Moonlight Hills-Book One: Lycanthrope

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Red Moon Party Part 2

“I know you’re there, Hope,” Frank whispered.

What is the meaning of this? I just realize that this is Hope’s house. But…but…why, I tried to figure it out, but I was still confused. That was ridiculous, knowing that Angelica was sitting there with Hope and Carter, smiling and waving at me. Since when has she been here, I thought.

I quickly get inside. I saw Hope’s face was a bit tense, “Angelica!”

Angelica got up and ran toward me. She hugged me tightly and long, trying to hide her exploding emotion. I knew she wanted to cry out loud, but she didn’t do that.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

I could feel she nodded, “I’m okay, but I’m scared.”

“Don’t worry! I’m here. You’re not alone. I know what you’ve been through. I felt that, even though what you felt was much worse,” I whispered.

She stopped hugging me, showing her tears in her eyes, “I don’t know what to say. I’m so happy to meet you.”

“I thought I’d never see you again,” I said, “Just tell me what happened.”

“How can you be here, Angelica?” Frank suddenly asked.

Angelica looked at Frank and winced a bit, “I know your paleness is unnatural, Frank. I heard you are a vampire.”

Frank nodded, “You bet. What else I could be?”

“Firstly, please don’t be mad to Hope,” she said, “Actually I have already stayed here for weeks. Hope saved me when I was trying to escape. If Hope wasn’t there, perhaps I won’t be safe and sound just like I am now,” she explained.

Frank winced a bit, “So, you are the one who escaped with Ichtaca?”

Angelica wrinkled her eyes, “Ichtaca? You mean that native-townsfolk boy? Is he safe?” she asked.

We were quiet for several seconds until I answered her question and shook my head slowly, “No, Angelica. He couldn’t make it. He killed himself thinking that he didn’t want to be the alpha’s slave again.”

Angelica covered his mouth with her both hands and sobbed. He could barely keep her tears to come out. “He’s so good to me back then,” she whispered.

“Hast no worry, Angelica. He hath found his true peace,” Hope said.

“So, just continue the story,” Frank asked.

Angelica wiped out her tears and nodded, “After I separated with that boy, I kept running through the forest. Then I met Hope. Since I was yelling about that werewolf, he just revealed to me that he was a fairy. He brought me flying and fled. He even let me stay in this house. I ask him not to tell anybody about my whereabouts. I was scared and…I’m ashamed about what I am now,” she explained, “Until, Carter found me here and convinced me to let some people know, including you both who have been trying to help me for all this time.”

“There’s nothing to be ashamed of, Angelica,” I said.

Angelica nodded, “I know. I was just…couldn’t think straight. My fear overpowered me.”

“But, Guys, there’s no need to be rush to tell everybody that Angelica is safe,” Carter finally spoke, “Ino and his witch mustn’t know about her being here.”

Frank nodded, “I couldn’t agree more. We all know that that guy wants to kill her no matter what. She’d better be here,” he agreed. He then looked at Carter, “By the way, Carter, do you want to attend my family’s party tomorrow? I will give you the invitation later,” he offered.

Carter wrinkled his forehead, “Party?”

“It’s my family tradition, an heirloom from my ancestor. Some people think it’s a very sacred party. But it’s quite nice one, just like a usual ball,” Frank explained.

Carter suddenly laughed a bit, “Knowing how epic your age is, I’m amazed that you still have an ancestor, Frank. I firstly think you are the ancestor itself,” but nobody laughed and he just stopped it, “Just kidding,” he sighed and shook his head, “I’m afraid I can’t go, Frank. It’s not that I don’t want to go. But it’s important for me to get out from this town immediately. I want to avoid Ino as soon as possible,” he explained.

“You? Go? Why?” I asked.

“Ino is the one who ask me to search for the escaping beta in town. And after knowing that the beta is Angelica, I just can’t hand her over to him. And I know he will always demand me to report to him like I have a big debt. It can’t be helped,” he replied.

Frank nodded, “If that’s the reason, I understand clearly. Have a nice trip.”

“Frank, methinks that I could not go to the ball again,” Hope stood up and spoke, after all that time he had been quiet, “I know that I had bailed out since the last two balls. I have to take care of her hither.”

