Moonlight Hills-Book One: Lycanthrope

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Red Moon Party

Frank pounded the table in front of him in Ivan’s living room where we all gathered. His eyes were growing so large after hearing my explanation, like his eyeballs wanted to go out from his face. He gasped, keeping up with his exploding emotion. “How dare they defy me!” he was mad.

After the occasion, I and Ivan went to Ivan’s house, and then asked Frank to come by. I didn’t want to tell him first to prevent any unwanted things and I thought I was doing the right thing. I’d never imagined that Frank would be that mad. Fortunately, he didn’t break Ivan’s coffee table.

There were only the three of us. I was sure that Mr. and Mrs. Jovanov and also Ivan’s siblings could hear what we were talking about. But they didn’t want to interfere. I just realized that Anna had a peek on us, perhaps having sightseeing on Frank.

“Just calm down, Frank,” I said lowly.

“How could I? They almost killed you! This is not acceptable! I hate to know that those filthy vampires were trying to betray me. Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” Frank said, almost yelling.

Ivan took a deep breath, “Look at you now! Uncontrollable! We don’t want something bad to happen. We know you’re mad, we all mad, Frank,” Ivan explained.

“Thanks to her that I’m okay now,” I said.

Frank looked at me and frowned, “Her? You mean the alpha?” he asked with shocked.

Ivan nodded, “Yes. I know who that woman is. I’ve met her before.”

“Wait! Wait! Wait!” Frank cut his words, “Please tell me the chronology. I’m confused. How could she be there? And how do you know about the attack, Ivan?” he asked.

I sighed, trying to set my horrible memories into one story, “I was in journalist club’s room.”

“What are you doing there until night, Fender?” Frank cut my words again.

“Just let me speak first, Frank!” I yelled, and he nodded. I sighed again, “Somehow, the word omega has been disturbing my mind lately. I just want to search for information since their internet has many valuable resources,” I took a breath slowly before I continued my story, “When I want to go home, they came and threatened me. With a silver knife! Look at my pretty face! I hope this scar was gone forever,” I got carried away.

But Frank just stared at me with a very gloomy expression, “It’s just a little scratch, Fender,” he said.

“Thanks to Anna for mending my wound, it was wide open, Frank,” I said, perhaps it was too much.

“It’s quite deep wound but it’s nothing. With his super healing process and my medicine, a special one to treat werewolf’s wound because of silver, it’ll heal fast. It’s only a scratch now,” Ivan explained.

But still it hurts my beautiful face! Damn! I hate that, I talked in mind. I knew it was too much, but it can’t be helped. Sometimes I think that scars can make me feel manlier, but…I tend to think twice if that scars taint my face.

I then continued my story, “But suddenly, the alpha came without any notice. She just came, I don’t know how. She then killed those vampires, brutally. I just remember what she said, that she always kept an eye on me.”

Frank seemed thinking. His forehead wrinkled and moved a bit if he was thinking. “How did she know, that’s what I’m wondering. The most reasonable answer is only that she was around all this time. Don’t you feel anything, Fender? You know that werewolf can notice if one of your kind is around,” he tried to answer his own question.

I just raised my shoulder, telling that I didn’t know about anything. And I really didn’t want to think.

Frank suddenly looked at Ivan, “You said you know about that alpha, right?” he asked.

Ivan nodded slowly, “Yeah, sort of. Actually I don’t want to tell the name. It’s taboo in this house. But…for everyone sake…” he seemed thinking more, “She is Hail Grayson,” he told him.

Suddenly we heard someone yelling, and another one followed. Then, we heard two people running toward us.

Ivan sighed, “I told you.”

Both Mr. and Mrs. Jovanov, who perhaps eavesdropped our conversation from afar, appeared with their very shocked face. They gasped, like hearing their child died in an accident.

“Whose name are you talking about, Ivan?” Mrs. Jovanov shouted in front of us with her eyes bugging out.

