Moonlight Hills-Book One: Lycanthrope

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“This is ridiculous!” Mr. Damon yelled in front of the elders of the vampires and Mr. Levin as the representative of hunter association. “Who dare to do such kind of crime?” he looked angry.

Those vampires stared at each other. They didn’t speak a thing for a while.

Mr. Levin sighed, “There’s no way we bother to come here if the problem is not that serious. Someone has committed a very high level crime among your kind. We, the hunter association, hope that The Temple can do something about this matter. It does not only endanger my fellow humans, but also you all.”

“So, how’s the report?” one of the elders asked, a pale woman who looked like a 30 years old person.

“So far, we’ve already found six. All of them were found by me and my children in the same day when we were hunting those betas,” Mr. Levin explained, “They attacked us brutally. There’s no such kind of vampire who recklessly attacks a hunter but a tainted-blood. We found out that those six persons were residence of this town. Meaning…there’s a vampire who wants to bring doom here.”

Those vampires looked at each other again. They talked quietly, muttering about who was the one that started that dangerous thing. But they seemed they had no idea about that.

“My daughter Norah, who befriends with your son Frank, Mr. Damon, said that the vampire must be a high noble vampire, either a pureblood or perhaps a quite high noble vampire just like most of you,” he said, “Your son Frank told my daughter himself about that.”

Mr. Damon nodded, “You’re right. It’s a very high class vampire, being able to turn many people into tainted-blood in a short period. But the question is…is culprit the one who lives in Moonlight Hills?”

They were silent hearing the question from Mr. Damon. They thought, communicating in silence. Mr. Levin waited those vampires to give another response.

This is a very difficult situation. Damn! I hate this. Who dare to mock The Temple by doing this stupid thing, Mr. Damon thought angrily.

“So, what do you vampires want to do?” Mr. Levin asked.

One of the vampire said, “It’s hard to find the culprit. He or she is playing in silence. We need you my fellow hunters to cooperate with us,” he said.

Damn! When we need their help with the problem of those werewolves, they did nothing. But when this problem occurred, they ask us to help them. Such a selfish creature, he thought. Mr. Levin nodded slowly, “We will help with all our best. But what are you all planning to do?” he asked.

“For several days to go, we will have patrolling in every corner of the city. We need you to do the same,” he said.

“For God sake, Mr. Vampire, we agree to help but I’m afraid that we have too many businesses to handle instead of interfering too much with your activity,” Mr. Levin held back.

Mr. Damon cleared his throat with his face looked calm, “Easy, Mr. Levin! This is only temporary. Until the culprit is found and the appearing of those tainted-bloods stop, we won’t bother you again,” he explained, “You said yourself that this thing will endanger your fellow humans, right? We can’t do that by ourselves. Moreover, the werewolf problem is not finished yet. We can cooperate with the two problems in a row. Isn’t it great, Mr. Levin?”

Mr. Damon! He always has an excuse to make the situation to be in their advantage, Mr. Levin thought. “I think we have no choice. But please take this seriously.”

Mr. Damon smiled, but his face looked very serious yet still calm, “Of course, Mr. Levin. For this kind of matter, we will take this seriously,” he said.

That day, I could feel my heart and my mind at ease after all the things we had been through. Since the attack of those vampires, I could never, even in a single second, feel secure when I was outside my house. I wasn’t brave enough to be alone at school. All I wanted to do is being with Frank or Norah, because the two of them were the only one that could protect me.

Frank was too busy with his party business and then the problem of some mysterious tainted-blood appearance. Norah was, too. She still had no time since the problem of the werewolf hadn’t been done until recently.

But that night, finally Norah had a time for us both to have a nice dinner at The Tavern. Oh God, it was so hard to ask her to go on date. She always had an excuse for bailing out. I knew I couldn’t blame her for that. She was really too busy dealing with those bad guys. I just hoped that I could help her. But I realized that I was too useless.