I suddenly raised my hand passionately, “Why don’t you invite her instead, Frank?”

“Have you forgotten that Ino insists to come to my party?” Frank said, like firing back at me.

God, I totally forget about that, I thought desperately.

I smiled like a stupid person, “Okay, Angelica, you’d better stay here with Hope,” I said. Angelica and Hope just chuckled seeing how I looked like.

“It’s okay, Hope. You have your reason. Furthermore, it’s not like it’s an obligation for you to come,” Frank said.

Carter winced a bit, looking at Frank’s face, “Frank,” he called and spoke again after Frank stared back at him, “I’m wondering why Ino insists to come to your party. It’s not within his business either. Don’t you feel like it’s a little bit suspicious?” he asked.

Frank nodded, “I realize that. I’m wondering, too. But you know that I can’t deny his request. Nobody can’t. But I’m going to keep an eye on him,” and his face looked very serious back then.

The downtown area of Moonlight Hills seemed so gloomy that night. The storm was raging, even though it was not quite big. The place was quiet, only the sound of the raging wind could be heard. All the buildings were closed. No people were walking on the street. Sometimes, the thunder could be heard roaring in the sky, producing a flash that brightened some area.

The wind blew fast, blowing some scrap papers, leaves, and many other light things on the street. In one of the quiet streets, some lamps seemed to be almost broken. It seemed like the light was going to fade out in a short time.

But no one realized that a girl with a black tight suite and a bow in her hand was lurking between some six-until-seven-story buildings. She gasped, leaning against the wall with a very cautious face. The rain poured onto her face and the wind blew her hair, but she let it be. Her eyes were wandering around. She stepped carefully and picked one of her arrows on her back. She was ready in her shooting position.

“Damn, where did she go?” she whispered.

She stepped again slowly, hiding from wall to wall just like playing hide and seek. A thunder roared again in the sky, somehow made her a bit surprised since it was quite louder than the previous ones. She sighed. She was just too tense that even the sound of the thunder bothered her so much. She didn’t change her shooting position, and she walked again slowly.

The thunder roared again, even louder than before. But in the very moment, it didn’t surprise her anymore. But the sound distracted her from something very dangerous.

Another roar was heard. But it wasn’t the thunder. It was from her back. She quickly turned around and saw a monstrous looking woman was pouncing toward her. In her very limited time, she shot her arrow immediately.

“Damn!” she said angrily.

Because of the sudden attack, her arrow could only hit the monster’s shoulder. The female monster fell back, but she could manage to get up again. She showed her fangs and growled. But suddenly she turned around and fled.

The hunter girl didn’t stand still. She was after her. Damn werewolf bitch, she was upset but she kept running.

Even though the arrow was still piercing her shoulder, the female werewolf still could run away fast. She didn’t look back, but she knew that the hunter was still chasing her.

But something that the hunter girl had never imagined before, suddenly occurred. She realized that something was moving fast toward her from another direction. In her state then, she couldn’t dodge. Something creepy and dangerous was after her and flashing like a lightning. One thing that she knew could move in a flash way like that.

She bugged out. Vampire, she thought.

One second later, that fierce female vampire already pushed her to the wall, trying to bite her neck. Her bow fell off her hand, but the hunter girl managed to hold the vampire’s head from moving forward. They both struggled, trying to win over another.

She was very shock, looking at the vampire that attacked her just recently. She thought, tainted-blood? How could…

A guy flew down in a sudden and yelled, “Norah!” he then landed on his feet and swung his sword to the vampire body. The blood was scattered everywhere when the body was torn into two pieces, but the blood was washed away by the rain.

Norah sighed, but her face was not change from shocking while looking at that dead vampire. She gasped, and then stared at Evans, “Thanks.”

Evans unsheathed his sword, “Are you okay?” he asked.

Norah nodded, “This tainted-blood…I don’t know what is happening here. From the first time I saw how she attacked me, I just realized that she is a tainted-blood. Besides, tainted-blood’s eyes are black, darker than normal human. Do you know what happens?”

“Actually, I have no idea,” Evans raised his shoulders, “I met them too. Two of them, and I killed them both,” he said.