“Don’t tell me that that whore is in town!” Mr. Jovanov added, with yelling also.

Ivan sighed again, “I’m just talking about the fact. But don’t ever think to avenge Rafael’s death. She’s an alpha and even we all together are no match for her,” he reminded them.

Their eyes turned gold, but still they could control their anger even though they were like growling.

“I can’t believe it! There’s a chance for meeting her in this town. It feels like I want to break all of her bones and burn her to ashes,” Mrs. Jovanov said angrily.

Frank cleared his throat, “It seems that the alpha doesn’t expect that she will meet Ivan in this town, the one who knows her. And she never expects that Ivan is a friend of Fender, that means she already chose the wrong steps by revealing herself today,” he explained, though I thought I still need further explanation about what he said before.

“Perhaps you’re right,” Ivan quite agreed, “But we don’t know after what happened today that if she will be around or not,” then he doubted it.

Frank nodded slowly and grin, “The chance she will be around this town is quite high. We just have to keep an eye. She hasn’t fully completed her revenge toward the founder family. She has only already killed two persons. I’m sure it’s not enough for her. And also, she will always come to her little prince,” he faintly smiled on his last words while staring at me, made all the people there also stared at me.

“That bitch has a quite high taste for a man,” Mrs. Jovanov finally chuckled.

“Yeah, I know that when I saw how she acted in front of Fender,” Ivan added, “She just likes him. We know that she will gain nothing from Fender. At least one thing we don’t have to worry.”

“You still haven’t answered me yet how you could be in the scene,” Frank demanded his question to be answered.

Ivan then looked at Frank, “I was in the plaza. And when I heard a wolf cried on the direction of the school, I knew it was Fender,” he explained.

“Yeah, it was amazing that he could hear me even though the plaza is not near. It’s several blocks from the school,” I added.

“I’m just glad everything is fine,” Frank sighed, “There is one thing I must settle later, but some things are getting near to its conclusion. Since we have Fender as our trump card now, we can have him to lure her out,” he said.

I bugged out, “Don’t treat me as a bait!” I yelled then.

In a big old gloomy building, a place where it used to be a church, dozens of men who looked pale gathered in the center of the hall. Their face was paler than their usual look, waiting something anxiously. In the silence, they were communicating each other. They were scared, just like waiting for someone to give them a judgment.

The hall was a bit dark. There was only a little of sunlight came through some holes in the roof.

The main door was suddenly opened, made them all turned their head to the one who did that. A boy, or perhaps he could be called a very old person in the very young body, got inside the building and closed the door again. He walked slowly, approaching another boy who stood alone in front of the altar.

He smiled, “School is fine. All the students can go home because of the murder last night. Those humans are so excited. Fairies seem not care about what happen, knowing that no vampire at the school today. Anything else I can do, Frank?” he asked.

Frank, with his very serious mimic, only shook his head slowly, “No. Thanks for your help, Sam,” he said.

Sam bowed down, “Anything for you, Milord,” he then gathered with other vampires.

In a higher place to stand in front of the altar, Frank cleared his throat. All the vampires looked at him, trembling as Frank’s eyes stared at them sharply. No one dared to move their face to other direction. All Frank wanted was all vampires to look at his eyes, feeling the wrath inside them.

“You must know why I gather you here in this place,” Frank said, “Some of you have betrayed me, betrayed us. The vampires who were murdered last night, they tried to kill someone that you all know that he can’t be harmed. This is the unforgivable sin. We live here to seek for peace, and those who disrupt the peace will be exterminated. I’m sure you all aware of that. Is there any objection?”

Everybody gave no response. They just looked at Frank’s face with a trembling heart.

“Imre Sandor and Joseph Jonas are the example for those who deserve a fatal punishment. Fortunately, I’m glad that I don’t have to get my hands tainted with their blood,” Frank said, “The reason I gather you all here is not for giving you a speech. I want to know who else the brain of assassination of Fender is.”