Never mind that!

Actually, I only felt bored. All the things I could do were only going home early. Like I said, I was scared to be outside my house. Since vampires couldn’t get into someone’s house without being invited, the safest place in this world for me is my own house. So, after successfully going on a date with Norah, I was so happy.

The Tavern was a little bit quiet that night. Moonlight Hills recently became the place of nightmare thanks to those supernatural who cause the murders and the missing people. Less and less people were brave enough to go out in the night.

But for me, it was a little bit romantic. With a quite darker place and candles on every table, it felt like I was in some romantic drama.

Norah was blushing, or perhaps it was because of the light of the candle, looking at me with her beautiful smile. I felt so warm. It wasn’t because of the candles that standing in front of my face, but Norah’s eyes made me so.

The waiter, a teenager boy who worked there as a part timer, approached us with a note in his hands. “May I help you?” he offered.

I looked at him, and nodded with smile, “I want grilled tuna fillet with barbeque sauce. For the drink, please give me a bottle of cola,” I said. Actually, I wanted wine for the beverage in order to look like a mature man. But I hadn’t been mature yet. So I’d prefer cola.

“Make it two,” Norah added.

The waiter nodded and quickly wrote it on his note. He asked permission to go and finally leave us alone.

“Tell me about Frank’s party, please. Is it fun?” she asked.

I hummed for a while, “Yeah….it’s quite fun. Somehow it was actually boring in the end. But don’t tell Frank about this because I said to him that I really enjoyed all party.”

She chuckled, “Why did you say that to him?” she asked.

I sighed, “You know, it’s because I insisted that I was going to enjoy every second of the party. I can’t take back my words. My pride as a man will be gone somewhere, and he’s going to mock me for several weeks and every time we’re going to have the similar party,” I complained.

She laughed again. And I did, too.

“I’m happy that you finally have time for me,” I said.

Her laughter stopped. She wasn’t serious either. She just smiled, showing a little regretful face, “I’m sorry that I don’t have time for you. Life is being so hard recently.”

“It’s okay,” I nodded, then I grabbed her hands, “As long as you are with me, I’m happy.”

Her smile was widened, “By the way, what was Ino doing there? Did you or Frank find what his intention was?” she asked.

I chuckled a little, made her winced in confusion. I still remembered what happened in that room. I began to think that I knew about Ino’s secret.

“Actually, I don’t want to talk about this to anybody. This is just my guessing,” I said then paused for a while. I saw Norah’s face was full with curiosity. “That night, it’s not on a purpose that I was wandering around the mansion. Since I began to bored, I then tried to walk and search for something that perhaps could ease my mind. I really did get that.”

Norah face was suddenly in sullen, “Don’t ramble, Fender! Just talk to the point,” she asked.

I chuckled again, “I was eavesdropping. Ino and Mrs. Damon had a conversation. From what I got, I don’t know if it’s true or not, maybe Ino has a crush with Mrs. Damon,” I whispered quietly in the last sentence.

Norah paused for a moment and wrinkled her forehead, “You’re kidding.”

I shook my head fast, “No! No! I’m not,” I whispered.

We both stopped our conversation when another waitress brought our order. She put the food and beverage onto the table and asked if she could do another favor. But I shook my head and said no thanks. She then just left us alone along with her smile.

I looked at Norah again, “Perhaps it’s ridiculous. But, I really heard what he said. I don’t know if Mrs. Damon realized that or not, but it seemed obvious from his words that he likes her.”

Norah sipped his drink and talked, “I still can’t believe it. She’s pretty, but she’s beyond his grasp. She’s a vampire, too much older, and she has a spouse.”