“Tainted-blood?” Norah made sure.

“What else? Is there any half-blood vampire in town who dare attacking the hunter? Even they won’t attack anyone without any reason,” Evans was sure.

Norah was thinking hard, trying to figure out about what happened. She was thinking if those tainted-bloods were just stray vampires from nearby area. She couldn’t answer that. That was she planned to try to search for the clue.

“Norah! Evans!” a heavy voice of a male was heard approaching them. They looked to the south, seeing their father running fast toward them. Mr. Levin was also shocked when he saw the dead body, “What is this?”

“Tainted-blood! And Evans has just killed the other two,” Norah explained.

“What’s the hell happening here?” Mr. Levin yelled in confusion, “I also have met three tainted-bloods back then and I killed them all,” he said.

Norah couldn’t speak anything when her father said that. She just covered her mouth with her hands. She couldn’t believe that there were a bunch of tainted-blood vampires at large.

“Do you think someone turned them on purpose?” Evans got suspicious.

Norah sighed, “I think those noble vampires should know about this. After those damn werewolves causing trouble here, this town can’t handle another problem.”

Frank’s eyes grew larger when he heard what Norah had said to him. His retinas were so tense, trembling in astonishment as if he couldn’t believe in what Norah said. They both were quiet for several seconds and Frank didn’t show another expression.

Knowing that Frank wouldn’t speak anything, she started the conversation again, “I know it’s surprising for you, knowing that most vampires here live in peace. But, Frank, I can make sure that those tainted-bloods are from this town. They were the residences of Moonlight Hills. Someone turned them into that,” she explained.

Some vampires who were around were eavesdropping that conversation, but it seemed that they didn’t want to interfere.

“We brought those bodies to the association representatives in this town. They are sure that those vampires are the people of Moonlight Hills,” Norah continued her explanation.

Frank took a deep breath, “How many are they?” he asked.

“Last night we found six,” Norah replied.

Frank was thinking. Who dare to do that? After the incident with Fender, I can’t believe that another problem is started. Judging from the capabilities of making six tainted-bloods in a quite short time, that vampire must be noble enough, he thought.

“What are you thinking of, Frank?” Norah asked.

“I’m just thinking about the one who have guts to do that. Creating tainted-blood without approval is a very high crime for a vampire. He or she must be noble, that’s the only clue I can think of for now,” Frank said.

Norah sighed, “So, what do you want to do? Your father must know about this. The problems concerning those tainted-bloods, you noble vampires must take action immediately. We don’t want this problem to spread out uncontrollably,” she said.

“I know,” Frank nodded.

They both turned their head to the south when they heard someone suddenly cleared the throat near them. A boy with a quite serious face stood up with his arms crossed.

He didn’t smile, but the way he was speaking was just like joking around, “It seems like a quite important matter,” Ino said.

Frank sighed, “You must know about that,” he said.

“What?” Ino asked.

“Tainted-blood,” Frank replied.

Ino breath heavily, “Actually, it’s not my problem. That alpha is quite a burden for me, for all the hunters. And now regarding those tainted-bloods, I think you vampires must handle this on your own. Am I right?” he said, “But…” he continued, “If I know the culprit, I will gladly kill him with my own hands.”

“I have no objection with what you said, Ino,” Frank said.

“So what are you doing here, Ino?” Norah asked impolitely.

“Speaking of the devil, I actually want to ask Frank when it starts today,” Ino said.

Norah wrinkled her forehead in confusion. But she didn’t ask anything.

“You can come anytime. But usually we starts at 7 pm,” Frank replied.

Ino grinned, not wide but quite suspicious, “Thanks for the info. See you there, Buddy,” he turned around and walked away.

Finally, Norah was relieved. When Ino was quite far from where they were standing, she looked at Frank and asked, “What was he talking about?”

“My family party,” he answered.

Norah winced again, “Your family party? What does he do with it?” she was confused.

“I actually don’t know. He just wants the invitation, and you know I can’t refuse,” he said. “If you want to come, I will give you the invitation. It’s actually a secret party. But since you are my friends, you’re an exception. Fender will come, too,” he offered.

