Moonlight Hills-Book One: Lycanthrope

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Angelica Brownwood

Omega! That was the word that always kept in my mind since she told me about that. From the first time, I had never heard about omega. Until, she told me about how bad being an omega and I was one of them. Somehow I felt my life was more than miserable. Being an omega, the weakest wolf that has a very short lifespan, was more than enough to ruin my recent peaceful life.

I hadn’t told anyone about what had been bothering my mind. I didn’t know. I was just scared. I just sat alone in the journalist room, borrowing their computer since they had the coolest one in school. Actually, not everyone could access the room. But since Ellyn Stanford, the chairwoman of journalist club, had a crush with me, I could easily ask her to borrow this room. Actually I’m quite bored to tell you how great being a very popular boy in school, but it is very great.

Just forget about that! I was very serious back then, sitting in front of the computer. Okay, this is thrilling, I thought. I began my first keyword with omega on Google. Several links were popped out. Some of them mentioned about algebra formula or the meaning of omega as Greek letter. So I added werewolf on the keyword.

My eyes bugged out a little bit. Several links about supernatural could be seen in the screen. I clicked the top one and began to read.

It said that an omega werewolf was a lone wolf, a wolf without a pack. I knew that exactly, so I continued reading. I really wanted to know about how bad being an omega. It said that an omega was very fragile creature. The wolf was very weak if it was alone, and the condition was also applied to the man wolf. I closed that page and searched for another one.

“This is interesting,” I whispered, so I opened the new link. The appearance was like an ancient book I read in Frank’s library. I kept reading until I found some words just exactly like what the alpha had said to me, the omega werewolf had the shortest lifespan among the others. The words tickled my mind so that I continued reading. It said that a beta that was strayed from the alpha and its pack could become an omega. Its strength and courage was decreased, and no one could protect it from any harm or attack from others. From the first time I’ve been already a coward, I thought. Perhaps it was because I was an omega since the beginning. In order to gain strength and confidence, an omega got to look for the alpha and joined the pack to ensure its safety.

I sighed. Being a werewolf was very hard, especially for an omega. I began to understand why a lone wolf was a very fragile creature. This world was very cruel, especially for those vampires who hated werewolf so much. I had my friends, but I wondered if that was enough. Do I really need to find an alpha and join the pack, I thought.

I turned my head to the door just before someone opened it. It was Ellyn. She smiled to me despite wrinkling he forehead, “Do you want to keep staying here, Fender? It‘s already dusk and I want to go home,” she said.

I nodded, “It’s okay, Ellyn. But…if you’re okay too.”

“So, if you want to stay here, I will give you the key. Please close the door when you want to go home. By the way, why don’t you do it at home?” she asked.

“You know that journalist’s computer had many paid source,” I said.

She giggled, “Oh, yeah. I forget about that. So, happy searching,” she waved her hand, picking some of her stuffs and went away.

I turned my focus back to the computer, searching if there was any way to survive as an omega. I didn’t care about that alpha offering, promising me to be an alpha one day. I wouldn’t follow a killer, and I didn’t want to be one. So no matter what the consequences being an omega, I promised myself I would bear it at all cost.

When I heard my text ringtone rang, I sighed. I picked it from my bag and looked at the screen. Unknown number, I thought. I opened the message and read it slowly.

It was Carter Dale. I was a bit surprised that he knew my phone number. The text stated that Ino Rays asked him to search for the possibilities that one of the werewolf who escaped with Ichtaca in town. We all had already known about that. When I continued to read further, my eyes grew larger a bit when he stated that Ino would kill the wolf once he found it. That guy was really crazy. I never met a person in my life that as heartless as him.

In the last line of his message, he asked me if I and the other had found something. I quickly texted him about what we had found recently.

In a moving car, Carter Dale opened his message and read it. That was a short line from me, saying that we still haven’t found anything yet. He sighed and threw away his cell phone to his right seat.

They just didn’t do anything, he thought.

Suddenly he stopped his car. There was no other car passing through the road. The place was extremely quiet, even though some of the houses around there were not empty. The sky was going to be dark soon. There was just a little of orange sun light in the west sky.