“Don’t you realize something, Norah?” I said, and then I put some of my food into my mouth. “The way he treats Frank, it’s like that he doesn’t want to do any harm to him. I don’t know, but I feel like Ino is protecting him somehow,” I had a bite again, “I know Ino knows no forgiveness, but yet he released Mr. Damon after his wife begged him. Isn’t it obvious? There’s a feeling inside him, that probably he even doesn’t know what it really is,” I explained passionately, even we spoke like whispering. I was afraid that there’s someone supernatural that could hear our conversation. I already looked around, but if there was still someone there, they probably couldn’t hear it due to the distraction sound around us.

Norah seemed to think and hummed for a while, “You get the point,” she said. She put a piece of her tuna into her mouth.

I chuckled, “I couldn’t believe it for the first time. Actually I was scared to death when I overheard it. But it couldn’t be helped. I was really curious,” I said.

But Norah seemed like she didn’t listen to me. Her expression is changing, looking at behind me with her eyes bugging out. She even stopped chewing. She was so serious until I became so confuse.

“You’re right,” she muttered. I realized that her finger secretly pointed at behind me.

I quickly looked at behind and had the same expression as Norah had. It was clear. Not obviously clear, but it seemed like my theory somehow was supported. Ino and Mrs. Damon had just gotten in. They looked very happy. But suddenly Helen got inside and grabbed Ino’s hand. It seemed like they were the couple. But it’s rarely to see a couple who tag along with the mother. My guts said that Ino was into Frank’s mother, not his sister. It was just his alibi.

Just as quick I looked at behind previously, I turned my head fast again to the opposite side.

I saw Norah’s mouth was moving, saying something without a sound. Who is it really, I thought that she asked me that.

I raised my shoulder, talking without a sound also. The older one, I said.

She winced. I didn’t know if she understood my silent words or not, or perhaps she just couldn’t accept what I was thinking.

I took a big bite of that tuna and swallowed it quickly. I took out my phone from my pocket and wrote something. We’re too afraid that they would hear that we were talking about them. I showed her what I wrote, I’m sure that he prefers the older one.

She smiled, thinking that it was funny. Perhaps because it was unimaginable that someone could melt Ino’s ice mountain heart.

But suddenly my expression changed. I heard something, something like someone was screaming. My eyes were wandering around, making Norah feel confuse about what happened to me.

“What’s wrong?” Norah asked with a low voice.

“Someone’s in danger,” I whispered and quickly got up, “Hurry up, Norah!” without thinking and waiting anymore I just ran off from The Tavern. Norah who was still confused quickly grabbed her wallet and put some money on the table. She then ran after me.

Meanwhile in the other seats, the three of them seemed to look at each other. Mrs. Damon stared at Helen, communicating to her.

“I don’t realize that Fender and Norah were here,” Ino said.

“I already knew that those two sweeties were here, but they seemed that they didn’t want to be disturb so it’s better to leave them alone and pretend to know nothing,” Helen explain.

Mrs. Damon looked very serious, “You hear it, too, right, Helen?” she asked.

“Hear what?” Ino asked again.

Helen suddenly stood up, “It’s better to go now.”

“Go where? Our food hasn’t even gotten here yet. If they both have a problem, let them solve it on their own,” Ino insisted.

Mrs. Damon also stood up, “It’s not their problem. We have to help them.”

Ino sighed, “If you say so, Emilia,” he stood up although he seemed like he didn’t want to.

Helen smiled widely and waved to the waiter, “Hey, we’ll be back for a second. Don’t cancel our order,” she shouted. The waiter just nodded with a confusing face, seeing the three of them ran off hastily.

It’s not very far from here, I thought. The scream got to be very loud, so that I could hear it even though it was just faintly. At the first time, I didn’t think that it was a scream. But when I kept focusing on my ears, I was sure that it was someone’s scream.

We ran through the back alley. I couldn’t believe there was someone who was brave enough to be in the back alley at the situation like that.

Norah tried to keep his distance with me. Since I couldn’t waste any more time, I just left her several meters away behind me.