All the vampires’ eyes bugged out. They looked at each other. They didn’t speak a thing, but they all know that everyone of them was very scared at the moment. They looked at Frank again, giving an innocent face. It was unknown if they were pretending or not.

“Anybody wants to confess? I’ll lighten the punishment,” Frank offered, but nobody spoke a thing. He sighed and thought, they all know that the lower punishment is a bluff. But it’s no use anyway. There is no way they can hide the crime. The culprit will be revealed.

The main door was suddenly opened again. They all knew for a second that someone would come. They all turned their head to the door behind them and seemed very surprised.

Three persons came inside the old building. They were pale and scary, with their red eyes glowing in a quite dark place. One of them waved his hands and the door was shut by itself. It seemed that it was because of his special ability.

Seeing at how they looked at them, they were nobler than any of those vampires there.

The three of them walked slowly, passing through the others while being stared by them. They walked through the small stairs to the higher area where Frank was standing.

“It’s an honor that you can manage to come here, Lord Albert, Lord Darius, and Lady Annabelle,” Frank greeted them.

Albert Donovan is the only pureblood son of Helena Donovan. Donovans is one of the three pureblood families in town. His mother, Helena, is also a pureblood, while his pureblood father died on the Pureblood war. His step father is common half-blood. He has three sisters from his step father. He looked like a 35 year-old man with an appearance like Elvis Presley, since he was the biggest fan of Elvis. Fortunately, he didn’t wear a white tight leather outfit with baggy pants just like Elvis did. He would be a big joke if he did that. Annabelle Manvel is also a pureblood. Manvels is the last pureblood family in town besides Donovans and Damons. Manvels has the most pureblood members if compared to Donovans and Damons. She is a very beautiful lady. She is a quite famous international model, no wonder that she is recognized as one of the most beautiful ladies in town. She looked like a 25 year-old woman. She had been married with a male human, one of the models she met in one of her show about 2 years ago. Until recently, they hadn’t had a child yet. It’s almost impossible for inter-creatures to have a child. His husband actually asked her to make him a vampire, but she didn’t approve. She knew that being a tainted-blood was not easy for him.

While the two others are purebloods, Darius Lazar is only a noble half-blood. But his nobility is quite high just like Frank is. He looked older than the others. Lazars actually had the member of pureblood in town from the past. But they committed suicide. Nobody knew what the reason why they killed themselves. Some of them thought that the purebloods perhaps were bored to live for a very long time.

“Thanks for inviting us, Frank. This is quite interesting, having an occasion where a vampire defends a werewolf,” Albert said.

“Actually, Lord Albert, it’s not everything about werewolf although it’s the root of this problem. We all talk about peace,” Frank said calmly, even though Albert’s statement was a bit cornering him.

Annabelle nodded slowly, “I do agree with what Frank said. In the situation where a werewolf is very rare in this town, as long as they seek for peace, we must grant them a peace. We all seek for the same thing, right? Why don’t we cooperate in the end?” she added and agreed, “Moreover, the one who was attacked is a very close friend of him. Perhaps more like family. It’s not weird that Frank defends him the most.”

Darius cleared his throat once, and then spoke, “I couldn’t agree more. We are here to pass on a judgment. Just tell us what you’re planning for us. I’ll do it gladly.”

After hearing their conversation, the situation became more thrilled than ever.

Frank looked again to those vampires below, “There’s still a chance to confess,” he said. But the situation was as silent as before. Nobody spoke a thing. Frank sighed heavily. He then looked at Annabelle, “Milady, please do it,” he asked.

Annabelle also sighed, but she smiled faintly, “You make me reveal my special ability, Sweetheart. You owe me a big one for this,” she then stared to every single vampire in that building.

All the vampires were wondering what actually that woman could do. They were anxious and trembling. Some of them gulped, thinking about what would happen that time.