It wasn’t because of the silent that Carter suddenly stopped his car. His nostril was moving. He sniffed, smelling something suspicious. He opened the door and got out. His eyes were wandering around, until he looked at one of the few houses.

He slowly walked, approaching the house. He set his ears to the fullest, hearing some people had a chit-chat inside the house.

Several seconds later, he already stood in front of the main door. He didn’t do anything, just waiting because he knew that the people inside had already realized about his presence.

The door finally opened. He saw a quite fat woman staring at him.

“Who are you?” they asked in the very same time and frowned together after that.

“Why do you ask me, Boy? You are the one who is standing up in front of my house. I never know about any other werewolf in this town besides Fender Luts. Now tell me who you are!” the woman got angry.

“I’m Carter Dale,” he answered, “I used to live here long ago before Fender Luts became a werewolf. I never know that a werewolf family live in this town.”

The woman winced, “Oh, so you are Carter Dale.”

“You know me?” Carter asked in confusion.

“My name is Katerina Jovanov. We’re just moving here. My fairy friend told me about this place, including your family. Please, Mr. Dale, no vampires know about our existence but the son of Damon. We live in secret here.”

Carter nodded, “It’s okay, Ma’am. I won’t betray my fellow werewolf. I’m just curious that I found a werewolf family live in this town, so I come here and take a look,” he explained.

“Are you living here again, Mr. Dale?” Mrs. Jovanov asked.

“No, I just stay to investigate the murder. Now that I have found another werewolf here, I want to ask you something. May I ask one?” he asked.

Mrs. Jovanov nodded, “Anything,” she replied.

“Have you ever felt that there is a werewolf wandering around in this town? Not Fender of course, but the other werewolf,” he asked.

Mrs. Jovanov thought for a while, she wrinkled her forehead, “Is there another werewolf besides Fender and us?”

“So you don’t know,” Carter sighed heavily.

“I do,” Anna suddenly came out and spoke.

Mrs. Jovanov and Carter turned their sight to where Anna came and bugged out a bit. Mrs. Jovanov turned her eyes into wincing mode, “Do you know about that another werewolf, Anna?” she asked.

Anna nodded slowly. She seemed doubt, but she finally spoke, “I felt the presence of a werewolf in a house near the headwater, a house full of creeper trees.”

“It’s a fairy house. Why does a werewolf do in a fairy house? And why don’t you tell it to us?” Mrs. Jovanov spoke in a high tone.

“I’m scared, Mom. I’m just trying to forget about that. Somehow I remember again when I heard that man ask you about the werewolf,” she defended herself, “Ivan once told me about the alpha that turned Fender into a werewolf, that she is building her army. I don’t like bad guys,” she explained further.

“Relax, Lass,” Carter tried to ease the situation, “You still remember where the house is, right? Could you please show it to me?” he asked politely. He saw Anna nodded, until finally he smiled very wide.

I turned off the computer. I looked at outside the room through the window. The lamps were already switched off. That place was so quiet. I hate quiet place. So I quickly grabbed my bag and got up. I sighed, not very satisfied since I always found the same explanation about omega. I really needed tips and tricks. And it seemed that not a single omega had shared it on the internet.

I feared about myself, about my life, wondering if I could survive this world. Somehow I thought about Ivan’s family. They were a pack although there was no alpha among them. I figured, can I be the member of their pack? They consider me a family?

I will figure it out, I told myself. After taking a very deep breath, I walked away from the room, of course without forgetting to lock the door. The corridor was a bit dark, a few lights were still alive, but it made the situation creepier. I didn’t know why my imagination about something scary was very wild. That was like I was in a horror movie. I fastened my step through the corridor, but somehow the corridor was like longer than I usually walked.

You’re a werewolf, Fender! A mighty one! In spite of being an omega, you’re still a werewolf! What are you scared of? Ghost? They’re not scary at all, I talked to myself.

But when I heard something like a can fell from somewhere I didn’t know, I screamed like a scaredy cat. I fell off, dragging myself to the wall and leaning against it. I just wished there was no vampire stayed in the school, or they were going to mock me. What is that, I wondered. I hugged my own legs, trying to control my breath.

I turned my head to the left and right over and over. I then tried to stand on my legs, even though they were shaking. My knees were felt so weak. There was no advantage for me by standing there, so I tried to run. I didn’t want to figure who or what made that sound. The best thing in my mind was got out from the school building.