The scream was over just some seconds ago. I tried to change my focus on my nose. I sniffed while still kept running. Damn! I smell blood, I thought desperately. I tried to fasten my running to make it in time, following the scent of the blood. The blood’s smell was different. I thought there was more than one person.

Please, hold on, I kept saying in my mind.

The smell was getting stronger. I tried to run at the fullest speed.

“Shit!” I stopped running when I turned toward the back of an old building, seeing two bodies surrounded by some pale looking people who bite them both fiercely. They sucked their blood from every angle of their body. What a disgusting creatures! They all looked at me at the same time with their face covered by so much blood.

There’s no hope for those victims. I think they’re dead already, I thought.

Norah had just come, feeling surprised by what she was looking at. She quickly pulled a pair of sticks that she pinned on her leg beyond her trousers. The 30 cm sword was popped out from each one of them. Cool, I thought.

“They’re tainted-blood, Fender!” Norah shouted.

My eyes grew larger when I heard that. I couldn’t believe that there were wild tainted-bloods roaming in Moonlight Hills. Who made them, I questioned myself. I wondered if they were astray from another town.

There were 10 of them. Yes, I counted them one by one. They stood up, looking at us with their wild and scary eyes. They seemed hungry. I had never seen a tainted-blood before, and seeing them then made my legs trembled in fear.

“They are uncontrollable! This is bad, Norah!” I yelled.

“That’s why we have to kill them,” Norah said.

I looked at Norah, “What?” shouting with surprising face, “There must be another way to make them immobilize. They’re living creature. It’s not their fault to be like that!”

“You’re too soft, Fender. There’s nothing we can do. They’re new,” Norah explained.

“The hell if they’re new!” I insisted, couldn’t accept that we have to kill them right away.

Norah stared at me, “You didn’t know?” she asked, made me winced for a bit, “New tainted-blood must be quarantined. If they kill someone and suck them dry, they will be a bloodthirsty zombie. They will lose their sense and humanity. They’re going to be like a wild animal, even they’re crueler than beasts. They won’t be satisfied even after killing dozens of humans,” she explained. She looked at those vampires again, ready with her twin small swords.

When she was going to move her leg, another creature stepped in front of us. Norah stopped moving, seeing the woman who stood up between us and those vampires.

“Your girl is right, Handsome. They’re just being a nuisance. Even we noble vampires prefer to let them die in peace,” Helen said.

I couldn’t speak anything. I just couldn’t believe that we couldn’t save them in that state.

“You’d better stay low and pretend that you’re weak, since you hide your secret to Ino. He’s going to be here soon with my mother,” Helen warned me.

Damn! Ino is here, I thought. Being a chicken was an easy task for me, but I was afraid that I would slip using my werewolf strength. What if one of them attacked me? But I had no choice. I just told myself, don’t do anything even if danger approaches you, Fender.

“Norah, can you be by my side please?” I asked her.

Norah nodded, “Of course, Fender.”

Helen smiled faintly, “Let me handle this,” she then began to show her true power.

Still remember that every noble vampire has a special ability? Yes, Helen is a noble vampire and she has one. Her nails suddenly grew by her will. Those nails were black, sharp, and scary. I couldn’t imagine if those nails pierced through your body.

After stunning and seeing us talked, those tainted-bloods finally made their move. Norah shouted that I should stay by her side. Just like the other vampires, those tainted-bloods could move very fast. They knew that Helen was a vampire so that they chose to attack me and Norah Instead.

But Helen interfered. She moved like a lightning flash toward those tainted-bloods. Her nails pierced through one tainted-blood’s neck of each her hand. She pushed both tainted-bloods to the walls. Those tainted-bloods coughed some blood, and when Helen pulled out her nails, they fell down like a dried leaves.

I was astonished seeing the cracks on the wall because of Helen’s nails. Those nails were so strong, probably as strong as steel.

Those tainted-bloods were still moving. Being impaled on their throat didn’t kill them. But Helen suddenly swung her nails and cut off those vampires’ head. Those heads were detached and two were finally down.