Annabelle suddenly smiled faintly, “There are three among them. They are scared. They think that you wouldn’t keep your promise even though they admit it. Fender is a very close friend of yours after all,” she explained and for that moment, the situation was thrilling more than ever. Every single eye of those vampires looked at each other, wondering which ones the three of them Annabelle spoke of.

“She can read mind,” one of those vampires muttered.

Annabelle giggled, “I don’t want to say it, but…it’s true,” she said.

“Whoever you are, just reveal yourself! You don’t want to see Lord Frank’s wrath!” one of them shouted.

But Frank couldn’t agree about that, “Sorry, it’s too late,” he said slowly.

One second later, exactly the three vampires among them whooshed toward the main door, hoping that they could run as far as possible. They didn’t think about their life in Moonlight Hills. What they did think is only escaping.

But they never imagined what those vampire lords could do. They stopped running just right in front of the door, before they could go out. They stunned, with their eyes bugging out. They even didn’t move a bit.

“What happened?” one of them muttered.

Then Albert was the one who smiled faintly, “I get them inside my illusion binding,” he said.

All those vampires were very surprised about the greatness of Albert’s special ability. The vampire lords were very secretive, so that they didn’t know much about them.

The three vampires who wanted to run away, felt like they were in a dark place with their body fastened in a big pillar. They couldn’t move even though there was actually nothing attached to them. They couldn’t hear a thing like they were in somewhere place alone.

“They can’t get away until I release them. Now who want to pass a judgment?” Albert said.

Darius chuckled, “Let me do it. It’s not fair that you both show off and leave me without even make them stunning,” he didn’t want to be left behind. Quickly, he threw three pieces of irons into the air and those things were floating. Those small irons suddenly grew and formed a 20-cm-diameter disc for each of them. He smiled widely, “My cousin’s ability is a techne. She is an inventor. This is one of her works. Great, isn’t it?” he said proudly, “And with my telekinesis ability, I can move everything with my mind. Now, let the show begin!”

Annabelle just sighed. That cocky boy! He’s so happy to show off to others, she thought.

Those iron discs spinning fast in the air, then they rocketed to those vampires who got caught by Albert’s illusion binding. But suddenly Annabelle realized something.

“Darius, spare one!” she shouted.

Darius was a bit shocked with Annabelle’s sudden yelling. The iron discs rocketed very fast and cut the vampires’ head but in the middle one. The two of them fell off with their head detached and blood was scattered everywhere. He frowned and raised his right hand to the front, keeping the last disc to stand still in the air right behind the last-man-standing culprit’s neck. “Damn! Why so sudden?” he said.

“I’m sorry, it’s because of me,” Frank said, “There was something I want to ask them first. It seems that Lady Annabelle noticed my glance thought,” he explained.

The last disc slowly stopped spinning. And when it really stopped, it fell to the floor. No sound was made by those vampires below. They just stared with fear in their eyes, seeing how danger to mess up with those nobler vampires.

“If you really want to speak to him, Frank, I must release him first. You better be ready,” Albert said.

But Darius nodded, “You don’t have to. I can handle one vampire,” he told them. He then moved his right hand and it seemed like holding something in the air.

The last culprit suddenly awake from Albert’s illusion binding and realized that he still couldn’t move his body. He struggled like he was tied by a very strong rope. And when he saw two of his friends already laid down and lost their head, he screamed very loud. His body was turned around by itself, actually it was Darius power that turned his body. His face was in a very desperate mode.

“You’d better do it quick. This is a life being I tried to control with my power. It won’t last long,” Darius said.

“Thanks, Darius,” Frank replied and a second later, he already stood in front of that vampire.

With his scared face, he begged for his life to Frank, “Please, Milord, spare me.”

“I just want to ask you, who else is behind this?” Frank asked him, but that vampire suddenly stunned with his bugging eyes, without saying anything. “I’m sure you all won’t be brave to defy me without someone provoking you. Just tell me the truth! There’s nothing you can hide here,” Frank said.