Suddenly I stopped running again. From the junction in front of me, I heard someone walking very slowly. No, it wasn’t someone. I heard two persons. The steps were so soft. I figured if they were ghosts, but I made sure of myself that even though I have this super hearing abilities, there’s no way I could hear a ghost step. So I really thought that they were a solid creature. I kept walking fast although my heart pounded so hard.

But when I crossed the junction, there was no one there. I took a deep breath, the spoke loudly, “Vampires! Whoever you are just come out! I’m not scared!”

I could hear a wind whooshing in front of me and two vampires, just like I thought before, appeared and chuckled together.

“Look at who’s screaming like a crybaby,” one of them mocked me, and they burst into laughter.

“That’s very shameful, Dog!” the other vampire said.

I growled, really growled, making them whooping on me, “Just tell me what’s your business!” I got angry.

They looked at each other and grinned. There was something fishy about them. I saw they took something from their pocket. God, a penknife! Each of them! My feeling was going uneasy. I had a bad feeling about that.

They stepped forward slowly and I stepped back at the same time. Their grin didn’t disappear at all. Just what exactly do they want to me, I figured.

While playing with his knife, one of them spoke to the other, “Do we have to do it fast?”

The other shook his head, staring at me with his eerie gold eyes, “No, we do it slowly, and painful.”

Still stepping backward, I tried to figure out, “What do you want with me?” I asked, “Don’t do anything stupid! What have I done to you?”

“Nothing! We’re just sick with you, Werewolf. Feeling cocky just because you’re Frank’s friend? We’re not going to let a reign of werewolf starts in Moonlight Hills,” he said.

“You’re going to face Frank’s wrath,” I said.

The other vampire chuckled, “He’s not going to know what happen between us now.”

Shit! They just don’t intend to do harm to me, but also they want to kill me, I thought. And without thinking further, I turned back and ran as fast as possible. But suddenly, they both already stood up in front of me again. I can’t go away, I talked to myself.

“It’s useless, Werewolf. You’re too slow,” the vampire said.

The other vampire suddenly whooshed toward me and hit me in the face. I was thrown to the back and landed so bad. I could feel my nose was bleeding. Then I stared at them with my gold eyes glowing.

“Wow, he’s going to show his wolf,” he teased me.

“Come on come on out, Doggy!” the other added.

I got up, growled, and became ugly in an instant. From that moment, I realized that I was going to lose my mind. I roared, running toward them and be ready to attack with my sharp claws. Those two vampires had their counterattack toward me. If I could say, shit! That was unfair!

I swung my both hands to them, but their fast movement allowed them to dodge. One of the vampires wanted to kick my head out, but somehow I could catch his leg even though he was moving like a flash. I threw him to the wall, made him moaning like a whore. But his friend successfully avenged me. He punched me in the face with so much power. I was thrown back and fell, but I quickly got up. My wolf was very strong.

“We can’t underestimate him,” the one whom I threw, told his friend after he got up.

“We got these silver knives on us. Just kill him instead,” the other vampire spoke and growled.

That was bad, but I didn’t even think about that. I definitely lost control. What my wolf thought just crushing those filthy vampires and tore them apart. So I just ran again toward them to launch my massive attack.

They were ready with those penknives. One of them moved and slashed his knife to me, but I could dodge. In his open position, I kicked his hand until his knife fell off, and suddenly I crushed his belly with my claws. I could see his face in agony, then without mercy I threw him toward his friend. That vampire moved away fast when his friend’s body was coming onto him.

They were not really tough!

“I’m going to kill you right now, Dog!” that vampire who was still standing growled at me. He tended to be serious then. But still, I didn’t think about it even the slightest. “We’re not playing around now!” he shouted at me, yet I didn’t care about what he spoke of.

That vampire whooshed, slashed his penknife toward me. I held his hand using my own hand, but he whooshed again. I didn’t realize that the other vampire had already gotten on his feet. He whooshed like a flash and attacked me from my back. I was too busy dealing with his friend, so he managed to hit my back. My position was open. That vampire who still holding a knife, suddenly cut my face. I screamed loudly and he kicked my chest.