Norah was busy dealing with vampires that approached us. I still didn’t understand why hunters could predict vampire’s movement even if they were moving like a flash. I just remembered that that alpha also could predict vampire’s movement when my vampire school mates tried to kill me.

Can I do that also, I asked myself. But it was not the time to show off. I’d better look like a coward than be killed by Ino’s hand.

Norah successfully cut off one vampire’s head. Three was down. Helen didn’t stop at that time. She whooshed and ripped their heart, two of them. Five finally down.

Those tainted-bloods were scattered. They knew that fighting us would only end up being killed. Even they was losing their sense, they still concerned about their safety. Unable to keep up with Helen and Norah, finally those tainted-bloods decided to run away. But…

They were stopped after seeing Mrs. Damon appearance. She suddenly stood up in front of them. On the opposite side, vampires who chose to go there was stopped by Ino. Norah suddenly shouted to Ino and threw one of her swords. Ino caught it and grinned like an evil man. He must be very eager to kill them now, I thought.

There were three vampires facing Mrs. Damon, and the other two were facing Ino.

A vampire who faced Ino suddenly whooshed toward Ino recklessly. He really wanted to attack him. I didn’t know what happened, but I figured that his urge defeated his fear. But in one swing, those vampire’s head was detached and six of them down.

They were surrounded. The three vampires knew that the woman that blocked them was a noble vampire. They didn’t move a bit, realizing that there was also a noble vampire behind them.

“I’m sorry. Rest in peace,” Mrs. Damon whispered.

I bugged out when I saw her shadow was suddenly getting bigger, like moving toward the three vampires. And in a blink, there were a black figure appeared from the shadow just behind each one of the vampires. I just realized that the figures resembled Mrs. Damon, only they were all black. Those figures strangled each one of the vampires with their arm. And suddenly they ripped out those vampires heart.

Such tremendous power, I wondered.

Those vampires fell, until then nine were down. But I forgot about one tainted-blood that was still left behind. We all forgot. I could feel those hands grabbed my head and made me whooshed along him.

We stopped not far from they were standing, since there was no empty area to run off. I was being a hostage.

Norah shouted, calling my name. I saw Helen was going to make a move. But she wouldn’t make it in time. With Ino watching me, I couldn’t do anything. I just heard he whispered, calling me a nuisance.

That vampire was ready with his fangs, trying to pierce my neck and suck my blood until dry. But I realized when he was going to bite me, he just stopped. I didn’t know what happened but he just stopped and didn’t bite me like his urge was gone somewhere.

Helen suddenly whooshed and pulled that vampire from me. Her nails were back to normal. He strangled him and ripped his heart out.

I fell, bended on my knees and gasped. I was saved.

Finally, all those vampires were down. Norah ran toward me and hugged me. She whispered very slowly on my ear, “I was afraid that you would fight back.”

I sighed and hugged her back, “I’m glad that everything is okay,” she then helped me to stand to make me looked so fragile.

“So it’s true that someone is trying to bring doom to this town by creating tainted-blood,” Helen sighed, “Who has the guts to do that?” she wondered.

“This sin is unforgivable. Creating tainted-blood with force, it can’t be allowed,” Mrs. Damon said regretfully.

Still hugging me, Norah spoke, “I believe my father has told Mr. Damon and the other vampire elders about this matter. You noble vampires have to do something. This is not a small case, and it’s spreading. We didn’t know who the culprit is and when that bastard makes a move again.”

“Don’t worry, Young hunter. I believe they have also already made their move,” Mrs. Damon said.

Ino sighed lazily, “They ruined my good night,” he whispered.

Helen chuckled, “It can’t be helped, Sweetheart. We have to clean up this mess. I hope this doesn’t make you lose your appetite,” she said.

Ino grinned widely, “Not at all. Actually, I love to be the part of this.”

I gulped, such a scary person, I thought.

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