Norah shook her head and smiled, “No, thanks. Since it’s your family secret party, I’m sure there must be many vampires there. They must feel very uneasy with a hunter around. Knowing that Ino will be there, I don’t want to ruin the situation more. Besides, I don’t want to mingle too much with them. No offense,” she chuckled, “By the way, I’m wondering how Ino can know about this thing, since you said that it’s a secret. I believe you won’t tell your secret to such a person like Ino Rays.”

Frank just raised his shoulder, “No idea. He’s just a very unpredictable person,” he said.

“You’d better be careful, Frank,” Norah warned him.

Frank nodded slowly, “I know,” he answered.

Everybody was wondering about Ino’s intention. There’s a secret that he hid by himself, even among the hunters. Nobody knew it. Frank was actually scared, thinking that anything would happen. But he didn’t feel anything. The feeling that he felt when he first met Ino was gone somewhere. It’s not in presence anymore. At the very moment, he tried to trust his feeling then. That’s why he didn’t struggle to keep Ino away. But whatever happened, he already thought about the consequences. Several hours later, when the weather was totally different from the night before, moon shone brightly above Moonlight Hills. The sky was clear. It seemed like the previous storm already blew away all the clouds from the sky, letting the stars and the moon conquered the night.

Damon mansion was still quiet from the outside. Only Mr. Hummel could be seen, standing not far from the mansion.

My old car was parked in the east side of the mansion yard, where there were another cars were parked. When I took off from my car, I could feel a strange aura that surrounded the mansion. I held the invitation tightly in my hand. Frank told me that I should bring the invitation letter by myself when I’m about to enter the mansion. He said that I would be burnt if I didn’t do that. I didn’t know whether he was joking or not, knowing that his expression was always the same, flat!

Mr. Hummel approached me, “Good evening, Mr. Luts. Let me show you the way,” he said politely, not very typical of him that spoke politely to me.

“Is it really true that I’ll be burnt if I didn’t bring this?” I asked while showing him the invitation letter I held.

He nodded, “Yes. Even I bring it myself,” he also showed me that he brought the invitation letter.

I gulped. There’s a time that I really thought that Frank was joking.

So I just smiled like a moron and followed him instead without commenting anything. When we reached the main big door, Mr. Hummel spoke a word. I didn’t know what it meant and I barely knew it. It seemed like it was such kind of password. After that, the door was opened and two maids were standing in front of it. They were smiling to me. Is it because of the party that the whole workers here seem very nice, I thought.

“Mr. Luts, once you enter you can’t go out from this castle. I will get inside when the last guest come,” he told me.

I just nodded and didn’t ask any question. I thought I just had to follow the rule since I didn’t want anything bad to happen. That a supernatural party after all. I didn’t know what would happen during the party.

When I got my two feet inside the castle, I almost screamed out when the invitation letter was suddenly burnt while I was holding it. I sighed. It got to be a quite big embarrassment if I really screamed out there.

I just let it off when I realized that it was going to be burnt into crisp. But it didn’t feel hot. I was wondering why. I thought that’s why Mr. Hummel told me not to go out from the mansion after I got inside.

Soon, I forget about what had happened about that invitation letter when I saw the inside of mansion was already quite crowded. That ball was quite cool, like a ball in the fairy tale. I felt like a noble man from a fine kingdom. I was lucky that Frank borrowed me his nobleman clothes. But I kind of feel like a vampire wearing those clothes. Never mind! I was lucky since I planned to use my casual shirt and denim trousers at the first time.

I sniffed quietly. Most of them were vampires, but I smelled some humans in the party. I thought that they were the founder families. I even smelled some fairies there, but no werewolves but me.

“If I’m not mistaken, you’re my brother’s close friend, Fender Luts,” I turned my head to the right, seeing a pretty girl spoke to me.

I winced, she said that Frank is her brother, I thought. “You’re Helen, right?” I asked.

She chuckled, “Who else? Does Frank have any living sisters besides me?”

“It’s been a long time,” I said.

“One and a half years is not a long time for me, Sweetheart. But you’re quite growing up since I met you last time,” she suddenly put his hand onto my shoulder and spoke very close to my face, “And you’re still as handsome as ever,” she wooed me.