I fell back and felt my face burning. Even though it was only a scratch, the pain is the worst. I yelled at them, “Fuck you!” I said, getting my consciousness back because of the pain. Shit! This is bad! They’re going to kill me, I thought in fear. I couldn’t flee. They were too fast.

Somehow I remembered about something. I didn’t know if it could help me or not, but it wasn’t hurt to give it a try. I howled, long and hard.

“It’s no use to howl, Fender! You’re an omega,” one of them chuckled.

Yeah, now I understand why an omega has the most fragile life, I thought. I was chickened out, so I turned back and fled. When I realized that they were going to whoosh to my front side, I pounced them and they fell back. I continued to run as fast as I could. I took a look at my back and I didn’t see them anymore, already left them behind. I passed through the door to the canteen, and hid behind the food bar.

I could hear they were shouting from a far, telling me that it was useless for me to hide, that they could hear my running breath. They were right, but I didn’t care. I heard them asking me to come out. Of course not!

God, help me, I thought when I heard the canteen’s door open and two persons walking inside. I tried to hold my breath, really I did that! But I just couldn’t hold my breath forever. And when I finally exhaled, I knew that they already knew where I hid there.

Both vampires suddenly laughed and I quickly ran again. One of them whooshed to my front and the other to my back. They kept the distance, preventing me to hit them again like previously.

“You can’t go anywhere, Doggy,” he said.

I saw both of them already had their penknife each on their hand. They were right that an omega didn’t have a long lifespan. I was going to die then, that was what I thought.

Away from my miserable destiny, Carter Dale stopped his car, not far from the lone house near the headwater. The house was like a fairy house just like what Anna said, full of plants, flower, and creeper plants on the wall.

Carter sniffed, got out from his car and walked slowly, without stopping to sniff.

She’s right. I can smell a werewolf here, he thought. And without thinking so long, he ran toward the house’s main door. But his eyes bugged out when he arrived right in front of the door. The creeper plants were moving, like defending the house from the intruder.

“What the hell,” he whispered in shocked.

His eyes turned gold and his claws popped out. He thought there’s no way he’s going to step back. The creeper plants tried to cover the door, but Carter pounced it. The door was destroyed and he managed to break through it. But inside was creepier than he could imagine. The creeper plants with so many thorns moved wildly, caught Carter’s hands, legs, and body with its tentacle-like stalks, and then tried to tie him up tightly. Carter tried to break loose by cutting the stalks, but the force was too powerful. He couldn’t handle so many creeper plants attacking him at the same time.

He sniffed again, trying to trace the werewolf. And suddenly, his eyes grew larger so much.

Angelica Brownwood, he thought.

“Angelica! Stop these plants immediately! I’m Carter Dale. I mean no harm to you,” he yelled, and then trying to break the creeper plants that tried to strangle him, “Angelica, please!”

The sound of someone running through the wooden-floored stairs was heard. Carter quickly turned his head, seeing a girl stunning with her scared face.

Carter couldn’t speak any further. The stalks that strangled him got very stronger. But he kept moaning.

Angelica seemed studying the guy who was in a brink of his death, until finally she realized something. “Uncle Carter?” she whispered, and then suddenly she screamed, “Stop it!”

The creeper plants suddenly loosened itself. It moved away and let Carter’s body to fall, back to the position previously. Carter was lying down, trying to control his almost dying breath. Angelica ran toward Carter and embraced him.

Carter smiled faintly, “You still remember me?”

“Yes, I do,” Angelica replied, “You’re my father’s friend. I was 6 when the last time I saw you. You look the same. So you’re a werewolf too,” she said.

Carter tried to get up and sit with Angelica’s help. He exhaled deeply, “Yes, I’m a purebred, an original werewolf.”

“You’re not bitten?” she asked.

Carter shook his head, “Nope. I’m a werewolf since I was born. I know your story. I and Fender have encountered you when the last two full moons. You were fully shifted and I’m sure you didn’t remember what happened back then. For this whole time, I, Fender, and his friends are trying to find you. So, tell me how you managed to escape and end up in here.”

