” she explained.

My eyes grew larger as she approached her face toward me. She then kissed me passionately. I didn’t know why I enjoyed that. I just couldn’t resist her charm.

She unbuttoned me slowly while we’re kissing. And when the kissing stopped for a moment, she smiled at me and spoke, “You can’t resist me, Fender. You’ll soon regain your strength back and we will have the night we never forget in our life,” after that, she continued to kiss me.

“How did that happen?” Frank asked with a very panic face.

Norah shook her head quickly, “It just happened. Fender went here to throw the garbage away. After that, he’s gone. We realized that something was wrong, but we were late. We have no idea about what happened. It was all so fast,” she explained and sobbed, “Perhaps it was the alpha. If something happens to him and…” she then continued to sob.

Frank quickly hugged her. He scrubbed her back gently, “It’s okay. Nothing will happen to Fender. She needs him as her pack. She already lost many. She won’t lose the remaining again,” he said.

Norah stopped the hugging and wiped the tears on her cheek, “I know. But what if he is brainwashed, that he will turn against us?”

“Just believe in him. He won’t betray us,” Frank made sure and he saw Norah nodded. After that, he smiled faintly.

Suddenly, Evans and Mr. Levin came back after they searched for Fender in the woods. But it seemed that they did find nothing. Mr. Levin sighed and put down his crossbow. Evans sat down and tried to control his breath.

“He’s gone. We’ve already search these entire woods around here,” Evans told them.

“Who is he, Norah?” Mr. Levin asked while winced to Frank.

“I’m Frank Damon, Sir. Fender’s best friend,” Frank replied.

Mr. Levin nodded slowly, “Oh, so this is the mighty Damon’s son.”

“You know my old man, Sir?” Frank asked.

Mr. Levin nodded again, “Yeah, I do know him. We’ve met a few times when the order and The Temple have some sort of meetings. By the way, are you sure this is really a werewolf?”

“It’s 80% sure, Sir. Only a werewolf has a connection with Fender. Somehow, we think that the alpha still needs him to grow her forces,” Frank analyzed.

“Should we tell the sheriff about his disappearance?” Evans asked, “He knows about all the supernatural things in this town, right?”

Frank peeked on his watch, “It’s still about 7 hours since he’s missing.”

“They should not care about how long Fender has been missing! Most policemen here know about the secret of this town! What they should highlight is this is about supernatural! They should not treat this case like a common case!” Evans spoke loudly.

Norah nodded quickly, “But we can’t depend on them. They always treat all supernatural cases like a common case. They treat that regularly, not specially. It’s all the hunters doing that this town can be saved this far,” she added.

“I agree with Norah,” Frank said, “But it’s no use to discuss about that now. Let’s scan this town. I’ll call Hope for help.”

Mr. Levin sighed, “Okay, it’s settle then,” after he picked up his crossbow, he pulled up Evans and forced him to move even though Evans seemed so lazy about that. They ran in a different direction and disappeared in the woods.

“I’ll take my stuffs first. Good luck, Frank,” Norah quickly back to her house.

There was only Frank left in the scene. He pulled out the necklace he always hid behind his T-shirt and sweater. It was the medallion he held by his hand. He held it tightly and closed his eyes, whispering about something. The medallion glowed for a moment, shining a warm light even though Frank covered it all with his hands.

I hope you received my message, Hope, he thought and then quickly whooshed to search for Fender’s whereabouts.

On the other side of the woods of Moonlight Hills, I heard some people talking around me. I also heard the sound of water flowing. I tried to open my eyes, feeling dazzled as the sun light directly struck my face. I still couldn’t see things clearly. I felt very weak. I even can’t move my body at all. All I could do is moaning. I heard a person yelling to the other.

“He’s alive! Just call an ambulance, police, or whatever! Do it quickly!”

I still tried to open my eyes though it was hard to do so. I then realized that I lied on the giant rock in the middle of the downstream. She must put me here, I thought. Some time, I couldn’t feel my body. Some other, all I felt was pain. I didn’t know how much dosage of wolfsbane she already gave me. My breath was so heavy. It didn’t have a long time that I still got conscious.

When I got my conscious back, even it was a little and I didn’t know how long I had been passed out, I realized that I had already been on the trolley, passing through the corridor of the hospital. That is what I thought at that moment. All I could see was the lights of the lamps and some people in blue outfit walking along with me. Somehow I remembered of some movies about someone getting into the hospital.