“It’s Lord Dmitry!” he replied quickly with a quite high tone, hoping that what he had done could amend him to escape the death.

Frank and those nobler vampires seemed surprised hearing the name that he mentioned, especially Albert.

Frank wrinkled his forehead, “Dmitry?” he seemed upset, “What does he intend to do?”

“He said, as a former residence of this town, he doesn’t want to let any wolf to come back here. Please, Milord, spare my life! Please, Milord! Milo…” his words stopped as Frank’s hand pierced right into his chest and ripped his heart out.

“But you agree and like to do what that bastard ordered to you. You’re still a betrayer to me and I won’t forgive and let you live after what you’ve done,” Frank whispered, and let the heart fell off his hand.

Darius took a deep breath and then sighed heavily, “Why do you take it so long?” he was upset. That vampire body fell as Darius put off his control over him.

Albert sighed, “I don’t know what’s in his mind, but I think I have to say I’m sorry, Frank. My cousin is really a jerk,” he said.

Frank turned around, “No need to apologize, Milord. It’s none of your fault. Dmitry Donovan only used those vampires to defy me. You all know that we got an issue,” he said.

“He’s an embarrassment for Donovan family,” Albert muttered.

Annabelle took a breath and exhaled, “Finally that’s all. I read their mind and there’s no one who involved with them.”

“You all just hear me,” Frank spoke in a quite high tone, “I hope there will be no more, but if…any of you dare to defy me again, you all know what will come to you,” he said, “You all are my family, and family doesn’t betray their own.”

Annabelle giggled, “What a quite great speech, Sweetheart! But have no worry, I’m your friend and always be by your side. I’m sure these two also agree with me,” she looked at the two males beside her.

Darius nodded, “She’s right, Brother.”

“Thanks,” Frank smiled faintly.

I stared at the beautiful red and sparkling invitation letter Frank gave me recently. There was some sort of fragrance covered the letter. It was rolled and tied by a gold ribbon like an ancient kingdom official letter. I smiled widely, wondering how the Red Moon Party would be. But Frank’s face was as gloomy as ever, looking at my mesmerizing face.

I wrinkled my forehead, “What’s with that look?” I asked, more like interrogating.

“I’m just wondering why you are so happy about this,” he said.

“I don’t think it’s odd. This is my first time to visit Red Moon Party. And I think that the party is kind of a cool one,” I said passionately.

But Frank only sighed and spoke, “I’ve already told you. That’s just like a common party. Perhaps it’s special for the elders, but for me it’s nothing extraordinary,” he explained.

I can’t imagine how old that those elders will be, I thought. But that was just a glimpse of something that crossed my mind when he said that. I smiled, looked so mesmerized, “But still this is new to me, attending supernatural party. I’m a party lover after all.”

“Bet on me, Fender, this won’t be as you expect. But, whatever! I don’t want to mind your business or messing with your stupid thinking,” he said, mocking me even though he knew that it wouldn’t affect me.

“By the way, Frank,” I tried to change the conversation, “May I open it?” I asked.

He looked at me with a quite weird sight, seemed like frowning but it was different. Perhaps he was thinking about something. “Frankly, there’s nothing but a drop of Damon family’s dried blood. It’s the key for breaking the spell to let you in,” he explained, “I prefer you not to open it. We don’t want something to taint the key,” he suggested.

I just nodded, choosing the safe way for not getting myself into trouble instead.

My cell phone suddenly vibrated. I knew it was just a text. I took it out from my bag and saw the screen. A text from unknown number, but I still remembered something about that. It’s Carter’s number, I thought. What now, I began to wonder.

Frank just wrinkled his forehead, looking at me. But he didn’t ask any question.

I opened the message and read it slowly in mind. And suddenly my eyes bugged out, feeling so surprised. Please don’t shout it loud, don’t talk about it at school, just keep in mind that anybody except you-know-who mustn’t know about this. Remember that you can be heard even if you’re whispering. I have found Angelica!