“It was the worst days in my life. That bitch, I hate her so much!” Angelica spoke with anger, “I tried to escape with a boy. From his look, I know he was a native townsfolk. But I don’t know his name. He refused to be that bitch’s slave. Somehow, we successfully escaped, but we’re separated. I don’t know what happened to him then. When I was running in the forest, a very handsome fairy named Hope saved me,” she finished her explanation.

“So, this is Hope’s house,” Carter said.

Angelica winced, “You know Hope?”

“We are in the same mission to find you. I don’t know why that bastard tries to hide you from us and doesn’t tell a thing,” Carter said angrily.

Angelica quickly shook her head, “No, no, no! Don’t be mad at Hope! It’s me who ask him to keep this a secret. I don’t want him to tell anybody,” she paused for a while, and Carter just stared at her. “I’m scared. I’m scared about what my family will think of me. Furthermore, I’m a killer.”

“Actually, it’s not what you think of, Angelica,” Carter said, “Your parents know about what happen from the very beginning. I told them myself. They want you to go home. Do you know how desperate they are now, thinking that their only daughter may be killed?”

Suddenly that girl sobbed. She quickly hugged Carter and burst into tears, “I’m sorry. I don’t mean to. I just…I just…don’t know what to do. I’m scared.”

Carter hugged her back and stroked her head, “But it’s okay. Knowing the condition now, it’s better you to keep this a secret.”

She stopped hugging him and wiped her tears. She then wrinkled her forehead, “Why?” she asked curiously.

Carter face suddenly became very serious just like he used to be, “There’s a hunter, a very cruel hunter. He knows that you are a new beta and you killed someone. He’s searching for you too. But his intention is different from us. He wants to kill you,” he explained, “He told that directly to my face.”

Angelica felt like her heart was going to jump out, knowing that someone wanted to kill him desperately. She even couldn’t speak too many words. “What on earth…why?” she was confused, “Just because I killed someone unintentionally?”

“He’s a fearsome hunter. I’m afraid we can’t protect you from him. He’s very strong, one of the strongest of their kind. Even if we all working together to fight him and defend you, he’ll be unbeatable,” Carter said, “That’s why you must keep secret of your existence. I’ll tell your parents that you are okay, perhaps also Fender and the others, since they really do care about you. Until everything is settled, you will hide here. Understand?”

Angelica nodded without a word.

Meanwhile earlier, my situation was very bad. Those vampires grinned widely while pointing their penknife toward me, threatened to kill me. I had nowhere to go. They both cornered me. This is the end of me, I thought.

But there was something happened in a sudden, something that I and those vampires would never expected. It was even not the slightest in mind. The full side of glass windows on the south of the canteen was suddenly destroyed. We all shocked, surprised with what we saw with our own eyes. That woman who was staring at us with her red and sharp glowing eyes, stood up in her half-shifted mode.

We were stunning, trembling in fear, especially for those vampires.

“It’s an alpha!” one of them spoke with a low voice, but we all could hear it.

“Run!” the other vampire shouted. He whooshed toward the alpha, hoping that he could pass through her and got out from the damage since it was the closest way out of him. But he didn’t calculate that the alpha was fast enough to grasp his neck while he was running.

Without wasting any seconds, she pierced that vampire chest with her claws and ripped his heart out. She then threw that dead vampire to the floor, and dropped the chest right beneath her. Blood was scattered everywhere. She licked his full of blood hand and grinned.

The last-man-standing vampire screamed so loud, seeing some horror scenes with his very own eyes. He tried to escape to the main door, since it seemed impossible to get out through the broken window. But then I was the one who became his obstacle. I swung my leg while he was whooshing, hitting his body until he fell right in front of the alpha. For the first time, I really enjoyed watching people dying.

The alpha stepped on his chest, preventing him to run further.

“Stop! Stop! Please spare me,” he shouted while trying to struggle.

“You seemed not to have any intention to spare him previously, and now you have guts to ask me to spare your life? Just dream, Son of a bitch!” she then stomped onto his head with her big boots she wore. With her super strength, I could imagine that the head must be completely destroyed so I quickly moved away my sight.

I could hear the cracking sound and it was really disgusting. I had a peek, but after seeing that his head was like crushed by a truck, I didn’t really want to see him again. God, I want to throw up, I thought.