I was still conscious when they brought me to a room. A woman in the mask, the doctor perhaps, was examining my both eyes with her small flashlight. Some were trying to put every tool I didn’t know what it was to me.

“You all may go. I will treat him by myself,” said the female doctor. The others just nodded and left.

I tried to open my eyes even though all I wanted to do was closing it. My blurred sight gradually became clearer little by little. I saw that doctor stared at my face.

“Can you hear me?” she asked, and I just nodded slowly, “Are you okay?”

“No, I’m not okay,” I replied with my hoarse and low voice.

She sighed, “Someone found you lying in the river. Do you know what happened?” she asked again. I shook my head, but she suddenly spoke, “Just tell me the truth. I know what you are, Boy. You’re a werewolf,” she said quietly.

Then I tried to open my eyes widely. Frankly, I was a bit shocked when she said that she knew that I was a werewolf, “How do you know? What are you?” I asked her back.

She then opened her mask, showing her smile to me. She was about 35 years old, with a very pointed nose and very white complexion. “I’m an apprentice. I realized that you’re a werewolf when I examine your eyes. They were gold for a moment.”

“Apprentice? What is it?” I asked.

“It’s a witch beginner. I used to be a normal human,” she explained.

“So, you were bitten by a witch?” I joked.

She chuckled quietly, “It’s not how it worked. Every single creature who was born without magic, can also learned magic and become the apprentice. Basically we’re not as strong as the pure witch, but it’s not impossible to surpass them by working very hard. Yet, they’re usually still superior to us in many things. Actually, my mother is pure witch. But I was born as normal human since my father is one,” she finished her explanation.

I just nodded, giving a sign that I understood and was happy to learn a new thing.

She held my arm, trying to feel my pulse, “Your pulse is very weak. Something happened to you. I was good in alchemy and potion, that’s why I become a doctor. If I may guess from what I look at your condition, someone has ingested wolfsbane into your body,” she said.

“I was kidnapped by my maker,” I finally spoke out.

She nodded and thought, “So, you and your maker are not in a good relationship now?” she asked.

“It was an accident,” I said, “I never have any request to be bitten. I managed to escape from the first time she bit me. Haven’t you heard about some murders cause by werewolf? The murderer is her.”

She nodded again, “I’ve heard about some murders, but I never know that it was caused by werewolf. The news never mentioned it clearly and I don’t really want to investigate that. I have many important things to handle in this hospital.”

“I understand. So, do you have something to make this fucking wolfsbane out of my veins?” I asked.

She was thinking for several seconds, “The effect will be worn out by the time. All I can help is only to fasten the process. I have studied about wolfsbane and how it affects werewolf. Don’t worry! I’ll bring you the potion. But it’s in my house so I have to pick it up first.”

“It’s okay, Ma’am. I’ll wait. But please make it quick,” I begged, “The pain is annoying,” I then began to winced in pain. The feeling like something flowing through my veins forcefully came again. I just could try to bear it even it felt so bad.

The door suddenly opened. My family with their super massive panic face, came inside and directly asked the doctor about what had happened to me. My mother hugged me softly and stroked my face.

“What happened, Sweetheart? Who did this to you?” she asked gently. I just shook my head, then she asked me again, “You don’t remember anything?” and I pretended to not knowing anything by shaking my head again.

The doctor spoke to my parents, “Mr. and Mrs. Luts, there’s something I have to take care first. Just let your son rest. It’s better not to ask him anything,” she seemed understood that I was not in position to be asked by questions. She then walked away, leaving the three of us alone.

“Where’s Ben?” I asked.

Dad frowned in confusion, perhaps because I and my brother like a cat and dog. He chuckled, “It’s rare that you ask about your brother,” he stated.

“He’s at school, Fender. Today is not a holiday,” Mom explained and chuckled.

I didn’t know why suddenly I asked about Ben, that annoying little brat. Somehow, I kind of missed him. It had been days since the last time we interacted and fought each other.

Dad stood next to my bed, stroked my forehead, “We will report to the police about what happened to you.”

I bugged out, “Dad, no need to tell the police,” I said.

“Of course it must,” Dad insisted, “Whoever did this to you must be punished. I believe someone gave you such kind of drugs. Look at you now, Fender. You’re terrible. After the doctor report to us about your symptom, we will take an action immediately.”