The message stopped, and I couldn’t say anything. Yeah, it was just forbidden to me to say anything though. I looked at Frank, and he just winced.

“What?” he asked flatly.

I just offered him my cell phone without saying anything.

He took it and read it, and then he looked at me again, “We have to look for him. Now!” he said with a low voice.

“But the school isn’t over yet,” I said.

“Don’t worry about that. I have an idea,” he grabbed my hands and walked but suddenly he stopped again.

I didn’t know what his idea was and then I wondered why he suddenly stopped. But I didn’t say anything.

“We’re lucky,” he whispered, looking at Mr. Dawson, our math teacher for the next subject. He pulled me again, approaching him. Frank called Mr. Dawson and he stopped. Mr. Dawson winced and then asked Frank what happened. Frank let go off my hand and showed me something that only a vampire could do it fast. He grabbed one of Mr. Dawson’s shoulders, looked at his eyes, and said, “You will have your permission for us to go due to a family matter. You won’t make it difficult or ask even just one thing. Moreover, your subject is the last one for today.”

Mr. Dawson’s eyes were empty, seemed like hypnotized. He then nodded slowly.

After successfully compelled him, Frank smiled faintly and said, “Mr. Dawson, can we go now?” he asked.

Mr. Dawson nodded and agreed, “Of course. Have a nice day.”

Frank looked at me and smiled. Now I know when Frank will show his smile. After compelling others, I thought. We then continued to walk, staying away as far as we can from this school so that we can talked freely. I asked him that if we should tell Norah about this, but he said it wasn’t necessary then. I just followed him. He was the one who have a better thinking and sixth sense after all.

Several minutes later, we were already inside Frank’s car. Frank took a driver seat with me next to him, and then he started the engine immediately. We barely talked in our way to the car and acted like there was nothing happened. But when the car moved away from the school, I suddenly yelled happily.

“Just shut up, Fender!” he said angrily.

“Why? I’m just happy that Carter finally found where Angelica is,” I complained.

Frank sighed, “You’d better call him than shout like an idiot. His text doesn’t tell us where Angelica exactly is,” he ordered me.

Yes, he’s right! Carter only told me that he has already found her. That’s it, I thought. So I took my cell phone again and called to that number Carter used. I waited for him to answer until several seconds had passed.

“Hello! Carter is that you?” I asked.

“Fender, I wait for your return,” he said.

“You find her, right? Just tell me where we can meet her. Is she already in her home?” I asked again.

“Who’s with you?” he asked again.

“Only Frank,” I replied.

“Great. Just don’t tell anybody! I will send you the map and make sure no one is following you. See you then,” Carter hung up his phone and put it on the coffee table in the living room where he sat with the other two people. He then sent me the map through GPS picture.

They were staring each other. For several seconds, they didn’t speak.

Hope took a deep breath. He looked so worried, “The fear conquered myself. The heart beating knowth no stop. What shalt they think of me? I know I shalt get their fury,” he said.

“You don’t have to worry, Hope. They won’t mad of you. I will tell them everything. It’s me who is asking you to keep this a secret. It’s not your fault,” Angelica tried to eased his restless heart.

“Just relax, Buddy,” Carter said, “You are such a restless person, always worry about everything, thinking that you are the one who responsible for everything happened in the world,” he chuckled in the end of his sentence.

Hope smiled clumsily and scratched his back head, “It can’t be helped,” he giggled. But his face became serious again like their joke before was nothing.

Using a fairy clothes, Angelica sipped her hot white coffee on the table. She exhaled and put the cup onto the table again. “I miss my parents,” she said, “Is it really impossible for me to meet them nowadays?” she hoped.

Carter shook his head fast, “It’s better not, Angelica. We suppose not to have Ino become suspicious. You all know that he asks me to search the werewolf in town. I never imagine that the werewolf is you. It’s also not wise for me to often come here. He may notice that. I never know whether he and his witch are stalking me or not,” he explained.