I ran out from the canteen, and then stopped and gasped. I leaned against the wall and tried to hold my urge to throw up. I leaned on my knees, gasping like a very tired dog. I heard she walked to the sink and opened the faucet. It seemed that she was washing something, perhaps her hands. She then walked to the door and appeared. Her look was back to normal. She continued to approach me, making me scared and trembled like a chicken.

“Please don’t give me another wolfsbane,” I begged, but I didn’t run.

She didn’t stop until she finally pushed me to the wall with her body and rounded her hands on my neck. She was so fearsome, yet charming.

“Don’t you realize that I come here to save you, Fender?” she told me, “There’s no way I will harm you with the wolfsbane.”

“How do you know about me being attacked?” I asked.

She then put her finger onto my lips, “I watch you every time, Honey. You’re under my surveillance. Why don’t you be grateful and say thanks to me? I’m not that bad, right?”

Suddenly we realized someone was running, then that one shouted out my name. The sound came from the canteen. It seemed that the person walked through the yard beyond the broken window. I sniffed, realizing that he was a werewolf. But before I realized further, Ivan suddenly appeared from the door.

He screamed, yelling my name again. Then he bugged out after he looked at the face of the alpha. He was silent for a moment.

Still leaning on my shoulder, she gave him a very wide grin.

Ivan’s mouth seemed to move a bit, “Hail?” he said, “What are you doing here?”

“You’re that Jovanov kid. So you’re here in this town. I don’t have to tell you about what I’m doing here anyway,” the alpha, whom the name Hail was revealed, told him.

Ivan’s appearance suddenly changed, along with his exploding emotion. But his changing was not too much, only a glowing gold eyes and a few fangs, also claws on his hands. So purebred can really control and suppress their changing, I thought.

“I’m going to kill you!” Ivan said.

The alpha stopped hugging me, and when Ivan tried to pounce toward her, she stepped forward and swung her hand. Ivan was thrown after her hand hit him hard. Ivan’s body crushed the wall before he fell to the floor. I still remembered how she crushed Frank’s neck.

What an amazing strength! The point where Ivan crushed the wall is cracking, I was amazed.

That alpha quickly ran off without a word, passed through the canteen door and disappeared. For a while I was stunned. But when I saw Ivan moving, I quickly tried to help him stood up.

“Are you okay?” I asked and he nodded even though he didn’t look okay.

“It seemed that my ribs are broken,” he said, smiling but in agony, trying to stand and lean against the wall.

I sighed, “So you’re not okay,” I said.

“Don’t worry, it’ll heal fast,” he was sure.

“You know her?” I asked again, and then my face became more serious than before.

He nodded, “Her name is Hail Grayson. She was the one who killed my uncle,” he then began his story after he sighed, “My one and only uncle was an alpha. Although he was younger than my father, my alpha grandfather passed the alpha’s power to him.”

“Passing? Did your uncle kill your grandfather?” I winced and asked.

”No, it’s not that,” he shook his head, “Alpha’s power can be passed to another by the alpha’s own will. But for the ones who give the alpha’s power, they will lose it and become a beta. But there’s another way to have an alpha’s power, by killing the alpha. And that was what that bitch did to my uncle,” he explained.

I was thinking hard, “How could Hail kill your alpha uncle? Was she an alpha too from the beginning?” I asked curiously.

“No, she was a beta,” he replied, “She was using my uncle weakness to kill him. Love! My uncle was falling in love with her. When she got the chance, she killed him and she got the alpha’s power,” he finished his story, “That’s why I wanted to kill her when I saw her before, even though I know I won’t be able to do that. So she’s the culprit all this time, the one who gave you the curse.”

I nodded without a word.

“What happened to those miserable vampires inside? I bet they were killed by her,” he asked.

“Yes, but those filthy vampires tried to kill me first,” I explain, causing him to bug out, “Just like I said to you, not every vampire in this town is friendly. Don’t worry I will keep your secret with my life.”

Ivan nodded and rub his chin slowly, “I can guess you are precious to her,” she said.

“I will talk to you about that later,” I told him.

“It’s okay,” he agreed, “It’s better for us to leave this place before someone get near. It’s better we pretend that we don’t know anything about this murder,” Ivan quickly ran off and I followed him.

I waved my hand, “Ivan, wait!” I yelled. Damn! He’s fast, I thought.

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