I just chuckled, easily flattered like a blushing kid.

“It’s your first time attending this party, isn’t it? Let me be your guide then,” she offered.

I bowed down and offered her my hand, “With pleasure. Please, Milady.” I really felt like a knight hero back then. She held my hand and it was like I was the prince charming and she was my princess. I was glad that Norah didn’t want to attend this party.

I looked at around. Those people were muttering in each group. Some people were laughing and chatting with so much passion. We could hear some classic music was played during the night. It was like music in an opera. But I did like it. The party was quite lively, even without R&B and beating dance.

“Do you feel bored? A youngster like you must like a very much crowded party,” she asked, “Frank always told me that this party is boring.”

I shook my head fast, “Actually, I kind of like it. For me to having this experience is very rare. I don’t know if I can visit the party like this again. Having a usual party where you can find so many people dancing, drinking, and making out is not very special,” I told her.

She smiled a little, “What a very different type of boy! I also like this kind of party. I hate crowded,” she said.

We heard someone whooshing and stopping behind us.

“So you’re finally here, Fender. And…such typical of you, Helen,” Frank said.

We both turned around and saw him standing in front of us. God, I hate him so much if he looks more handsome than me, I thought. I didn’t know how others saw us, but I felt like nothing compared to him. To me, my only plus was, with his so much pale look, I looked very much healthier than him. But no thanks to the movie named Twilight Saga, his pale and cool appearance just like the main hero of that movie became very popular among the girls recently.

“My pretty little brother finally comes out form his coffin,” Helen said.

“Don’t speak like you are older than me, Helen,” he was upset.

She chuckled a bit, “Want to bet? Everybody will think I’m older than you, Sweetheart.”

Frank didn’t comment anything after that. He and her sister were like cat and mouse, always fighting and arguing all the time. Helen is actually Frank’s little sister. But since Frank stopped aging in the age of 17, Helen looked much older than him.

The main door was suddenly opened again. All the people stared at the point, including the three of us. And when we saw who stepped inside the mansion, all the people was stunning and bugging out, and everything became so much quite. For a while, we were caught in the silence.

Ino walked slowly and then stopped with his eyes wandering around. Nobody was speaking until then. He was the center of attention, and I hated that he was even more gorgeous than Frank.

“He finally shows up,” Frank whispered.

“What a cute boy! Who is he?” Helen asked with astonishment.

We could hear Mr. Damon whispering to his wife. “What is that damn kid doing here? Who the hell dare to invite him?” he looked pretty angry. Mrs. Damon only shook her head. She was quite shocked, too. Mr. Damon growled a little and said, “Your little Frank did it. I’m sure of it.”

“Probably they already become friends,” Mrs. Damon said. I didn’t know why her expression was quite different from the first time I saw her hearing Ino’s name. She was calm, even though at that time she met him directly.

I looked at Frank and he looked back at me. I didn’t know what his feeling was after hearing his father suspected him. His expression was too flat.

“Ino Rays?” Helen whispered and looked surprised after hearing one of the guests saying his name. She looked at me and Frank, “How come you both have a friend like him, the most merciless hunter? I never imagine that he is still too young.”

“He goes to the same school with me, but we’re no friends,” Frank said.

Helen smiled with a mesmerizing face, “Sorry, Pretty boys. I think I should leave you both. He’s quite lonely in this party.”

“Stop it, Helen! He’s a dangerous man!” Frank warned her.

But Helen just chuckled, “You know I like dangerous man, Little brother,” she continued to chuckle and went away.

Frank sighed heavily. And after we heard his father called him and asked him to come, he sighed more heavily. He walked as his father walked away to another room. Perhaps Mr. Damon was going to scold him. Poor Frank!

My sight turned from Frank to Helen as she had already stood up in front of Ino with her naughty face.

“Look who’s being the center of attention now! Ino Rays, the most merciless hunter. It’s a pleasure for me to finally meet you now,” she greeted him, “I’m Helen Damon, the only living sister of my brother Frank.”

Ino sighed, “I hate when people call me that. Since you already know me although we have never met before, I think I don’t have to introduce myself. But still, it’s nice to meet you, Helen,” he smiled a bit.