“So, my friend, what shalt thou do?” Hope asked.

“I think I’m going out the town again,” he replied.

Angelica winced in confusion, “Won’t it make Ino even more suspicious on you if you leave town, Carter?” she asked.

“It’s even more dangerous if I keep in town and letting him interrogating me freely,” Carter had his reason, “I never know if I can keep lying to him. Hunter is full of mystery. I don’t want to bet anything on him. I’m sure it will be a burden for him to focus on searching on me.”

Hope rubbed his chin slowly, thinking about something, “I am restless, Carter, that something shalt happen to thee. Thou art dealing with Ino Rays. Thou hast no chance of winning if thou enter the fray,” he said.

Carter chuckled again, “Well, well, you are really such a worrying person, Hope. Anyway, thanks for your concern. I have to admit that I bet on him about this one. I don’t know if he will let me go that easy. Furthermore, I have to consider about his witch also. But I think I have no choice. Staying here means danger for all of us. Ino will consider we all the threat for protecting Angelica. I just wish I can buy you all some time to make things right,” he explained and smiled, no worries appeared in his face even though he knew that he was about to enter a very danger situation.

Angelica’s face looked sad and full of regret. There’s no other expression she would show, knowing the situation she was in. She got up and hugged Carter who was a bit shocked about what she was doing. She cried, sobbing like a little girl who missed her parents.

Carter kept smiling, he rubbed Angelica’s back gently, “Hey, hey, no need to be melodramatic. I’m not going to die now.”

“Thanks, Carter,” Angelica sobbed, “Thanks to all of you. I’m such a burden to you. Because of me, you all get the same misery. If only this never happens, we…” she couldn’t continue her sentence, just crying while still hugged Carter tightly.

Meanwhile, not too far from the area that Carter Dale had given to me, I and Frank were still in his car, driving in a quite fast way. I was noisy, I admit that. I thought that Frank perhaps was fed up on me, but I didn’t care. I kept talking in every inch of the way while Frank was only stay quiet. He really didn’t spoke a word. Sometimes he looked at me while I’m speaking, but it seemed like he was upset but didn’t say anything.

As the car moved fast, suddenly I saw Frank’s eyes bugged out. He still didn’t say anything, so I directly asked him what about the changing expression.

“What?” I asked.

“This road leads us to the resident of the fairy,” he said, and he was right. We all could see some fairy houses. From what I knew, not many humans had already stepped in that place. That was the village of fairy and after that road, there was a dead end to the forest. That’s why not many humans came to that place. “Somehow in the end of this road, I know whose house it is.”

I asked who, but Frank didn’t answer. He kept driving and focused to the road. I didn’t ask him again after that. I just wait for him to find his answer to the question in his mind that I never knew about.

Several minutes later, we finally arrived to the end of the road. Not the very end exactly, but several hundred meters away, I already saw the forest that blocking the road. In a nearby area, we only saw a lone fairy-typical house. Frank stopped the car not far from the house. I didn’t know why he didn’t stop in front of it.

“I think this is the place,” I said.

“Yeah, so do I,” he added, “I never come here for a very long time. But I think I know who lives in that house.”

“Who?” I asked again about who he was talking about.

“Just get to the house,” he said and got out.

With a quite upset face, I decided to follow him instead. His face looked serious. He knew something, I knew that. But he didn’t tell me what that was. He just kept walking and I followed him from behind.

That house was weird. Every house in that area was weird. There were so many creeper plants on the roof and the wall. We walked into the terrace and the wooden floor was producing a cracking sound when we stepped onto it. Frank stood still on front of the door. I winced, feeling confused about what happened to him.

What is he doing, I thought.

“I know you’re there…” he whispered, he then opened the door widely, showing the scene of the living room of the house that made me very shocked just looking at that, “…Hope.”

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