I sighed. I really wanted to tell them that someone ingested me wolfsbane, that I was a werewolf so that I was kind of like a junkie person. But there wasn’t on earth I would tell them about what truly happened to me. I didn’t know how that female doctor would explain to my parents. Somehow I felt a bit lucky that the doctor who examined me first was a supernatural, even though she said that she used to be a normal human before.

They both then spoke about to whom I should befriend with, advised me for picking the right friends and not to fall into bad habits. I just nodded and sighed. They really didn’t know what happened to me and they acted like they were expert on everything. They’re parents after all. I still remember that the doctor told them to let me rest and not asking questions. But why they did by speaking to me a lot was contrary to what the doctor said, even though they didn’t ask questions.

The door suddenly opened again. We all turned our head, and I sighed then, “You’re quick,” I said.

Frank got in and threw his faint smile to my parents, “Are you okay?” he asked.

“I’m not,” I replied, hated with the question asking if I was okay, whereas they knew that I wasn’t in a good condition. I talked to my parents, “Dad, Mom, could you please leave me alone with Frank?”

“What do you want to talk to Frank that you don’t want to talk to us, Fender?” Dad asked while he wrinkled his forehead.

Oh, God! Dad is so curious and I hate that, I sighed. I thought that gene was inherited to me. “It’s a teenager’s talk and adults are forbidden to know,” I excused.

Mom laughed a bit and pulled my father hand. Dad only yelled that I can’t keep something important to them.

After they were out and closed the door, my face turned to be more serious. Frank already did that from the beginning he entered the room. “I met the alpha,” I said with a low voice.

Frank nodded, “We’ve figured. Did she reveal herself?” he asked.

I nodded, “Yeah,” I replied, “It’s not just that. I’m sure it wasn’t a dream. I think I made love with her,” I whispered in my last word.

Frank frowned, paused for several seconds, “What?” he seemed more than surprised.

“She likes me, Frank,” I whispered again, “She held me captive just for telling me that. That’s why she let me go now.”

“Did you really have sex with her?” Frank thought that it seemed unbelievable, but when I nodded, he did too, “She’s your maker after all. You can’t resist her,” he began to understand by his own analysis. “But don’t you think it’s dangerous for her to let you know her true appearance while she knows that you will come back to us? I still don’t understand about what she’s thinking.”

I sighed, “Oh my God, Frank, please don’t ask me question that needs me to think so hard now,” I complained.

“What did she do to you?” he asked.

“Ingested me with wolfsbane to my veins, so that I couldn’t even try to escape,” I explained, “She said that it was a little so it doesn’t have any effect for me except my body will be feeling so weak,” I added, “By the way, don’t tell Norah about what happened between me and that alpha.”

He nodded quickly, “Of course,” he agreed, “I’m sure Norah will understand, but I will try to keep my mouth shut. Just take a rest. You need the effect of that wolfsbane worn out.”

I smiled a bit, “Actually, the doctor that treated me is an apprentice,” I said, creating a wincing in Frank’s eyes, “She said she wanted to take a potion to fasten the effect in my body. I think there’s one thing I should worry, about how to make excuse for my parents.”

We both looked at the door again after it suddenly opened. I smiled widely, looking at Norah who quickly approached me. She stroked my face, looking at me without speaking for a moment. She looked so damn worried.

“I thought I’m going to lose you,” she said.

I shook my head, “Don’t ever think that. I won’t leave you alone,” I said.

“Look at you,” she stroked my face again, “Look what she’s done to you!”

“Just being intoxicated by wolfsbane! But don’t worry, wolfsbane doesn’t kill werewolf,” I replied, “By the way, you both are quite fast to get here,” I wondered.

“It was Hope that found you were brought by two people. He then contacted me and I texted Norah,” Frank answered.

“So, where is Hope?” I asked.

“He said he had to go to Skyfall City to work,” Frank answered, “Perhaps he will come here later.”

Norah looked at me then and wrinkled her forehead, “I’ve been wondering, did you see the alpha’s true face?” she asked.

I gulped and it couldn’t be helped. But I tried as much as I can to act normally. I nodded, “Yes,” I said and only that.

“So we can use Fender’s knowledge. At least we have a clue to move forward. But, it’s better to talk about this later. Fender still needs to rest,” Frank said.

I sighed with relieve. Frank was smart enough to change the topic and situation. But I wondered, how I could explain to Norah if she asked me further about that. I just wished I didn’t slip my tongue.

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