Helen chuckled, “You’re so cute and nice. I begin to wonder why people call you that,” she said. She just didn’t know how scary Ino could be. “It seems that you are quite close to my brother since he invites you to our family party. We have never had a hunter guests before,” Helen said.

Ino just laughed a bit, “I think so.”

God, what is in that woman’s mind? Frank already told her that Ino and he are no friends, I thought.

“Do you mind if I accompany you?” Helen offered.

Ino shook his head and smiled, “The pleasure is mine.”

Ino offered his hand and Helen quickly grabbed it. They both smiled like they were already close each other. I never know that Ino could have that kind of traits toward a vampire. Or perhaps it was just something suspicious in his mind. God, I’d better not mess up with him, I thought. Besides, I was too fainthearted to do that.

The Red Moon Party was too long. It was not that I didn’t like it, but Frank was right, it was kind of boring as the time went by. The party was monotonic. Perhaps for the ones who had their secret discussion, it was a different story. But for me who was only searching for fun, it was a disaster to wait until the next morning.

It was already 12 am and the classic music was still played by those vampire musicians. It was easy for those vampires. But a sleepyhead like me could barely stand up and hold my consciousness to stand still.

But it was impossible for me to complain to Frank. It was too embarrassing. He would just laugh at me, saying how cocky I was to be very exciting about this party. So I decided to bear it with all my strength.

Everybody seemed happy to have their conversation in the main hall. But somewhere in one of the corner of the mansion, a boy walked slowly through the stairs all by himself. He walked slowly, like lurking through the shadow. His eyes were wandering around, studying about the situation he was in.

But his face looked so damn calm. He kept walking until he reached the next floor. Nobody was there. He set his ears to the fullest and walked slowly again to the west side of the stairs. Everybody would think that he was too suspicious. He looked at a room in the very corner of the corridor, a room with a different door. The door was bigger than any other doors in that corridor.

The door was opened a little. There was someone humming inside the room. The boy still walked, but slower than previously. His face looked so cautious.

In the room, Mrs. Damon sat in front of her makeup table, seeing her pretty face in the mirror. Different from a movie made by a mere human, who don’t know anything about vampires, actual vampires still have a shadow in the mirror. And Mrs. Damon looked so pretty wearing her glamorous dress.

She put on her lipstick that seemed a little bit faded away and didn’t forget to add the blush on. For a female vampire, blush on is a very necessary things to obscure the paleness. But some others think that keeping their paleness is kind of cool. But to me, they would be like a dead body, no matter how pretty they were.

She suddenly looked at the door, thinking that someone was probably walking nearby. But she just thought that it was just her imagination. She just ignored it and continued to focus on her blush on.

Outside, the boy had two steps ahead. He was a bit doubt to come near the room. He gulped, somehow he was so nervous.

But he was shock when suddenly a man shouted his name from far behind him. He turned back his head and saw Mr. Damon stood up in the very corner of the opposite side of corridor. Mr. Damon looked so upset. Perhaps it could be called extremely mad.

What is that damn kid doing there, he thought angrily.

With a very flash movement, he ran toward the boy and pounced him. He grabbed the boy’s collar and pushed him to the wall with his red eyes glowing and his fangs showed. “What are you doing here, Ino Rays?” he asked him.

Ino didn’t speak a word. Mr. Damon looked at that room and realized that his wife was there. He looked at Ino again and growled, “I’m sure you have something fishy in your mind. What are you going to do to my wife?” he asked again, but Ino still didn’t speak a word, “Answer me, Damn kid!” he shouted.

Knowing that his husband was yelling nearby, Mrs. Damon whooshed outside the room. She was surprised, seeing his husband was threatening that kid hunter.

“What’s going on here, Bernard?” she asked.

“I saw him lurking to your room. Fortunately I caught him walking to the room. Since he is a hunter, perhaps you can’t realize that he is nearby,” Mr. Damon explained, he looked again to Ino and yelled, “What are you going to do to my wife?”

Ino shook his head slowly and said calmly, “Nothing.”

“You lie!” Mr. Damon shouted again. His face was scary.

“Just calm down, Bernard! Don’t ruin the party! Everything can be explained,” Mrs. Damon said, trying to calm his husband.

“There’s nothing to be explained, Emilia! It’s obvious! He wants to do harm to you,” Mr. Damon said. He then looked at Ino again, “Tell me what your intention is, Demon kid!”

“Stop it, Bernard!” Mrs. Damon was the one then who shouted.

Suddenly, Mr. Damon threw Ino away with a very quick movement. Ino’s forehead hit the wall directly and he fell off. Mrs. Damon shouted, telling her husband to stop. She whooshed to Ino’s front, preventing her husband to do something worse. She grabbed Ino’s body and helped him to lean against the wall.

“What’s wrong, Ino Rays? Why don’t you fight back? You’re not that weak!” Mr. Damon said in confusion.

While hugging Ino, Mrs. Damon stared at her husband. She seemed angry, “Stop it please, Bernard! I said stop! There’s no way Ino will do harm to me!” she insisted.

Mr. Damon winced, “How can you be so sure?” he asked.

“He helped me when I encountered the alpha!” she explained, “I don’t know why he wants to do harm to me now after he saved my life back then.”

Mr. Damon bugged out, looked a bit surprised, “The alpha attacked you? Why don’t you tell anything?” he asked.

“It’s not necessary. Moreover, I’m safe after all,” she said, “Now please go and make sure that no one gets suspicious about what’s happening here and now!”

Mr. Damon sighed, “You’d better tell me everything later, Emilia,” he walked away normally for several steps and then whooshed down the stairs.

After her husband was gone, Mrs. Damon looked at Ino and breath heavily, “Your forehead is bleeding. What are you doing here, Ino?” she asked.

Ino paused for a while. But when he saw her smiled, he finally spoke, “I just want to meet you.”

Mrs. Damon laughed a bit, “Only that? Why don’t you call me instead of walking silently so that my husband got suspicious on you?”

“It can’t be helped,” he said flatly.

Mrs. Damon helped him to stand up and brought him to the room. There, she asked him to lie on the bed. “Wait here. I’ll get you the medicine,” she whooshed and several seconds later, she was already back with cotton, bandage, and a bottle of alcohol and antiseptic in her hands.

She sat next to him and stroked Ino’s wound with the alcohol first and then the antiseptic. “Are you really okay?” she asked, worrying about his wound on the forehead. Ino just replied that he was okay shortly. “Why didn’t you fight back? You could’ve been killed,” she said.

Ino smiled a bit, her first changing expression since his encountered with Mr. Damon, “I knew you would save me.”

Hearing that, Mrs. Damon laughed a little, “Idiot,” she smiled back, “By the way, why do you come to this party? You know that my husband is afraid of you.”

“Like I said to you, I just want to meet you. It can’t be helped,” he said.

Mrs. Damon winced, “Why?” she asked.

“You…you remind me of my mother,” he explained.

“Where is she?” she asked deeper, fulfilling her curiousness.

“Died, long ago” he answered.

Mrs. Damon stuck the bandage on his wound, the she stroked Ino’s head with the wide smile in her face, “Do you want to share your story to me?”

Ino smiled a bit and nodded, and then he began his story, “My father left me when I was twelve. My mother died when I was ki. All this time, I was raised by my grandfather. But since I moved here, I live with my uncle.”

“How old are you now?” she asked.

“Seventeen,” he answered.

Mrs. Damon was thinking. He has a very though life. Being this powerful, I’m sure his childhood wasn’t easy at all, raised in a hunter way. No wonder that he becomes heartless, she thought.

Mrs. Damon smiled again, “So, you want me to become your friend? Maybe there’s nothing can replace the position of your mother, but I think being your friend is more than enough,” he said. He really needs a mother figure, she thought.

Ino laughed, and then Mrs. Damon followed him. They seemed like already close enough. I didn’t know how Frank would react to the situation.

I didn’t know that whether they realized about me being nearby or not. I just leaned against the wall, eavesdropping their conversation. Perhaps they didn’t notice me, I hoped so. I wasn’t too near with that room, but I could hear every single word of them.

I sighed. I thought I began to understand why Ino Rays somehow seemed like he cared about Frank lately.

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